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Hot tub

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Oh, the glory of bubbles and hot tubs!! FRERARD

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Gee and I had been planning this for so long now! Since January, to be exact. Fuck yeah, we're finally free!

Though I was about three years younger than him, I started school early, at the age of three, so I was way ahead of the other kids my age. The same kids who would shove me in lockers or trip me when I would go up the stairs.

Yeah, now I'm fuckin out of school and they aren't! Who's laughing now, motherfuckers?! Gee and I laughed in the front seat of his beaten Mustang as Ray, the other grad in the car, and Mikey, Gee's younger brother, had a slap fight in the back.

The room we'd booked for our party was on the top floor of the city's best hotel, Holiday Inn, and had a hot tub in the room!

We had about five twelve-packs of beers in the trunk, bought with Gee's flirting and a fake ID, hidden amongst our bags. The hot tub was huge in the picture of the room, just like one you'd find sitting next to a pool.

Speaking of, there actually is a pool. It's outside though, something all of our pale asses don't like. Ew, sun exposure!

The only real reason Mikey was here was because he was going to be our Beer-Bitch and DD in case we needed anything from the store. Like more food or something.

As the only non-grad, it was his place to be such. In all irony, he is actually a year older than me, but is still a junior.

Gee assured me as long as Mikey was able to drink a little, he didn't really give a flying fuck. So we told him we'd cut the DD off at one in the morning and let him drink with us. We're playing the games later tonight anyway.

We had card games, quarters, and dice in one of our bags. I think it was Gee's bag.....

I rested my head on the window and waited for us to stop at the hotel. “Frankie?” Gee's hot breath on my ear made me shiver.

Realization dawned on me as I gasped and sat up. I'd fallen asleep in the car. “Yeah?” I mumbled, stretching my stiff neck.

“We're here. Now stop falling asleep and help us get our shit all the way up there.” he pointed out the windshield to the very top of the hotel.

I gaped at the huge building. “Elevator?” I murmured in awe. He nodded, much to my relief.

“I just have to get our room key and I'll meet you guys at the elevators.” he smirked and opened the door, letting the warm night air in that always danced in time with the later May days.

I got out, shutting my door carefully, lest it fall right the hell off. We each grabbed three bags, not bothering to look who's was who's. At this point, with the excitement bubbling between the four of us, we really didn't care.

We huffed and grunted our ways to the lobby, Ray, Mikey and I following the signs labeled 'Elevators' in bold red letters. Not three minutes later, we were joined by Gee, who was waving a key wrapped in paper at us. “Got her number.” he smirked.

The painfully long elevator ride was followed accompanied by the annoying music they always had playing. Who the fuck chose Barbie Girl for god's sake?

What is this, the elevator ride to kill yourself in?! We all let out yelps of relief as it finally stopped on our floor and piled out as fast as we could.

Our room was the second from the elevator's little hall. Thank you god! I shouted in my head as I sat the heavy bags down and flexed my sore hands.

“God, a second longer and they might have fallen off!” I laughed, followed by the others. We got to work, loading the beer into the – large for a hotel – fridge and started finding our bags.

I pulled out my swim suit and stared at the huge hot tub in the corner. It was the bed in a bedroom. The stove in the kitchen. The toilet in the bathroom.

Wrinkling my nose at that last thought, I ducked into the bathroom to change. The heavy sound of running water made me jump slightly. I had to catch myself on the sink to keep from falling.

A knock on the door made me jump again, but not nearly as bad. “Frankie?” Gee's worried voice carried through the thick wood.

“Yeah?” I called over the humming of the fan. Gee laughed.

“Just checking. We thought you'd been kidnapped or something.” everyone's laughter floated in the room.

“Nope.” I opened the door and looked at Gee, who was still leaning against the wall. His face burned and he looked away quickly. “What?” I looked down.

My trunks were pulled up, thankfully. I wasn't the only one in my suit. Ray and Gee had both changed, not quite as shy as me.

I mentally cursed myself for ducking away from that chance to see Gee naked. Mikey was draped over the end of the bed, ready to enter his bitch role.

The hot tub had been filling up the whole time I was in the bathroom, I guess. I looked over into it to see how full it was.

I gaped as I saw it had barely made a dent. Not even the jets were covered! “Wow. I could get lost in there.” I murmured, my voice low.

“Oh, just a second....” Gee went over and rummaged around in his bag. My eyes went wide and I looked away from his ass.

He turned around, a bottle of bubble bath in his hand. “This.....” he shook the bottle “Is going to be interesting.”

The three of us climbed in, gasping and making faces as we hit the hot water. Gee reached over and pushed a button, turning the jets on.

“Oh!!” we all sighed as a jet hit us in different places. Gee smirked and opened the bottle. He squeezed a little of the pink goo into his hand and fisted it, putting it under the water.

A moment later, bubbles flooded the tub. “What did you do?” I asked, pushing the foam away from my face.

“I put it in the suction port. Where it takes the water and shoots it back.” he beamed, blowing bubbles at me. Ray had a bunch in his fro, making us laugh. “Mikey! We need beers!” Gee said, looking over at his little brother.

Mikey sighed and got three cans from the fridge, walking over to the tub. “I'm gonna laugh when you all cook.” he muttered darkly.

“As will I.” Gee grinned at his brother and took a can. I took mine and Ray's searching through the bubbles for his hand.

“Gee, it looks like Siberia in here!” I blew bubbles away from my mouth and opened my can, taking a long drink.

“Yeah! I can't tell what's hair or bubbles anymore!” Ray tossed in, making us laugh. “Turn off the jets and let's work some of these bubbles down.” we all murmured in agreement and the jets stopped whirring.

After forty minutes, Ray was on his sixth can and half the bubbles were gone, do to our playing. “Okay, I'm getting a little tipsy. I think I need to get out.” Ray slurred slightly.

Gee and I tried to help Ray as much as we could and sat back, sipping our fourth cans slowly so we could hold out longer and play some games. A moment later, we heard snoring.

I craned my neck to see Ray and Mikey both passed out, Ray on one of the beds and Mikey nodding off a bit in the chair.

My eyes flicked over, trying to find Gee's, but all I saw was white. “I can't see shit.” I murmured, shoving white mounds away from myself. A hand closed over mine, making me yelp quietly.

Gee pulled me through the water and to the small little cave he'd dug out of the bubbles. “Better?” he whispered, beaming.

“Much. How much did you put in? We've been in here for ever.” I looked at the wall clock, realizing that we really hadn't really been in here that long.

“Not really. And it's not like those wusses are gonna wake up anytime soon.” he murmured, peeking through the little hole he'd made so he could see the room.

I laughed. “I know. Pansies.” I sighed and shook my head. Gee's leg brushed mine, making my cheeks burn.

“Getting hot yet?” he whispered, his eyes glittering. I shook my head, trying to not hear false second meanings in his words.

“Nope. You?” I whispered back, my heart leaping into my throat. Why? Why had I said that?!

“Very.” he lifted his red hand out of the water. “I'd add some cold water, but I can't find the faucet.” We laughed quietly.

His hand brushed my leg slightly, making me jump. “Oh, sorry.” he looked away, taking a long, deep drink of his beer.

“Gee?” I asked softly. “Can I ask you something?” I jumped again as he sat his can back, the metallic sound of it hitting my ears sharply.

“Yeah?” he looked at me, his eyes shining slightly.

I took a deep breath. If this went wrong, I could always count on saying something like the beer was messing with me or something. “D- who do you like?” I tried to sound slightly drunk so he wouldn't get defensive.

A smile danced across his face. “Do you really want to know?” he murmured, leaning forward just a bit. I nodded, leaning forward as well. “Really?” I nodded again, bubbles catching in my hair. “Okay, but you asked.”

His red hand cupped my cheek and he leaned closer, his lips touching mine. My eyes bugged and he pulled away.

Our eyes met and he read the shock laying in mine. “I knew you'd freak out.” he sighed and started to get out. I grabbed his hand and pulled him back to me.

I brought my mouth to his again, loving the feel of his soft lips against mine, making me linger there for a good while. When I pulled back, he was, for once, stunned into silence.

“It didn't freak me out.” I smiled and stood, the bubbles clinging to my body, and stretched, picking up my empty can.

“Frankie?” Gee asked, still sitting. I looked down the short twelve inches and smiled. “Stay in here with me.” he murmured, tugging on my hand lightly.

He sat me right on his lap, making me blush. His mouth went wild on my neck, making me shiver slightly. From behind us, there was a groan and a thud as someone fell onto the floor.

“Ow....” Ray's voice touched my ears lightly. I looked back to see him sitting on the awkwardly patterned carpet, rubbing his shoulder. His eyes met mine and my cheeks burned further as Gee kissed down my chest, not noticing our – now awake – friend. “What the hell kind of dream is this?”

“It's a mixture of the beer and your homosexual fantasies you've been repressing.” I said off the top of my head, groaning as Gee bit down on my skin slightly.

Ray shook his head and fell back, his fro bouncing against the carpet. “God.” I breathed softly as I turned back to Gee, who had stopped playing with my torso and was beaming up at me. “That was close.”

“Yep. Quick thinking, by the way.” he grinned and bit my collarbone hard, making me gasp and squirm.


Ray and I groaned, both our heads pounding, as Mikey grinned from the driver's seat. We'd left early, beating the sun by a good thirty minutes.

The street lights were enough to make our heads throb even more. Gee rested his head against my shoulder in the back seat, still asleep.

“I had the weirdest dream last night.” Ray muttered at a red light. “I could have sworn you can Gee were fucking in the hot tub, Frankie.”

“Oh, Ray. How many nights have you dreamed about me?” I murmured, hiding the fact I was playing with Gee's soft hair slightly.

“ was so awkward. In the dream, I fell off the bed, and when I woke up, I was on the floor, and my arm hurt........” he trailed off, turning to look at me.

“Dude, you were pretty fucked up.” I lied smoothly. He nodded and turned around as we parked in front of Gee's apartment building.

The plan was to stay here today and let our hangovers run their course so we wouldn't get busted by our parents. “Gee.” I murmured in his ear, the deja vu making me smile.

Maybe tonight will be as fun as last night?

Long story short, I was bored and wrote this off the top of my head. The hot tub and the bubbles has actually happened to me, and it's so weird, but so much fun.

And now I have to put up dinner. ~sigh~

Hugs and Pastaaaaa, (hehe Hetalia joke)
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