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Elenas P.O.V

"Helen,tell me what's wrong?" Ashley said softly while trying to help me up.
"N-n-nothing.I'm f-fine" I said smiling weakly but he wasn't buying it.
"No you're not.What happened? Was it that Stefan?!"
"No no! I-um-fell on Scarlet hill and-um-hurt my ribs"
"Are you sure? Cause if someone's hurt you,I swear,I'll beat them until they're black and blue!" I looked up into his big brown eyes and saw only hurt and anger.
"Chill out,Ash!" I yelled pulling him into a light hug.
He hugged back lightly.
"I'm sorry.I just...don't want you,or any of the guys for that matter,hurt"
"It's okay. Anyways,here's my house.See ya later,Mr Purdy" I said winking.
"Go on Facebook later?"

Drus P.O.V

"Helloooooo?!" Stef yelled.
"Over here,you two" Eliot yelled back.
Ashley and Stefan wandered over to us.
"So we're shooting 'wands' here?" Ashley asked looking around the kind of abandoned alleyway Eliot and I had found.
"Yep,do you like it?"
"Yeah! Where is everyone?"
"Getting food"
"But we're starting in ten minutes. You guys ready?"
"Fuck yeah!"

Elenas P.O.V

A while later...

I turned my hairdryer and brushed my newly washed hair.
I grabbed my laptop and turned Facebook on.
I had 3 new friend requests:

Stefan Abigdong

Ashley Neil Horne

Dru Wakely

I accepted them all. I was just about to look at their walls when Ashley popped up.

Ashley 'Sexy Thing' Purdy : Hey,Hells xx :)

Helen 'Helena' Way : Hey Ash xx :3

Ashley 'Sexy Thing' Purdy : you in for a party tonight? :3

Helen 'Helena' Way : who's party? :')

Ashley 'Sexy Thing' Purdy : Claire from Uni. She has invited like everyone and has some band called the midnight beast playing xx

Helen 'Helena' Way : Kk,we should go! Xx :'3

Ashley 'Sexy Thing' Purdy : Kk pick you up at 7 ;) xx

Helen 'Helena' Way : Fuck yeah! :3 xx
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