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Together Forever.

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Frerard one shot. It's five weeks since Gerard died and Frank still can't stand life without him. But has Gerard really left him?

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Hi, so this was just a random idea I had and I decided to write it. I think it came out okay but I would appreciate it if you guys would let me know what you think. Thanks.

Frank felt tears cascade down his cheeks as he looked down at the piece if paper in his hand. This must be at least the hundredth time he's read it but it still reduced him to tears. 
His vision blurred with the hot liquid that poured out from his very soul, but that didn't bother him, he didn't need to read it; he knew it off by heart. He just liked to see his writing, to feel the paper, crinkly and worn from all the folding and unfolding, still with a slight scent of him. Of Gerard.
Frank sobbed every time he heard that name. Five weeks and it still sent sent daggers slashing through his shrivelled and broken heart when he thought about his laugh, or his eyes, or his voice. He couldn't comprehend how someone so beautiful, so perfect, would want to hang themselves from the old wooden beams in his own house, like Gerard did.
What hurt Frank the most though, is that Gerard left him. He left him here, all on his own. All alone.
'You left me Gerard,' Frank whispered, voice cracking and shaky, 'you left me.'
He closed his eyes as soul splitting sobs began to shake his skinny frame, he hadn't eaten properly since Gerard died. 
He just cried for what felt like an eternity until he felt something touch his hand, a feather light touch like a snowflake or candy floss, but Frank still opened his eyes as the sobs ceased, sniffling. He wiped his eyes and looked down once again at the paper, eyes widening at something new written in the corner.

I'll never leave you Frankie. 

It was written in Gerard's effeminate, messy scrawl. Franks heart become frantic in his chest, pounding unevenly against his ribcage. He chucked the piece of paper onto the coffee table in front of him, leaning back into the sofa, pulling his knees up to his chest and closing his eyes, breathing steadily. His frantic heart continued to jolt within his chest as he began to rock back and forth slowly.
'I'm just seeing things, I just want him to be here, he's not, he's gone. He left me.'
Frank bit back sobs and opened his eyes. His vision was blurred so he blinked until it was clear. His just steadied heart began to beat a little faster again as he picked up the worn paper. His breath hitched I his throat as he saw not only the last fresh sentence written there, but another.

Do you really think I would ever leave you, Frank?

Frank began to sob hysterically, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking, heart performing backflips in his chest. 
'NO!,' he screamed, 'No! You're not here, you left me! Y-You can't be here. You j-just can't.' 
The sobs consumed him as he rolled up into the foetal position, rocking back and forth slightly.
'You left me,' he whispered, over and over again as the crying ceased. He wiped at his eyes and went to stand up.
That's when he saw him.
Gerard was stood in the corner of the room, but it wasn't Gerard like Frank knew him. 
He was a ghost. Pale, misty blue and fairly easy to see through. The outlines of his body seemed to blend in to the room around him. He still had the noose around his neck.
'Frankie?' Gerard asked, smiling widely at the younger boy.
Franks heart was convulsing within his chest, breathing sharp and shallow. His honey brown eyes were wide as he looked at Gerard.
Gerard's ghost. 
It wasn't Gerard, it wasn't. Gerard was gone,  Frank was crazy.
He went to speak when he realised his throat had gone dry, he swallowed and he could feel the blood pulsing through his neck.
'G-Gerard?' Frank said croakily.
Gerard smiled.
'Hey Frank.' He went to move forward but Frank jumped up off the sofa and backed away. Gerard's smile fell and his expression turned to one of confusion and, more painfully, sadness. He moved closer to Frank, who cowered away.
'Frankie? Frank, it's me, it's Gerard.' 
Frank shook his head slightly frantically.
'No, no. You left me, you left me Gerard.' Gerard smiled softly at Frank.
'Oh Frank, don't you get it? I came back for you. You're not alone, I'm here. I might be less than I was before Frankie but this way it's just me and you, together, forever.'
Frank stared at Gerard in amazement. He was pretty sure his heart was going to burst out of his chest at any moment, his eyes watering.
'You, you came back, f-for me?' Frank asked.
'Yes Frankie, for you, because I love you, always have always will.' Frank smiled slightly. 
Gerard didn't leave him, Gerard came back for him. He wasn't alone.
'I love you too,' he whispered.
Gerard took another step towards Frank and Frank could see it now, could see him.
His lips still looked soft like they always had, his eyes still sparkled like they always had, he still had the same pale skin and delicate artists hands like he always had. It all looked real, he looked real. Fuck, he even smelt like Gerard, like paints and coffee and strawberry.
Gerard reached out to touch Frank, slowly, encouraged when Frank didn't move away. He placed his hand on Franks cheek. 
His hands were still warm, they were still delicate, they were still Gerard's. He was still Gerard, in every way. 
'I'll never leave you Frank,' Gerard whispered.
'I know.' Gerard leant in to Frank and placed his lips against his own in a sweet, chaste kiss. It was then Frank really knew. He knew Gerard never did leave him, he knew he wasn't alone, he knew Gerard loved him and he really knew it was him and Gerard, together forever.
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