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'You Heartless Bastard'

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Frankie and Gee had a good life, then it was lost. But what does Frankie want now?

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'You heartless Bastard!'

Gerards P.O.V

I hadn't seen him for years, so what the hell gave him the right to call me up the way he did and request to see me in this absolute dump! He had called me
up a couple of days ago, sounding angry but i could tell he was smirking on the other line. 'I want to see you soon, i have missed your tight ass, your
soft lips, but most of all i have missed fucking you into next week!' I heard him laugh, it made me feel sick to my stomach, he made me feel sick to my
stomach, but the reason i agreed to meet up with him was because i still loved him more than anything else in this goddamn world!

A couple of years ago me and Frank had been closer than ever, we had fell deeply, and madly in love. When i first met him, he was kind, gentle, loving,
never cared about himself and he had a hell of a good sense of humour and he did for many years after are relationship started. I met Frank at high-school
he was a really shy kid and he dressed like me, the only person in any of my classes to do so. He joined our school when he was sixteen and i was
seventeen, and we got on really well and we became best friends, about a year later we expressed our love for each other, i remember we were at my
house and my parents and Mikey had gone away for a week and Franks parents had gone away too and he was staying at mine. We kissed for the first time and
over the week our make-out session quickly turned into something a lot more. After me and Frank had been together for just over a year things started to
go terribly wrong. Mine and Mikeys Grandma died, we were extremely close, I started to drink, Frank started to suffer badly from depression, then he got
attacked and was in a coma for a couple of weeks (the police said it seemed that Frank had just been at the wrong place at the wrong time), and then i
tried to kill myself and Frank started doing Heroin. My description is a bit vague but thats when are relationship and lives just started to deteriorate and
thats how i am in the situation i am today. We worked some things out but things were never right again, like what we had was lost forever. We loved each
other but we resented each other more because we believed it was each others fault, kind of, even though if we really thought about it we would have
realised that it just wasn't, it was just a cruel, sick joke but nobodys fault. The next couple of months after that were weird, we hardly ever spoke to
each other and never to anyone else, we just stayed locked in that stupid room and only went out if we absolutely had too, Frank never smiled, i never
smiled, we kissed but it was never passionate, we fucked but never with love, just need. I kind of hated him and he kind of hated me, like we were
together for no fucking reason, but to be miserable together. Then one day, i woke up without Frank next to me but a note saying that he loved me once,
but no longer did and hadn't for a while, that he was leaving and never coming back. I was crushed, i don't why, our relationship was shit, no care, no love,
or atleast that was what i had thought but there must have been love, because i loved him and i knew that now, but it was too late he had already gone, and
i missed him, it was agonizing.

About 6 months ago, i got a phone call from Frank saying that he wanted to see me and it was urgent. I was so excited at first all i could think about was
him and how much i wanted to see his beautiful eyes, irrisistible lips, his fragile, sexy body. But an overwhelming wave of nervousness and anxiety
rushed over me like a wave over a shore. Questions popping into my head at 100 miles an hour. 'Why is he calling me now, after 18 months?', 'What's so
urgent?', 'Is he in trouble or hurt?', 'Does he want to get back together?'. When i finally met up with him in a diner not far outside Jersey, he looked
ill, miserable, helpless and it killed me. I walked over to him 'Frank?' 'Hey' he replied acting kind of disinterested in my presence. I was about to sit
down when he said with a smirk 'Don't get to comfortable, i have asked you here for a reason, and that reason isn't to talk and get all friendly again,
cause i don't give a shit about that!' I was utterly confused, why was he being so rude, he never used to be like this, and if not to talk then why the
hell did he ask me here? He grabbed my hand and dragged me into the male toilets, nobody else was in their, infact the whole diner had been pretty quiet.
'Wh-what are you doin-' he cut me off as he pushed me forcefully up against the wall, i whimpered at the pain at the back of my head but he just laughed and
pressed his lips hard against my own, i tried to push him off but he had all his weight on me. I may have been bigger than him, but i was too confused, too
scared to do much. He finally pulled back to take a breath. 'I'll ask you this once Way, if you want you can be my little whore or you can go home now, and
forget about it and i will never ever speak to you again, so what'll be, sexy?' I flinched at his breath in my ear as he whispered the last part of the
sentence to me. He knew i would do it, he knew me too well and he knew that i loved him, i couldn't help it, as much i hated him, and thought he was a
disgusting, horrific human being, right now i loved him, and i needed to see him, regardless of what i had to do. I nodded and he flashed a mischevious
grin and spun us around so now he was up against the wall. I knew what he wanted it was obvious, i wanted to get it over and done with but at the same
time i wanted to it to last, it was messed up i know, but that was how i felt. I slowly kneeled down in front of him, kissing him constantly till i got to
his belt buckle. I had started with a deep kiss as he forced his tongue into my mouth, i then kissed his neck, biting down quite hard, not hard enough to
draw blood but hard enough to leave a mark. Then i lifted his t-shirt and planted kisses all over his stomach and chest. I stopped at his belt buckle and
undid it slowly, he had started to moan, but when i got to his belt buckle it had got a little louder, he tried to supress the moans by biting on his lip.
I undid his belt and the button of his jeans, then pulled down the zipper. I slipped down his jeans, only to reveal his throbbing erection through his
boxors. I looked up at him and he nodded, like giving me permission to go further. I slipped his boxors down to his ankles with his jeans. I stroked his
hard on a few times before i took Frank into my mouth. He bit his lip harder drawing a little blood, but he still moaned quite loudly. He grabbed my hair
and held on. I slowly licked the underside of his cock, causing him to dig his fingers deeper into my hair. My head bobbed up and down at a steady pace as
his dicked slipped past my lips. He moaned again louder and i was starting to worry that someone in the diner would hear us. But the pleasure overwhelmed
me and i didn't care much longer, i started to suck with considerable force and he quietly moaned 'oh God, Gerard that feels so good!' His hard exterior
was slipping away no matter how much he tried to keep it. I smirked at him, who was in control now! Frank started to thrust into my mouth, i think he was
trying to regain a bit of control, i let him, i wanted him so badly. I was painfully hard, but i didn't touch myself, i just carried on, all my attention
on Frank. He thrust faster into my mouth, all i could think was holy fuck! 'Oh fuck, shit, oh god!' Frank was about to come. When he did i took as much as i
could and swallowed. I carefully rose from my knees, pulling his boxors and skinnies with me, i smirked at him. Once i had pulled his boxors and jeans up to
his hips where they rest nicely, my hands sneakily left them and carried on slowly carressing his chest with my fingers. I went in for a kiss but he pushed
me back, my face fell! What the fuck? 'Don't you think you've had enough for one day!' He had a satisfied grin on his face, 'i'll call you again, hey, Gee
baby! Oh and before you go anywhere i seriously suggest you wipe your mouth!' He laughed. I was so hurt, so upset, i loved this git and this is how he
repayed me for giving him a fucking blow job, in a dirty, shit diner toilet. 'You Heartless Bastard!' I screamed at him. Once again he laughed. 'you know
you love me really.' And with that he walked out the door. I walked into a cublicle toilet and cried heavily, tears flowing freely down my face, only to
realise that i was still hard. 'i hate that stupid son of a bitch!' I whispered.
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