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Irresponsible Emo Poem About a Taboo Topic

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I'll tell you why.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2012-03-04 - Updated: 2012-03-05 - 244 words - Complete

I ate too much,
Nobody’ll want my touch.
The blade is in my clutch.

I feel too dull,
Even my nightmares are null.
Deciding where to mark my cull.

I fucked-up again,
Even though I try to refrain.
Heart aching for the deserved pain.

I have no control,
Nothing I do has any sort of toll.
I need a new line for me to enrol.

I’m invisible to all,
It’s my fault for lacking gall.
A new red friend standing tall.

I feel worthless,
I’ve let myself become nervous.
I’ll just add to my own little circus.

I’ve let you down,
I always make everyone frown.
I must have another crown.

I just can’t cope,
I’ve lost every last cruel hope.
I’m falling fast down this slippery slope.

I’m far too afraid,
My optimism has been mislaid.
Looks like my wrist’s getting slayed.

I said too little,
But what I did was way too brittle.
I need some guilty skin to whittle.

I told a lie,
If only I could just cry,
I wouldn’t do this on the sly.

I’m just bored,
Staring at my pointless hoard.
My wrist just begging to be clawed.

You don’t notice,
Thinking I’m just another miss,
Waiting for you to take the piss.

You know you could save,
Instead you just yell and rave.
You’ve let me fall to what I crave.
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