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I wasn't exactly sure what pulled me from my sleep but I knew it wasn't something pleasant. I heard people arguing outside my door and a sound like someone hitting a wall filled my ears. I groaned, flinging my blankets to the side and looking at Craig's empty bed. Lucky him for not getting a wake-up call from hell. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes with the heels of my hands and walked towards the door.

Throwing the door open, I looked out into the hallway. I found a hotel clerk and security trying to dislodge Sid from his place by Corey's door. I walked over, growing angry for some unknown reason. "Is there a problem here?" I question, stepping in between Sid and the hotel staff.

The clerk sighed deeply, looking over my shoulder at the boy. "We found this kid trying to get into the rooms. I believe he was trying to steal from your band mates." he explained, eyes narrowing slightly. The security guard tried once again to grab at Sid but out of nowhere Mick was with us. The guard backed away instantly from the towering man.

"The kid isn't trying to steal anything. He's with us. He's staying in that room. Corey explained that last night to the manager. Maybe you should've asked one of us before you tried manhandling our mascot." Mick growled out, standing fully straight and crossing his arms.

The clerk and the guard both swallowed visibly. I smiled, loving how well Mick could intimidate people. Sid made a noise of discontent when he was called a mascot but I poked him gently to shut him up. "Well, then I am deeply sorry for the mistake. We'll be going now. If you need anything, please call the front desk anytime." Before we could say anymore, he took off quickly, the guard following close behind.

Once they were out of earshot, Mick broke out in a deep bellied laughter. I smiled, chuckling slightly myself. Sid joined in after a while, his sling bouncing off of his heaving chest. Mick wiped his eyes to clear the loose tears that had formed and looked down at Sid. "What the hell happened?"

Sid blushed slightly, his good hand coming up to rub at the back of his skull. "I woke up early. Corey and Joey were still sleeping so I took a shower and headed out. I found Craig getting breakfast so I joined him. Then I came up here to chill out and those guys came out of nowhere."

Mick looked over at me, eyes sparking slightly. "You had breakfast with Craig? Seriously?" When Sid nodded, Mick's face broke into his usual I'm-going-to-tease-you-now look. I groaned slightly but he waved me off. "What did you guys talk about?"

"Transformers." Sid stated all matter of fact, as if that explained it all to him. I smiled, ducking my head away from Mick's gaze. The giant man just smirked and walked towards his room, ruffling Sid's hair as he past. Sid smirked, eyes looking accomplished. His eyes fell on me and I looked back at him confused. "So, what now?"

I felt my eyes bunch up in thought. "Whattya mean? Are you expecting something to happen?" I walked back over to my room, motioning Sid to follow with a flick of my hand. He padded after me, jerking his jeans up as he bounced through my door. I chuckled, using the chair to prop my door open.

Sid bounced on my bed, making it even more unmade as I sank down in Craig's bed. "I mean, what do we do now? What do you guys do when you're not on stage? Or making albums." he asked in between bounces. I felt my eyes bouncing along with his movement. When I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed his ankle and jerked him down gently. He pouted in the same fashion as Joey and crossed his good arm over his injured one in the sling. "I was having fun."

I laughed, shaking my head. "My eyes were going crazy watching your bounce. Sit still for a bit." I stretched out on the bed and looked up at the dingy ceiling. Casting my eyes down, I smiled over at Sid. "So, do you know anything about our band? You're from our hometown so you must've heard something."

Sid shrugged, a dark look filling his eyes. He pulled at the sleeves of Mick's sweatshirt and avoided my gaze. "I heard about you guys. From the radio and shit. I left Des Moines when I was twelve. Haven't been back yet." he explained, voice sounding strangely off. I frowned, sitting up and looking at him. "I heard Wait and Bleed. Pretty sick."

I smiled slightly, nodding in agreement. Then I looked at him seriously. "How come you left so young? You move or something?" I heard the door open quietly and knew Craig was back. I waved over in acknowledgment and he smiled back. Dropping his back pack, he sank down in the chair and remained silent.

Sid smiled over at his breakfast companion and leaned back into the pillows. "I left because there was nothing but bad memories in that place. I needed out. I left with a couple of friends and heading to New York. I've been moving along the east coast for the past four years. And now I'm here in Boston."

I felt Craig's eyes on us and glanced over at him. He looked upset by Sid's choose of lifestyle. I shrugged slightly and looked back at Sid. "What happened to these friends you were with? Where'd they go?" I pried. Sid shrugged, eyes looking bored. "You mean they left you?"

He nodded. "Yeah. About a few weeks after we got to New York. I found an underground city that kind of took me in for a while. Then I moved out. I was fine though. I was smart enough to make it." He sounded as if that justified everything. I didn't know what to say. He scratched at the knotted hair again and frowned. "I washed this stuff twice and it still won't come undone. I need to get rid of it."

I realized that he wasn't in the mood to talk about him anymore and let him drop the subject. I looked at his hair and nodded, smiling slightly. "I agree. It needs to go away. I got an idea that you might like and Craig has the stuff I need."

Sid looked over at me with slightly scared eyes and I chuckled. I stood, grabbing his free hand and pulling him to his feet. Yanking him into the bathroom, I pushed him down on the closed toilet seat and motioned Craig to join in the bathroom. "Just relax and trust us okay?"

Craig leaned against the door frame; arms crossed and face looking playful. I looked at him and smiled, knowing he knew what I was thinking. "I think he needs a haircut that fits the band, right?" Craig smiled and Sid laughed. I looked down at him and he smirked. "What are you laughing about?"

"Just wondering how I ended up being found by one of the sickest bands in music and actually get liked by them. You guys are treating me like a little brother or something. Its sick." he explained, voice sounding emotional. I heard Craig clear his throat and knew the silent man was moved.

"We watch out for family. So yeah, you're a little brother now. Better get used to it. Blood doesn't make you family but our bond does." Craig said soft yet firm. Sid smiled again, eyes looking slightly misty. I shot a look over at Craig and nodded, silently telling him that was genuine. Craig shrugged, stepping into the room. "Now, let's fix the hair."
"COREY! Look what Paul and Craig did!" I jerked awake, looking around with a bewildered expression. I heard someone laugh and then the bed starting bouncing. I groaned, sitting up and watching Sid bounce with a tired expression. He was pointing to his hair and laughing. I was surprised to see that the knotted mess was gone and a multicolored Mohawk had taken its place. I smirked, nodding my head. "It's cool right?"

"Yeah, dude. It's twisted." I yawned, stretching my arms above and smiled when the joints cracked. Sid jumped one last time and landed next to me with a grunt. I snorted, flinging my arm out and gently knocking him backwards. He laughed, eyes looking playful and mischievous. "What time is it?"

"Around noon. Mick said it was time to get up." he admitted. I frowned, making a note to tell Mick where to fly. I pushed myself from the comfy bed and stretched fully this time. As my joints all cracked, I whistled and rolled my shoulders. "And you hog the blankets."

Joey laughter filled my ears and I realized he was awake the whole time. I shot a glare over at him and he smirked, tugging his hair back into a loose ponytail. "Oh calm down, Corey. He's right. You do hog the covers." He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stretched his legs out. One of the knees cracked loudly and I saw the pain in his eyes. "I need to ice that."

Sid watched as we both stretched our aching bodies and cocked his head to the side. "What do you guys do onstage to cause this much pain?" he innocently asked, looking between the two of us. Joey looked amazed by the question. I was just slightly thrown off guard. Then we both just laughed. Sid looked confused, eyes bouncing. "Did I miss something?"

I leaned forward and clapped a hand to his shoulder. "Tomorrow night you'll see what happens when we go on stage. 'Til then, I'm leaving you hanging." I grabbed my duffel from the floor and dug around inside to find something to wear. Only finding a clean shirt and socks, I shrugged while pulling on my street jeans from the day before. Joey wrinkled his nose slightly and I playfully pushed him back into the bed. "And how come I got stuck sharing the bed with the kid? You're smaller than me."

"Hey! Stop calling me kid already. It's annoying." Sid exclaimed, trying to look threatening. I laughed, ignoring his outburst. Joey just chuckled, flicking through messages on his cell phone. When Sid realized no one was going to stop calling him kid, he sighed and stretched out on the bed, an arm tucked under his head.

Joey flicked the phone close and tossed it into his back pack, a sly smile on his face. "He shared with you because that's where Clown dumped him. He was barely awake when I came in. Why move him?" I shrugged, not really caring if Sid shared the same bed as me. Wasn't a big deal actually; I had shared a bed with all the guys at least once before. "Besides, when I woke up in the middle of the night, he was cuddled into your back and you weren't frowning for once. Sid calmed you down for once."

I blushed slightly, wondering how in the world I missed the kid snuggling into me. When I looked behind me, Sid was stretching his elbow out gingerly and a grimacing. But I saw the reddish tint to his cheeks and knew he was feeling awkward too. "Hey, the medic said not to stretch it out for a couple of days. You got to let the muscles contract to the normal places."

Sid frowned, bringing his elbow close to him again and tucking it back into the sling. Sitting up, he looked at me and Joey with a bored expression. "I'm bored." I arched my brows at him, silently agreeing. We wouldn't be getting back onto the bus until later in the afternoon and then we would head to the next venue. So we had a couple of hours to kill and I didn't know what to do.

Joey nodded his head, pulling on his thick sweatshirt and ratty Adidas'. Then an idea hit me and I smiled. Both Sid and Joey looked at me carefully. I walked over to the door and called out to the other guys messing in the hallway. "Yo, we're going into town. Get ready."

I leaned back into the room as I heard the guys cheering and rushing to get ready. Joey was stuffing his wallet into his jeans and tugging a beanie on. With his hair up, he was barely recognizable. I grabbed my wallet from my bag and yanked on my sheep skinned line Dickie coat. I felt Sid's eyes on me and I looked up at him. "You coming or what kid?"

"It's Sid! Say it with me. See-idd. Get it." he said in mock anger. I laughed, shaking my head in amusement. His smile split his face open and eyes lit up. He walked over to the door and stuffed his mismatched socked feet into his worn sneakers. "Where are we going?"

I looked at his worn shoes, ripped jeans and Micks to big sweatshirt. Then I looked at his bruised face and the small bandage at his hairline where the medics had found a decent size gouge in the skin. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed a black bandana from Joey's bag and spun him around. Before he could say anything, I tied it around his head to hide the bandage and some of the bruises.

Sid peeked into the mirror and nodded at his appearance. He made sure the Mohawk was still perfect and then charged at me. I tensed for a tackle but instead I got his arms around my middle. He squeezed tightly and mumbled a thank you into my coat. I hugged back, looking over his head at Joey and giving him a happy look with my eyes. Joey smiled, eyes shining bright with amusement. Sid pulled away and jogged towards the door. "So, where are we going?"

I rolled my eyes again, grabbing my key card and walking out. I banged on everyone's door, earning a few 'fuck offs' and 'I'm comings'. I heard Sid behind me talking to Paul and then felt Paul's arm crash around my shoulders. I grunted and he smirked, eyes playful. "Like my handiwork?"

"It's better than the dreads. So yeah." I slapped the button for the elevator and glanced over my shoulder, counting heads to make sure everyone was there. Sid was bouncing in between Craig and Clown, earning a slightly annoyed look from Craig. I chuckled quietly, nudging Paul to get him to look. Paul laughed, shoulders heaving.

"So why are we going into the city?" Paul asked as the door opened and we all filed in. Once we all squeezed in, I hit the button for the lobby and sighed. I hated riding elevators with everyone in it; there was no room to move.

"We gotta get clothes for the kid. And I'm bored." I explained, waiting for the door to open. As they did, I nearly jumped out.

"SID! Not kid! See-idd. S-I-D. Get it right!" Sid yelled from the middle of the group.

Mick looked over his shoulder, giving Sid a blank look. Sid looked back defiantly. Everyone paused to watch the two of them, wondering what was going to happen. Then Mick smiled and walked towards the doors. Sid smiled, looking triumphant. Mick put one hand on the door and then looked over at everyone, eyes falling on Sid once again.

"Calm down, KID."

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