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Avalyn dreams about being kidnapped and what happened.

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When he kissed my lips, I suddenly remembered something. My dream.

I was laying in my bed, in my room. I was asleep, and slightly snoring. I was happy. Within seconds, I heard the window smash, and I heard my parents rushing out into the front room. "Nothing there. Huh. I'll fix the window in the morning, but wake Avalyn and have her go to her room. Night." I heard my dad say. Before my stepmom got to me, I waved her off, and picked myself up. I trudged to my room slowly, and fell onto my bed when I got there. I snuggled into my bed, and pulled my thick blanket over me. I closed my eyes lightly, and thought of all the things happening the next day. I get to see my amazing boyfriend, Aryk, and I get to see my brother for the first time in 2 years. I heard my stepmoms feet slapping against the floor, and heard her crawl into bed. 5 minutes later, I heard both my parents snoring. Smack. I felt a hand slap over my mouth, and my eyes snapped open. "Shutup, listen, and your parents live." I remembered my baby sister in the next room over. Another person wiggled through my window. "Bob. There's a baby in the room over. About 2 years. No harm done to it, okay? Get this one in the van, quietly. She screams, speed away, and kill her. Alright?" I saw the man holding my mouth shut nod his head quickly. I heard clothes being stuffed into my duffle, shoes, and I glanced over to see the boy that wiggled through my window, walk into my bathroom and flick on the light. "Avalyn, is that you?!" I heard, screamed through the house. The man called 'Bob' whispered in my ear. "Say, Yeah Mychelle, I'm okay, just going to the bathroom. I love you! Night night!" I repeated him word for word so he had no reason to touch me rudely. He yanked me through the window. He unclasped his hand from my mouth, and shoved me into a dark blue van. There were 3 people in the back, and 2 in the front as the boy from my room got in the passenger seat of the vehicle. One of the boys, looked me up and down. "Mikey, you can have this one. I like ones with more.. up top. Ray doesn't like blondes, Gerard has that one chick, and Bob is to violent for someone as small as her. I was pulled toward someone, and I felt a soft kiss placed on my lips. Then, I blacked out.

End of Dream/Flashback.

And I fell. I broke down, and I cried. And I bawled for hours as he held me, protesting against my slaps and kicks and anger.
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