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Ok, this is the last installment for Back In The Day.... I'm actually getting really teary. I can't believe this is the end anymore than you guys can. Sucks eh?

Oh, and I apologise in advance - writing about the whole Frank thing was really difficult, so I ended up kinda doing it from Phin's POV. It's still in the third person though, and I tried not to babble on a bout her too much!

Again, thank you all for your support, I love you to bits, and yeah!

Hope you enjoy


It was just under a week until Christmas. Even something as macabre as an intensive care unit was decorated in the bright red, green and golds that always gave off a cheerful, festive note. And even though she usually adored Chirstmas, despite her gothic exterior, Phin just wanted to tear the trimmings up and scream.

But then, you'd to be a very strange person to even think about being happy when it was your best friend lying on the bed in that intensive care unit. Frank had survived the fire - just. The girl had screamed and shouted at the teachers at her school, insisting that he was still in there, and still in the science block. No one had listened to her, just told her to calm until she decided the only way to get attention was to run off the fields and try to break into the burning building. A fireman had caught her before Phin had even gotten close, but as a result, they checked the science department first. There, they outraged firemen found a short boy passed out in the disabled bathrooms, each wrist bound to a plastic bar by several cable ties. They had got him out, and he was immediately rushed to hospital.

As soon as they'd been dismissed from the school, a group of ten teenagers had driven after him. The hospital was relatively empty, and the receptionist had been shocked to see the youths walk in - all dressed in black and biker boots, with piercings and tattoos on almost all bare skin. Presumptions made her want to call for help, but it was her job to deal with things like this. At the first sign of agression (as though their dress wasn't enough to imply that) she was going to contact security though. To the blonde woman's surprise though, one of the less threatening boys addressed her and explained their problem quite civilly.

Apparently, a boy had been brought in little over an hour ago, suffering from severe burns. One of the girls - here the boy indicated a Latino girl sobbing desperately into the chest of someone (was it a boy or a girl? The receptionist couldn't actually tell) - was his sister, and she was desperately worried about him. The receptionist told them to wait, whilst she checked the computer. There was a boy who had been brought in, but he was still in surgery. The woman told them to wait, and she'd send his sister up when he was out of theatre.

It was a long few hours. The teens camped together in the waiting room, all of them looking completely distraught. The Latino girl's tears dried up eventually, but she stayed clinging on to her boyfriend. Eventually, the receptionist allowed her to go up, but only because she was related to the kid. Unfortunately, that was hospital protocal.

So Phin ended up in Frank's hospital room. She'd hesitated outside before walking in, scared of what she'd find. After all, the girl had more than one scare on her body from burns and what her friend had been through was so much worse than any of those minor incidents. It took a few minutes before she got the courage to open the door.

On the other side, her best friend was lying unconcious on a gurney, wires and drips snaking into his body. There were two doctors in there as well, but Phin barely registered them. Tears exploded from her eyes again as she looked at Frank. What little of the skin she could see on his arms and face looked almost... melted, and the previously bright tattoos were now a warped mess of ruined ink. His once long black hair had been cut short, though Phin suspected most of it had burnt off.

She felt like she was going to throw up. The girl swallowed hard, before approaching the ruined body on the hospital bed. There was an insesant beeping - the heart monitor, which she tried to tune out.

It been like that even since. The doctors said that the whole thing was touch-and-go. They couldn't do anymore surgery to help, but they were still unsure whether the boy would even make it through the night. Phin had broken into tears at that point. His whole body was badly burnt and both his clothes and the plastic around his wrists had melted into his skin. Frank's lip ring had burnt a hole in his lower lip, and his tattoos would never be the same again. If he survived, he'd have scarring all across his body, and would need plastic surgery in several places. Of course, treatments like that wouldn't come cheap, but the girl didn't care - she'd pay if she had to.

Of course, how she'd been acting towards Frank over the last few days just made things worse. What if he died, and the last thing she'd ever said to him was an order to get out of her house? She'd never be able to apologise, or tell the kid just how much she loved him. It was almost like losing a brother.

Even worse than that, was that she knew who'd done this to him, and couldn't even blame him. After all, Frank had raped him, and if it was anyone other than him, Phin would have ripped the violated limb from limb. If the boy now lying on the gurney infront of her had set his attackers alight, she would have cheered him on. Although it may be a bit extreme, she could see Gerard's point of view. After she'd seen what later life was like for rape victims first hand, how couldn't she?

But Frank was her best friend, and the cops wanted to ask her questions. How could she not turn Gerard in? And anyway, how did she even know it was Gerard? With his lying, and the fact that Frank had been trapped in the science block where'd she'd last seen them, it seemed pretty likely. And he had more than enouh reason to want to. But then, there was no actual prooof that he had bee the one to set the place alight.

Phin scrubbed at her eyes, smearing her make-up even further when the door opened. Standing in the entrance was Mr and Mrs Iero. The girl had called Frank's old house an hour after she'd been let in to his room. It turned out the couple were divorced now, but Mrs Iero - or Linda as Phin had once known her - was home. The teenager explained briefly what had happened, and the woman had promised to come straight down.

That had actually been an hour ago, but then, traffic could have held them up. In that time, the boy had 'crashed' twice, and a difiblirator had to be used to 'bring him back'. The girl had began to cry again on both occasions.

When Frank's parents walked in, they had a similar reaction to Phin - his mother bursting into tears, and his father making a small, strangled noise. They also felt the same despair and guilt his friend was - they'd also thrown Frank out of their house, only that had been his home at the time.

It was ironic really. Phin had hoped that over the Christmas season, the Iero family would reunite. She'd never meant for it to be like this though - crying over his broken form in a hospital bed. She'd thought that the holiday's cheer, the feeling of goodwill, and large amounts of alcohol would bring them back together.

As Frank's parents crowded around their son's unconsious body, Phin got up and moved to the window to give them some privacy. It was dark out by now, but the harsh hospital lights didn't allow her to see any stars. The whole world was alive out there, but in this hospital, the girl was surrounded by death. Anyone would hate it.

That didn't matter though. Even if she had to pay all his hospital bills by getting herself a job, Phin was not giving up on Frank. He was going to pull through; he was too strong not to.


Halfway across the country, Gerard Way was panicking. All things considered, it wasn't really that surpirsing - as far as he was aware, he'd just killed someone.

On his way to the airport, the teen had been riding an adrenaline high from the thrill of his revenge and managing to get away without anyone guessing it was him. With the possible exception on Phin, but no one would listen to her with lipstick smeared all over her face, as it had been last time he'd seen her.

Once the excitement of payback had worn off, Gerard had focused on how the fact that he was going home again, and seeing Mikey, Ray and his parents. He had really missed them all, and couldn't wait to be back. Infact, he was sitting in the airport, texting his younger brother when the full repercussions of what he'd done hit him.

It was about ten minutes until his plane began to board and Gerard was sitting in the departure lounge. The conversation was fast and excitable - Mikey texting back very quickly considering he was supposed to be in school. The news was showing on the television screens around the room, and the name of Gerard's Californian school flashing up on the screen caught his attention. As he watched, the headlines screamed at him, and he began to feel slightly sick.

'Teenage boy locked inside burning school.'

'Condition unknown'

As he read that, the seventeen year old began felt ready to puke. He couldn't understand why; after all, he'd gone in there intending to kill Frank, and he had been hell bent on revenge. Afterwards he was pleased with his work, and slightly thrilled at the idea of wiping the boy who'd hurt him so much from the face of the planet. But now, it was dawning on him exactly what he'd done.

Even if all the love that he's ever felt for Frank had disappeared, what he'd done was... unthinkable. He'd murdered someone. Gerard had... he'd... Frank was dead, because of him. The longer he thought about it, the less he could believe that he'd done that.

Like the boy he'd killed earlier that day, Gerard became trapped in his own head. Guilt over-powered him, and disbelief and horror and shock that he'd killed someone. How could he have done that? He wasn't the most normal kid, but death was just extreme. And he was a murderer.

Thankfully, because he was still underage, a lady at the check-in desk, had been assigned to keep an eye out for him, so she came over when Gerard missed every single one of the calls for his flight. He checked in, still feeling more than slightly shocked, and was left to sit in a metal cylinder for the next three hours, guilt and desparation driving him insane.

As the clock ticked, the boy's panic built. So did his guilt. He wondered if this was what Frank had felt like after raping him; the regret, the disbelief, the tearing remorse. Despite the conviction that he'd had whilst killing the other boy, Gerard was now wishing that he'd never done this. He never should have pretended to accept Frank's apology, he should have let the boy live in guilt - that would be punishment enough for the boy. Now, the roles had been reversed, and it was Gerard hating himself.

By the time the plane landed, Frank had gotten out of theatre - not that his ex-boyfriend knew that. Infact, the latter was crying, going mad from the desperation and guilt consuming him. He'd never meant to do this; he never wanted to become a murderer. But he had, and now he'd have to live with it for the rest of his life.

:::::::The End:::::::
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