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A little more than Shin-chan expected...

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As Shinya is approached by a man who wants to do him, the protective Totchi steps in..

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"Guys! You made it!", Kaoru shouted over the loud music. "I'm going out to smoke", Kyo announced. "Aww come back here lil' guy", toshiya said, pulling his blonde friend back. "No, I'll go too", Kaoru said, following Kyo as the blue-head loosened his grip. "Well...I'm gettin' a drink", He said, tugging Shinya with him. "C'mon Shin-shin! Let's have fun!". "What about-" Shinya trailed off. He was going to ask about Die but it looked as though he was already talking to a girl dressed in a nurse outfit. I'll never be able to have him he thought with a frustrated sigh.

"Totchi, I don't really like drinking much" Shinya said shyly. "Awwz baby," He replied, making a little pouty sad face ,"Why not?". Shinya felt awkward as he answered with, "I do crazy things when I'm drunk". "Don't we all!", Totchi exclaimed happily as he spun around in his fairy costume to pour them both a large glass of some unknown punch. Shinya took a small sip, feeling it rush through his body as he shuddered lightly. "You okay, Shin?" Toshiya asked, concerned. "Yeah", he replied, leaning forward to kiss Toshiya on the lips. "Woooahhh, let's find you a guy to make out with quickly"

Kyo took a long breath of his cigarette before turning to Die, "Is Shinya a homosexual?". Die looked to the ground before answering with, "Yeah I think so". Kyo nodded, "He needs to find someone- it'd be cute" "Yeah..." Die spoke looking up into the star-filled sky. "KAORU- EARTH TO KAOOOOOOO, YOU DEAD? YOU'RE AWFULLY QUIET TONIGHT!" Kyo explained, breaking the tension. "Fuck- shit Kyo-chan! Ya really scared me then" Kaoru glared at Kyo before taking a drag and throwing the rest of the cigarette on the ground.

"Trust me, no-one would wanna make out with me", Shinya said, trying to get out of what plan's his friend had made for him. "Yes they would, you're very cute2, Totchi answered as he played with a strand of Shinya's shimmering hair. " guy at twelve o'clock" Toshiya said, licking his purple lips, "Act natural, lil' one". The man was tall and good looking with dark brown eyes and long dark bangs covering half of his face. He was dressed up as a vampire. "Hey", He said to Shinya. Shinya stared, startled at the man before stammering a "H-hello". Toshiya smiled a huge cheesy grin. "You're so much cuter than all of the girls here tonight", The man kissed down Shinya's neck and the blonde let out a small moan. "Oh....and you don't know the things I'll do to you, girl", He said in reply to Shinya's moans. Then Toshiya slapped him. "Fuck off, you creep. Shinya is a guy and he can do so much better than you. Plus he's with me!" Shinya's heart missed a beat as Toshiya suddenly kissed him forcefully on his lips and Shinya allowed his tongue into his mouth. "Toshi-" "Don't speak, baby", Toshiya hushed his words as he moved his hands to Shinya's hips. "What the fuck homos?" The guy said before he stormed off. "Okay, Totchi, you can stop now" Shinya said, trying to pull away. "No, I won't, you don't know how long I've waited for this, Shinya Terachi"
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