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Can you add color inside these lines?

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We walk through our lives like blinded puppets on a string, devoid of all meaning.I need someone to help me; to bring color and happiness back into this dead planet. *written for my first ficwad an...

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so today is my first ficwad account anniversary
i wanted to write something to celebrate it. this is what came out of it
it's about gerard starting mcr, if you want. it started out as a sonfic and transformed into this short drabble thingy
pls rate and review:) xo k

It's all the same. The same routine everyday. We walk through our lives like blinded puppets on a string, devoid of all meaning. We're marionettes and the strings are attached to endless rules society tells you to live by. Our lives just roll on until someday we die. And we don't even realize that in the end we achieved nothing. Just another face in the crowd. Just another life gone to waste. Because from our childhood on we get told to not express ourselves and be. Our minds get infiltrated by norms and rules you have to follow. Not standing out is good. So we stand up and run through our daily routine, getting older everyday, while everything stays the same. Did you ever watch people while going through the city? Their faces are hollow. It looks like you stare right in the eyes of a zombie. And we might as well be.
Everything is grey and lifeless; free spirits get dulled down by the cold hands of society trapping you in a never ending circle you have to walk through until the day you depart- unhappy as ever.
But I don't want to live like this anymore. I want out. I want to make something out of myself. I want to make a difference. But how? All my achievements are meaningless, chewed on and spit out by the grey mob of people walking the streets.
I need someone to help me; to bring color and happiness back into this dead planet.
Can you add color inside these lines?
Sure, it'd change everything, how we see things. And the cold cloud of lifeless bodies marching on like an avalanche doesn't like change. It tramples over it until your aspirations are shredded to tiny pieces, left to decay on the floor. But together we can make it.
I want you to help me, to stand by me and show me the way to a better, meaningful life. I want to look back on what I did and say 'this was worth the ride'.
I'm so sure we can make it. I'm so sure we can change things, starting today. Even if it starts small, I'm so sure after a while of slowly infiltrating the borders of the herd we can resurrect some of the drones marching in line. Things will fall into place eventually. We just need to continue with our mission. Nothing can break our spirits. We need to stay hard, stand our ground. We need to be role models. We need to show the world there is a different way. But most importantly, we need to prove it to ourselves. So many people tried to make a change and failed. We need to have an unbreakable trust into each other and the fact we can and will change things for the better. There’s no backing down now...are you in?

so started out as a songfic to the song come clarity by in
tell me what you think?
btw ficwad hates me-.-
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