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I'm coming for you

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Neon Glitter is Franks younger sister, abandonded in zone 3 she looks for answers to find her brother and the guys who, not to her knowledge, were killed in a mission to rescue missile kid

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HIYA PEOPLE! so this is my first story so id really like it if people review so that i know where i am e.g good, crap that stuff, bad reviews are ok as long as theyre constructive responses, kk thankx

"GIVE THEM BACK!" The fun-sized ,hyperactive fun ghoul screamed in desperation,
"TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID THEN!" Wailed an equally desperate Kobra kid.

Yep, the same old happenings in our clustered little hideout in zone 3.
To my left, I heard Jet star utter out a low chuckle as Ghoul finally reached Kobra in an effort to get back his stash of beloved skittles due to the fact that he made a joke that unicorns worked for BLI.

Kobra loves unicorns.
That was when all hell broke loose.
Yep, you heard me: a skittles and unicorns brawl,like I said, same old happenings.

I heard Party poison sigh,
"C'mon guys...HEY! GHOUL? WHAT THE HELL DUDE, SERIOUSLY?" he said, shaking his flame red head as he watched Fun Ghoul climed Kobra's back ,trying to keep his balance whilst reaching for the rainbow sweets in the other man's outstretched hand.

"FUN GHOUL! DUDE, why can't you be the sensible sibling for once?!"
I snorted, like that was ever going to happen, I was and always will be the the sensible one out of the Iero kids.
11 years younger than Ghoul, a young and niave 15 year old with long dark hair (currently tied in a plait) the same shade as the older Iero's hair and the same sort of facial features, we almost looked like twins, but of course the difference was that I had blonde highlights in my otherwise black hair, my eyes were grey and I am 11 years younger than Frank.

Ghoul heard my quiet snort apparently and shot a pouting glare in my direction,
"Shut it Neon Glitter."
I couldnt help the massive grin spreading on my face but it shattered when dozens of bullets came crashing through the walls, showering us with dust and debris.

"Everybody get the fuck DOWN and grab your ray guns!" Roared Party, his face a mask of grim determination and leadership.
We all did as told with probably the same sort of emotions taped onto our faces but as we began to crawl to safety, as abruptyly as it had started, the bullets stopped firing.

An echoing silence filled our battered hideout as an uneasy sense of forboding crept up from my stomach and gripped my chest so that my breathing was hitched and quiet in my throat.

Jet star was the first one to speak,
"What the fuck WAS that?" he muttered angrily
we looked around the room cautiously,
"Something's waiting for us outside" I whispered, everyone looked at me with wide astonished eyes but nodded.
"Jet star, Fun ghoul, come with me," announced Party,
"Mikes your hurt, stay here with Madison," he said in a softer tone, he then turned to me, a pleading look in his eyes,
"Look after him Madi, for me." I nodded, my gaze fixed firmly on Fun ghoul,
"Be careful, all of you." I whispered again,
"Always and forever baby sis, always and forever." I smiled at our old childhood promise and gave each of them a small wave as they stepped outside.

Me and Kobra waited.
We kept waiting but we never heard or saw anything from them, the sense of dread hadn't left me at all and I felt it tighten around my chest once more,
"I'm gonna go outside,'kay?" I looked at Kobra kid,
"Wait," he stared at me,
"I'll come too."
I helped nim onto his feet as he had been shot in the lower leg and made our way unsteadily to the door.

There was no-one there.
I looked again.
Nothing. I turned to Kobra, he was gone.
I was Alone.

And thats how the dream always ended.

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