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The Disenchanted Youth

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Black lipstick lyrics, Scrawled on broken mirrors.

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19/9/12: Sorry, just minor edits.

A/N: Hey guys (: so, people have been suggesting to me for ages that I should try song writing. And um, I did. It actually just kinda flowed out...but yeah, I thought I'd post it on here for you guys to read. I hope it's okay...let me know your thoughts? I'd really appreciate them :D Oh, and for anyone reading Trying To Escape The Inevitable, I'm nearly finished chapter fourteen, and it will hopefully be up tomorrow...Right, enjooooy (:

Disclaimer: Yeah, this is mine. All of it. Do not steal it, or you will become reincarnated as a snail. If you read Be My Detonator, you'll know what I'm on about. If not, you'll just think I'm insane, and you may possibly be right.

The Disenchanted Youth

We didn’t ask for this.
We didn’t ask for your recycled flaws,
We didn’t ask to be landed in this mess,
Your contradictory laws.

We didn’t ask to become irrelevant,
We didn’t want these silenced shadows,
Of invalid dreams and wasted wishes-

With voices that remain unheard and unseen,
No matter how loud we scream.

We didn’t ask to become nobodies,
Hollow husks trapped inside crumpled school uniforms.

Just an army of fatigued trudging,
Misguided and misunderstood,
Treading away our own dreams,
Colourless sludge left to decay in the gutters.

Shattered shards of broken reflections,
Distorted and washed out,
Exhausted, defeated,
From venom-laced adjectives and jagged words.
Sick of your endless empty smiles.

We didn’t ask for this.

We didn’t ask to get drowned in this emptiness.


Cast aside as we’re nothing.
As if we’re disloyal.
Nothing but a generational fling.

No one notices,
The smudgy panda eyes.

No one notices,
The black rainbow lies.

No one notices,
The black lipstick lyrics,
Scrawled on broken mirrors.

We didn’t ask for any of this,
So why should we conform?

We want to be different.

We want to be remembered for who we are.
Not brainwashed replicas,
Of who you want us to be.

We’re not just your underdogs to be corrupted.

We’re not just drained shadows,
Not just fucked up teens with stripy wrists,
Not ghosts from your gallows.

Not any

So what makes you think we’re still scared?

We’re so much more than your stereotyping,
We’re going to make you hear us,
Screaming and seething,
Beating and breathing.

We might not have got what we asked for.

We might not have ended up as we’d have liked.

But we won’t be nothing.

We’re the disenchanted youth.

And we’re fucking something.

Feedback? I'd really love to know your thoughts..thanks for reading- I'm quite nervous about posting this :L

CosmicZombie xo
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