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Unfinished, but i dont want to continue so enjoy tho lame and gay story

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Hazel and chacha, i guess its not really mcr

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School for these two was... Different. They don't fit in, they don't socialise, and they love sugar.
"Cha-Cha," the shorter boy, wearing the pink beanie with black dog ears, said to his friend. "Lookie what I got!"
Cha-Cha grabbed the box out of his friend's hands.
"HOLY CRAP HAZEL THIN MINTS?" Cha-Cha adjusted his own blue bear beanie, as he tore open the box. "One package for me, one package for you!"
"Those were mine!"
As soon as Cha-Cha finished his package of cookies, he started to steal Hazel's. The shorter boy grabbed Cha-Cha's arm and jerked him down to meet his face. "I swear Cha-Cha, if you touch my cookies. I will kill you."
"Same goes for you Hazel!"
The rest of lunch went with them making jokes about other kids, and ways of torture. When the bell rang they each left the lunch room towards the ISS room. 
"Hello Hector, Chase," the teacher in charge said. They hated being called by their real names, so Cha-Cha slammed his hands on her desk.
"Say that again," he spat. Hazel palmed his face.
"You're an animal Cha-Cha!"
The ISS teacher glanced at the two scary boys, and nodded. "I mean Hazel and Cha-Cha."
"That's better," the taller one whispered, straightening up. He cracked his neck and wrists before he followed Hazel to their desks. Cha-Cha pulled out a box of Oreos, and offered them to Hazel...and then they died.
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