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Who Needs Friends?

by DisenchatedDestroya 5 reviews

I'm nothing but a contradiction in a world that doesn't make sense. Kinda MCR inspired poem/lyric-thingy. Depressing as Hell.

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Who Needs Friends?

Dear Loneliness,
Will you be my friend?
Because I seem to just be a trend,
That the world has put to bed.

Dear Sorrow,
Will you make me smile?
Because Happiness has run a mile,
Just like everything else I need.

Dear Pessimism,
Will you help me hope?
Because Optimism is a slippery slope,
When you've seen the world.

Dear Apathy,
Will you make me care?
Because I hate Interest's flare,
In a place too dull for life.

Dear Agony,
Will you make me content?
Because you're the one that'll prevent,
That which I long for.

Dear Death,
Will you make me feel alive?
Because I don't even want to survive,
In a world that cares too much.

Dear Hell,
Will you make me a saint?
Because I don't deserve a heavenly taint,
Due to the sinner that I have become.

Dear Friends,
Will you make me your sob-story?
Because you want all of the pride and glory,
Of surviving where your buddy fell.
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