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Link's Scarred Mind

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My First Fanfic, it's super short but was just trying to write one.

Category: Zelda - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Link - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2012-03-03 - Updated: 2012-03-03 - 518 words - Complete

As Link padded out of the treehouse, He felt like a great burden had been lifted off of me. He had finally killed Gannon... Or at least, sealed him away. He should be happy, glad.. But he felt none of these. Zelda had returned to her royal duties, leaving him alone with no-one to talk to. The fight against Gannondorf, and then his beastal form Gannon had left Link scared with the mark of Gannon's magic, his evil magic had invaded Link's mind, turning what was already a seeminly impossible fight harder with the evil magic preying on Links' fears. Fear of losing Zelda, with images of her death flashing before him. Images of him failing, and Hyrule falling into a even darker state...
These visions and fears had brought about a paranoia worse than any other. Link began to alienate himself, thinking that he was the cause of the problems in the visions, and soon began to be inable to distinguish what was reality and what was caused by the magic. He took a quick look around Kokiri Village and decided he still wasn't alienated enough, after being sent back in time by Zelda.. His child body couldnt handle most of the stress that was brought onto him. He put on his sword belt, shield, and his best fake smile and made his way to the lost woods, where he had left Epona.
His horse Epona, seemed to have an unreal connection to him, always giving him comforting nuzzles when he was thinking about things that hurt, and quietly making her way to the nearest village when Link seemed tired and in need of a break. He was glad that he was able to have a companion. It especially hurt that no-one he had met during the journey remebered him. As he thought of these things he remebered the one friend he had that had really cared for him. Had gone with him during the most trying of times. recovering the Sages, had helped him defeat countless enemies.
Link quickly set out for the rumored fairies fountain in the Lost Woods where fairy companions would sometime come to relax and rest. As he looked, he began to doubt his sanity when trees started to change, he hadn't ever been in this part of the Woods.. Then he saw a glimpse of white duck behind a tree. Was that her?! Quickly Link spurred Epona on.

After hours of searching Link had grown tired, as had Epona. Link looked down, trying to stay in control of his fears and visions. They seemed to grow greater, as if some dark power was near, but that might just have been the magical power of the woods. As Epona slowly walked along. A couple of fairies came in and caused Link to be bucked off. As he fell, he saw a white fairy. Navi!? And then he saw a mysterious Mask float out from the trees and the magic that had scared him whispered evil things, louder then they ever had before. And Link succumed to them and everything went black,
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