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I'm Going Down With You (Eulogy For The Dying)

by DisenchatedDestroya 4 reviews

"It's all fallen to hell." Feedback hugely appreciated.

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I'm Going Down With You (Eulogy For The Dying)

I thought you were fine,
I thought it was better,
But right now I feel,
As if I've read your suicide letter.
Dried blood on your nose,
And a shake in your touch,
I know I was wrong,
You've loosened your clutch.

I thought you were good,
I thought it was going,
But it's worse than bad,
And I think that it's growing.
Death in your eyes,
And despair in your tone,
I know I was wrong,
And I'll soon be alone.

I thought you were cool,
I thought it was slain,
But it's all fallen to hell,
And I'm going me insane.
Strain in your breath,
And no hope in your soul,
I never even saw,
And now it's taking it's toll.

I thought you were living,
I thought it was dead,
But now you can't hide,
And it's vice versa instead.
No step to hold spring,
And no belief in yourself,
I'm losing you now,
Losing love's wealth.

I thought you would tell me,
I thought I would know,
But apparently I'm just a child,
And I should believe this damn show.
Tears on my cheeks,
And betrayal in my heart,
You're dying on me,
And it's tearing me apart.

A/N: So I wrote this a while ago, but thought I ought to put in a better category (it was in Panic! At The Disco because it's heavily inspire by their song, "Camisado") and tidy up a few lines. It kills me to read over this, largely because I know now what happened after I wrote it. This is about my mother and about some feelings I was harboring towards her/her cancer a few months back. Unfortunately, the cancer won out and I lost her in March this year. Which is why I dedicate this to her.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this and please let me know what you think. Thank you. :)
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