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love at first sight

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Frankie was on his way to school. Arr time to go to that hell hole they call school.
though frankie as he saw the front of the school, "hey meat bag i thought i told you if
you shown your face in school again i would knock you out" said a voice coming from behind frankie.
"yeah you did but i thought that seems its a free country i could do what i wanted .Next thing frankie
knew he was being beaten to a blob. " Next time listen to me you son of a bitch" said the boy who kicked
frankie in the gut " no and by the way just so you know i fucked your sister " said frankie that was now pined to
the wall. " take that back you faggot" "never" hissed frankie as he got punched in the gut." step away
from the boy and no body gets hurt " said a voice from behind frankie " holy crap " then the boy dropped frankie and
ran for it. " you okay " said a boy with long black hair . " yeah i think so" said frankie trying to get up but
failed " omg you need help " said the boy picking frankie up and putting him a car " where are we going and
how are you" asked frankie trying to sit up " im taking you to my house my mums a nurse and im gerard way
and who are you ? asked gerard parking the car in front of a large house . " frank iero" " well frank your
going to be fine just let me get my mum " said gerard as he got out of the car and went inside . " mum his
just in the car said gerard as he came back to the car and open the door . " frank this my mum and mum
this is frank " " nice to meet you " said the lady that seemed nice "dont worry gerard all frank needs is to
rest" said the lady looking frankie over. "can he stay here please so i dont have to stay home with mikey "
asked gerard looking happy. "if its okay with frank's mother " "well is it " asked gerard "well i dont have a
mother or a family i got kicked out" said frankie looking at his feet " aww you poor thing well you can stay
as long as you want " said the lady then she walked off. "yay well lets go" said gerard picking frankie up
and taking him inside to a bedroom " you didn't need to carry me " said frankie as he limped over to the bed
and sat on it."yes it was you can hardly walk and make yourself comfy " said gerard walking over to frank
"thanks your so nice for letting me stay" said frankie . " well thank you " said gerard laying next to frankie
on the bed. "hey i got a question did you really fuck that dudes sister" asked gerard . " no of course not im
gay" said frankie looking at the walls . "wow really so am i " said gerard staring at frankie . "cool " said frankie
Who was basically asleep " well you can some sleep and ill be back soon" said Gerard as he got up and left.
Later Frankie woke up to find it was 3:oopm the next day " yay your awake" said Gerard walking into the room
With some art things. "Yeah I am but I slept for ages how came you didn’t wake me up" asked Frankie with
a sleepily voice " you looked so happy and cute while you were sleeping so I didn’t want to wake you " said Gerard
As he put down his art stuff and sat at the table. " Wait did you just say i looked cute while I was sleeping" asked Frankie
Looking confused " oh yeah I guess I did but its true " said Gerard who was now drawing "oh well thanks
You look cute too" said Frankie as he yawned " thanks said Gerard who was smiling while drawing. "Hey can I get dressed please"
Asked Frankie. " Yeah do you need clothes cuz u have some if you want some " asked Gerard looking though
His closest. " Um yeah that would be nice unless you want me running around the house naked" laughed Frankie
Gerard laughed too " well i wouldn’t mind but some how mikey would " said Gerard throwing clothes at Frankie
And realizing what he just said. Frankie just took the clothes in to the bathroom and laughed. " Later that day
Frankie and Gerard were watching a movie. It was a horror movie and when the zombie jumped from the
Ground Frankie jumped 50 feet in the air " its okay ill keep you safe " said Gerard holding onto Frankie "thanks"
Said Frankie smiling. It was about ten when the movie finished and Frankie and Gerard decided to go to bed.
It had been about a week since Frankie moved in with Gerard and things seem to be going well. " Hey frank
Can I ask you something" asked Gerard looking nervous as hell "yeah sure what is it " asked Frankie " well its
Just the dance is tonight and I was um wondering if you would be my date " asked Gerard looking at
His feet. "Omg sure Gerard I would love too be " said Frankie jumping from his chair. " yay" said Gerard so happily. Later that night Frankie and Gerard went to the dance lots of people were dressed in bright colors and in suits and long dresses but Gerard and Frankie on the other hand were dressed in black and looked like they were from the underworld but they were happy. “ I'm glad you came with me “ said Gerard giving Frankie a hug. “ I am too but I wish people would stop staring, “ said Frankie. “ not worry ill smash anyone if they mock you” said Gerard as he pulled Frankie to the dance floor. “Thanks “ said Frankie smiling. “ may I have this dance” asked Gerard as he held out his hand. Frankie just smiled and put his hand in Gerard’s. They spent the rest of the dance, dancing. After the dance had finished Gerard and Frankie walked to the beach. “ I had a wonderful night Gerard, “ said Frankie holding Gerard’s hand “ so did I “ said Gerard leaning closer and then he kissed Frankie in the moonlight. And they never forgot that night
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