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Started out as sex, ended as sex and something weird happened on the way. I went insane. Weirdest smut you will probably ever read. And I'm proud of it.

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This is fucking weird. Even for ME. And that’s saying a LOT.
… So… fucking… weird.)

Gerard smiles, his eyelashes spiking over his seductive hazel eyes. “Hey, handsome.” He says, siting in the lap of the perfect stranger he’s just approached.

“Um… hi?” The man tries.

Gerard chuckles. “Hi, I’m Gerard.”

“Uh… Andy. Why are you sitting on me?” Andy asks, a bit concerned for his well-being.

Gerard smiles. “I’m checking to see if you’re gay. And yep, you are.”

Andy blushes. “I’m bi.” He mutters.

Gerard raises his eyebrows. Andy feels his cock twitch in interest. Damn it, he can feel that on the back of his thigh! “Got a date?”

Andy shakes his head.

Gerard smirks. “Come with me, then?”


“Well, I haven’t got all night and I certainly ain’t raping ya! So you wanna come with me for a good time or not?” Gerard asks, hopping off the male with long black hair very much like his own.

Andy shrugs, getting up. He can only get murdered, right? “I’ll go.”

Gerard grins. “Aw, I love it when they come!”

Gerard grabs Andy’s hand, leading him to a car. “You want to do it in here?”

Andy shrugs. “Whatever. You got a condom?”

Gerard nods. “Mhm. I wouldn’t want anyone getting sick.”

Andy smiles slightly. Maybe this dude isn’t as crazy as he seems.

Gerard opens the backdoor of the mid-sized car, inviting Andy in. The windows are tinted, and it’s night, so it’s not like they’ll be seen.

Andy climb into the car and Gerard follows, pulling he door closed behind him.


“Is that all you can say?” Gerard jokes.

Andy laughs nervously; he’s never done anything like this before.Gerard smiles softly, trying to ease the tension. He pushes himself and back up onto Andy’s lap, making himself comfortable in a straddling position. “Well then, let’s get this show on the road.”

And with that simple little phrase, Gerard brings his lips to Andy’s, not even so much as hesitating to stick his tongue into the taller’s (that would be Andy) mouth.

Gerard rubs his crotch down on Andy’s, blood filling up the sponge like tissue in their cocks. (A/N what is wrong with me?) Andy moans into Gerard’s mouth, who merely smiles, rubbing down over and over, driving Andy crazy.

Gerard runs his hands up Andy’s shirt, pulling off the garment. His fingers slide gently across Andy’s bare chest, making him shiver. Gerard mashes his tongue across the back of Andy’s teeth, against his cheeks and anywhere he can put it.

Andy finds himself thrusting up as Gerard rolls his hips down on Andy’s groin, moaning and loving every minute of pleasure that has his pants tented. Gerard quickly removes his own shirt, and bites down on Andy’s neck as he starts to play with the hem of his jeans. Andy shifts, allowing Gerard to pull of his pants and in a moment the taller is completely naked, erect member exposed to the car.

Andy loves the smell of cigarettes enveloping them, loves the way Gerard is making him moan and pant as fingers tease his member to a slightly red tip with a roll of pre-cum sliding down it.

Gerard smirks, breaking out of his own pants. “I’m going to tell you right now that I’m not much one for lube.” And with that, Gerard pushed Andy onto his back and started to slowly insert one long finger in between Andy’s legs. (Come on, you know where)

Gerard paused at Andy’s discomfort, but pushed on as soon as the muscles around his finger relaxed. Finally Gerard inserted a second digit, after the first and began to scissor in and out of Andy, drinking in the sight of the man below him covered in sweat, writhing in pleasure underneath him.

Gerard smirks, replacing his fingers with something larger, namely his dick covered in a recently put on condom. Andy clenches around Gerard in protest, only succeeding in making a fresh layer of sweat form across Gerard’s lightly tanned skin. Gerard pushes on once Andy relaxes a bit, loving the warm cavern swallowing him up.

Wasting no time with trivialties such as patience, Gerard pulls out halfway and slams into Andy, still feeling around for the prostate. Once he finds it, Gerard hammers into the gland, pulling almost all the way out before slamming into it, making Andy scream in a delicate balance of pleasure and pain.

Sweat rolls from their bodies as they start to reach the height of pleasure, their dicks squeezing out sweet white cum as they cry out in pleasure.

“FRANKIE!!” Gerard yells as he reaches his climax. Andy simply screams, not noticing that Gerard is calling out the wrong name.

… The fuck just happened? I’m insane… I need help… this was so… Oh god, did I really just write that? It’s so… weird! NOW YOU UNDERSTAND THE WARNING AT THE BEGINNING! Okay Guuys… wow.
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