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Oblivious to the truth.

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!Frerard-y Oneshot! Frank tells Gerard how he feels about him..over the computer....

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HEY! So I had this idea, I don't know if it's any good or not so I decided to post..It's a oneshot..

It was a Friday evening, the moonlight was bouncing off the window panes of Gerard's house as the soft wind rustled through the trees disturbing the leaves. Gerard was exhausted, he'd been on a school trip today with his art class to London to look and 'get inspiration' from all of the paintings in the art gallery. To be honest, they were all boring and all displayed one message; the pressure on everyone in society to look perfect.

All these paintings were not filled with love, each stroke was painted onto the canvas in fear of getting it wrong because back then if you made the king or queen look ugly, you were killed. So every canvas that hung up on the walls were made in fear and pressure. One face had caught his eye though. The only potrait that had ever so slightly interested him wasn't a painting. It was a pencil drawing, just a quick sketch. Something maybe he would do. He thought about how he draws, each smudge and each line on his drawings were cruical because he wanted them to be perfect. But perfect as in realistic, the way things are originally, not the way society wants it to be. That's why he loved to draw his friends, Mikey, Frank and Ray. They weren't affected by the effects of today, they dressed how they liked, said what they liked. They live their lives the way they wanted with no fear.

When Gerard draws his friends he feels like he needs to get every detail right, from the shine that is placed on his brother's glasses to the spring like features of Ray's hair. When he drew his friends he felt like nothing mattered in the world, not one thing affected him.

As Gerard walked into his room he was greeted by a slow and steady pinging noise from his computer, he threw his Misfits bag on his unmade bed, sat on the stool facing the laptop and unhooked the camera from around his neck. He placed the camera next to the computer careful not to break it because if he did, his grandfather would have killed him. A £700 camera being broken would have given Gerard a kick in the balls or something horrific like that.

He kicked off his shoes not bothering to look where they landed and lifted the screen on the laptop. Since his laptop was a fossil he had to wait a few minutes before it finally decided to open up and actually work. When it decided to co-operate the screen read that Frank was talking to him on IM. He opened the message, it read:

"YO! gEe HoW wAs LoNdOn??????"

"Oh hey Frank, why are you writing like that? And London was great! The museum was so boring but we went to Burger King which was cool."

"LiKe WhAt?!?! AnD oMfG yOu HaD a BuGeR kInG you know what man I cant be bothered to write like that anymore. So YOU HAD A BURGER KING WITHOUT ME?!"

"Yeah, omg it was great mmmm and we had a Starbucks! :D"

"You've got a boner about the starbuck aint ya"


"KNEW IT. You get boners over coffee. Coffee perv"

"IM NOT A COFFEE PERV! And you can shut up, Ray told me you told him you had a crush on someone so shush"

" coffee rapist. what else did ray say?"

"Just that you had a crush on someone and I feel really shit that you didnt tell me first cause im meant to be your best friend, thanks frankie :("

"I didnt tell you coz it would be awkward"

"why? I dont like the kid do I?"

"I dont know.."

"Okay imma guess cause im so nosey: boy or girl?"



"shut up gee, you can't help who you like"

"thats true...urrrrmmm do i know him?"

"well...yeah, man you do"

"okay. mikey, ray, bob, dylan, the kid from our french whos really weird, urm shaun, alex, daniel? those are like all the dudes I know"

"nope, nope, nope, no, OMG NO! nope, nuuu, nopeeeeeee"

"None of them?!"


"why cant you tell me?"

"I said, its awkward and silly and you wont approve.."

"well i give up anyway, either you tell me right now or im going cause im so tired"

Gerard looked away from the computer screen, bewildered about Frank's mysetry crush, who was it? He had no idea, maybe it was a teacher. Oh no the last time he liked a teacher he made Gerard follow the poor dude home. It was very weird.. He ran a hand through his tangled hair when he heard a ping to say Frank had replied.

"Gee, check my twitter."

"urm, okay?.."

He minimised Frankie's chat and opened up the internet, opened twitter up and typed in Frank's username.

He looked at his latest tweets and his heart went into his mouth, a part of his stomach did back flips that made him feel sick but a good way. Is that even possible? Anyway it had, Frank's latest tweet read:

"Haii. You know the person you've been trying to guess? Yeah, it's you."

Gerard's eyes were glued to the screen re-reading the sentence, did he really mean it? Or was this just some big joke? If it was a joke then that's pretty mean. He kept re-reading it and re-reading it just to make sure that it was true and it wasn't his imagination. How could a guy like Frank like Gerard?! Frank was amazing, funny, handsome, intelligent, talented. Everything Gerard wasn't. He needed to talk to Frank about this. He closed twitter and clicked Frankie's chat again.

"Frank ^.^ is offline right now. Send a message for when they sign back in."

What did you think? I know it's not really frerardy so I appologise for that. Would you be so kind to R&R? Cause I love you all?
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