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Operation: Hell

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Vanessa reflects on the dinner party last night.

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Operation: Hell:


Blog Title: Perfect Idea of Hell:

Last night sucked. Nothing to it. Uncomfortable. Awkward. Pins in the side. You get the idea. It all goes like this:

Adam and Carmen felt a dinner party to celebrate their engagement last night. Clearly, this wasn't Adam's idea. I could see it all over that boy's face. She's got him pussy-whipped already. Pussy-whipped and not pretty. Sakura really hates it. She looked like she wanted to kill Carmen the whole time. If they were alone, she probably would. Shudders to even think about that scene

Anyway, moving on.

Robyn's pregnant and Trick's the daddy. Yes, my friends. You read that one right. Patrick Stump's going to be a daddy! Squeals So exciting, but they aren't happy. Robyn doesn't really want and kid and Patrick... well... doesn't want one with her. Oh, the drama.

Next, Rosy's really been sick lately. Last night showed it. Do you think... Shakes her head No! I refuse to believe that. She's not a drug addict! Rosy's just under a lot of stress lately. Yeah, that's it. At least, that's what I hope it is... (Please don't let it be worse.)

Anyway, the day is drawing near. QB is coming! QB is coming! QB is coming! Time for the moment of truth. Will we all sink or swim? Everyone has been tense up until this point. And now it is coming in three days. We can all do this. I hope... Gulp

Until then...

G2G. Love ya, bye.

Aunt Nessa


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