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Before I post a fic, I would like to get aquainted with the lovely people of "Ficwad"

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Did you not read the title?

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My name is Jean Marie, and if you're an author on here, I've probably reviewed your fanfiction. I found out about ficwad, because I'm addicted to fanfiction and this site was the best to read it on. I didn't have an account, so I wasn't able to review people's fics. I made one just to review people's stuff, and I don't want to be an asshole and not write anything. I have the mouth of a fucking sailor. Hope you don't mind. Um yea so just so I can become good friends with all of you lovely folks I would love to do personal oneshots for everyone who reviews. If you don't want one, tell me you don't want one.
Also, If my writing is shitty, tell me my writing's shitty and that I should get the fuck off this website. But Don't rate my stories down without an explaination. I want your honesty. Ok well just tell me this stuff and I'll write you a oneshot of your dreams :D



Character/ Part you want to be in the fic:




Favorite member of MCR:

What the fuck kind of a story do you want me to write?

And yea it was lovely to get aquainted with all of you.

-Jean Marie

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