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1- Pregnant & Kicking

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He created their relationship from a lie, if she finds out will he be able to keep the life he created for them? Sequel to Almost.

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"Spencerrrrr." Kacy drew out his name, smiling in the most friendly way possible. Ryan, Brendon and Jon were still out doing a meet 'n greet with fans. Spencer had gone back to the bus early, feeling a little tired. He had after all been... ice cream fetcher extraordinair for the past 5 months. He had started to gain a little tummy to match Kacy's.

"Taco bell?" Spencer asked, knowing she had started getting burnt out on ice cream a few weeks ago. Taco Bell was the new thing now.

"Please?" Kacy asked, batting her eyelashes as she tried to give him her best puppy dog stare down.

"The usual?" Spencer asked.

Kacy nodded, smiling widely as Spencer grabbed his keys. "Anything else while I'm out?"

Kacy shook her head, "Thanks Spencer. You're the best!"

Spencer nodded, grumbling under his breath. "Yep. Brendon knocks the girl up and I get to meet her every need."


The drive thru happened to be packed so as Spencer waited to reach the window he picked up his phone, checking his missed messages. Brendon had called a dozen times. He dialed his friend's number and waited, not moving an inch in the time it took for Brendon to pick up. "How is Kacy?" Brendon breathed out quickly.

Spencer rolled his eyes, "Hungry." Brendon had become a basketcase, worried about Kacy's every move. Sometimes he freaked out about the way she got out of bed, not wanting her to stretch certain 'muscles'. The fact that he was out late with Jon and Ryan was actually a good thing. Even Spencer could tell that Kacy was starting to get sick of his mothering.

"What does she want? I can get anything for her." Brendon quickly replied, sounding insane.

"I'm at Taco Bell getting her food actually. Are you heading home?"

Brendon sighed, "Does she need me right now?"

"... She doesn't need you but-" Spencer heard a woman laugh in the background. "Brendon, who are you with?"

"Some fans..." Brendon stated, attempting to change the subject immediately. "So, you've got tonight covered?"

"... Jon and Ryan are still with you, right?" Spencer asked.

"They went to get some coffee." Brendon said, uncomfortable with the line of questioning. "I don't need chaperones."

"Keep your pants on." Spencer warned. "You've worked hard for this relationship with Kacy. You married her. You got her fucking pregnant. You've taken all of the serious relationship steps... don't throw it away for a couple of fans."

"I-I just need one night." Brendon whispered, sounding desperate. "Kacy doesn't even need me anymore. She's always set on doing everything herself and... and the baby is going to be here pretty soon. Time is going by so fast and I don't know... a baby is such a big deal Spencer. I just need tonight. I need to feel wanted. I need to feel useful. I need this before the baby comes and I feel useless. Kacy makes being pregnant look so easy and... I'm sure she'll be a great mother and I'll just be the rockstar father who has to wait until his child can comprehend music to be of any use to him or her..." Brendon stopped ranting, closing his eyes as he waited for Spencer's response.

"I'm not assisting you in cheating on Kacy. You know that, right?" Spencer asked, horrified with his friends crystal clear intentions. "She's become my friend. I'm not going to do that to her."

Brendon's tone became light and airy as he brushed Spencer's words off, "Chill Spence. I'll be home tomorrow morning. Just make something up. It'll be like old times."

"Old times with girls that didn't matter to you-" Spencer was cut off as Brendon hung up on him.

Spencer sighed heavily, running his fingers through his hair. Was Brendon really going to cheat on Kacy? The idea of him doing that baffled Spencer... After all Brendon had gone through. He claimed to love Kacy. Lately he was just... crumbling. It was becoming obvious over time. No one understood why though. Had he changed his mind?


(Spencer's POV)

Kacy was re-arranging things for the millionth time when I walked in to our tour bus. I simply studied her for a few seconds before she realized I was back. She was so damn beautiful. She didn't deserve to get lied to... She didn't deserve to be cheated on. Now she was pregnant. How could Brendon just tell her he changed his mind, if that was what was happening?

All I could do was shake my head. Brendon was in too deep to fix what he'd started. I couldn't help him with this one... I could try but in the end... I wouldn't cover things up for him again.

"Hey Kacy." I spoke, trying to keep my voice light.

Kacy jumped but then smiled in my direction, "Hey! Oh thank you so much." She immediately said, grateful as always. "You know you could always tell me no, right?"

Laughter passed my lips, leaving me far behind. "I could never say no to you."

Kacy just grinned, pulling out some chips from the bag. "So, why aren't you with all of the other guys tonight?" I swear I saw a frown pull her lips downward for just a second. She quickly smiled, hiding whatever it was that she was feeling.

"I found the idea of hanging out with you to be a lot more appealing."

Kacy's grin widened, "I won't turn down the company."

"Has Brendon called you at all tonight?" I didn't mean to blurt it out but I did, making myself sound slightly flustered.

Kacy seemed caught off guard but she quickly recovered, looking away from me. "Nah. He's been... well you know, really busy... just like you... So, lately we haven't really had time to talk." This time she couldn't hide the frown that plastered itself upon her face.

"Do you want to..." I paused, biting my lip. "Wanna go out with me?" Wow, that sounded weird. "To the movies, as friends?"

Kacy laughed. The sound was beautiful. I realized sadly that I hadn't really heard her laugh in weeks, possibly months. Had we all been so wrapped up in tour that we'd failed to notice her emotions? "Sure." She agreed.

"Wanna eat first?" I gestured to the Taco Bell.

Kacy shook her head, "I'm actually kind of burnt out on Taco Bell. Sorry, for having you go get it... It just doesn't sound so appetizing anymore. Can I get dressed first? I kind of look like shit."

I rolled my eyes, "You look great but sure."

I watched Kacy disappear and wondered vaguely just what I was doing. I didn't want her to hurt anymore though. How long had I overlooked her hurting? I was suppposed to be Brendon's friend but... I was Kacy's friend too and he had already wronged her. I wasn't going to watch it happen again.


(Brendon's POV)

The smell of alcohol in the motel room was overwhelming. The three girls, whose names I had already forgotten, all looked like hungry wolves. I felt as if I were going to be devoured but that... that lust was something I hadn't seen in so long. They wanted me.

The guilt couldn't be pushed to the back of my mind though. With each kiss I felt like I was breaking Kacy's heart. She didn't know but... secrets didn't always stay so secret.

I realized coldly that any of these girls could go to some magazine, dishing about their night with me. What made me even colder... was the fact that I didn't stop. I didn't walk out of the room. Instead I smiled, throwing on my charm. "Which of you is next?" I asked, grinning.

It felt wrong but I was doing it anyway.


(Spencer's POV)

Fifteen minutes later Kacy re-joined me. "Wow." Was my instant response. How long had it been since Kacy had worn something other than sweats? She looked... fantastic. She had her... spark again. It was hard to explain.

Kacy smiled, "How do I look? I haven't worn this in awhile... kind of surprised that it still fits."

I smiled back at her, taking in her appearance. She was wearing a peace headband, which looked adorable. With that she was wearing ripped jeans and a black tank top, which stretched slightly over her belly. "You look great."

Kacy looked a bit nervous at that statement but she shrugged it off, "Ready to go?"

"Of course." I replied, waiting for her to go first. I was still a gentleman... despite the fact that I was finding my best friend's wife very attractive. It had been way too long since I'd been with a woman. That had to be it. It couldn't be Kacy, right?

"Everything okay?" Kacy asked, making me realize I'd been standing with a blank look across my face for several seconds while Kacy waited to leave.

"Course." I replied, smiling.

I was about to start my car when my cell phone started vibrating. I looked down to see that it was Brendon. Without a thought I turned my cell phone off, sending Kacy another grin. "Ready to have some fun?"

"Definitely." She replied, placing her hand over her stomach.

I felt a twitch of guilt as I followed her movements, finding that pregnancy didn't make her any less appealing. What was wrong with me? This was Kacy. The Kacy I had become friends with over the last five months. The Kacy that was married to Brendon. The Kacy that was set to give birth to Brendon's kid in a little over three months...

This was so wrong.


(A/N: So, here's the sequel! Sorry, it took so freaking long to get out. It took longer than I imagined it would to get it all figured out. So, as anyone reading can see... There is going to be a whole lot of drama, new and old... Also, I'm going to try my hardest to put some humor in to it. Give it a shot? I'd appreciate it! P.S. Here is a banner I made for this story:
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