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I just had a FABULUS idea

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And it involves ALL of you, so clicky here!! (Not a story)

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What if we do something like the no_tags thing at LJ on FicWad?

Basically no_tags is a community where there are several prompts/ideas with different pairings and stuff, and when the prompts/ideas go up, people claim them and writing a one-shot ranging from 1,000- whatever words. BUT the one-shots are posted anonymously (I shall create a FicWad account and I will mail the authors the password), and YOU get to submit the prompts/ideas. Then, you get to see how another person would write it.

This is how it's going to go:

-I'm going to create a FicWad account: Ficlet_Fairies

-Review this with a prompt or an idea. And idea doesn't have to be a word or whatever like a prompt. It could me a WHOLE description/ summary. MUST INCLUDE A PAIRING, ANY PAIRING

-Authors who are willing to participate, review this with your email.

-The prompts/ideas shall be up in two-three days for claiming, but you must sign up with your email HERE first.

-Only one prompt or idea can be claimed. I will reply to your review if the prompt/idea is available or not, please don't start writing it before you get the ok.

-Authors, I will email you the password for the account

-While claiming a prompt, you must use the anonymous account: Ficlet_Fairy.

-You have ONE WHOLE month to write this. The deadline shall be April 5. Your one-shot should be done and ready to post by then.

-There will be a dropout post a week before the deadline. If you feel like you haven't gotten any time, or you just can't write for various reasons.

-Your Fic should me a minimum of 1000 words.

-one day after everyone posts their stories, I will put up a reveal post showing who wrote what.

Start signing up or submitting your prompts/ideas!!

-Poison Ivy
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