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Your Guardian Angel Part Two

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Gerard and Frank :) Probably the most serious chapter yet :) xx

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Hey guys sorry i've taken forever! I have been a busy bee now im back at school and stuff! Will try to keep more on top of things in the future! :) xoxo

Franks POV
"Gerard?" I wind down the window and he glances up, tears streaming down his face. "Hey what's up?" I say diving out of the car, leaving the engine running. Oh crap, i'm so fucking obvious, i may as well walk around wearing a freaking Tee Shirt with his utterly stunning face on the front. Hmm, his face on my chest, that chiselled beautiful face, now what a thought. Err Frankie Poo, you're meant to be comforting the dude, not just towering over him drooling like a bulldog, and we say towered but everyone knows your only inches above dwarfism. Fuck my inner conscience.

"Gerard?" I ask him again, this time taking a seat next to him as i look at his swollen eyes and trembling lips. "M,my- My Brother, there was a car accident." He almost whispers. Oh no, oh no no no, this is awful. I know what's coming. "HE FUCKING BROUGHT THE WRONG CAR!" Gerard squealed before doubling over in hysterics. "Gerard?" I ask again completely bewildered not to mention confused more than slightly. "Hahahaha!" He giggled in his girlish little voice. "I took a drama course and another school offered me a job! As a Drama Teacher! But i said no, because i already have a job of course, but anyway they were so complementing i wanted to test out my acting skills." He smiled at me. If it were any other motherfucker i would have snapped and stormed away. This time, it was no different, just a tad more difficult.

Gerards POV

"Frankie, i'm sorry okay? Just please let me inside." I was practically begging him after half an hour of standing there banging on the wood impatiently. "Make Me!" A tiny voice, barely audible was the minimal response i got. "Frankie Boy,You know I can't make you do anything." I said slyly, a plan coming together in my twisted little mind. That prank was actually pretty cruel, he did look so concerned, not to mention upset when he discovered it was all false. "I know! That's why i said it!" He raged, man he was pissed off with me. Is it wrong that i found this completely hot and well, what can i say, fruity? Frisky? Amorous? Either way, i was winning him over with my next move.

I walked across slightly and stood right in front of the living room window, ready to get my persuasion on. Now, ever heard of a curly blonde called Taylor Swift? Yeah the one that pones me at guitar and probably has more money than the entire state of Virginia combined. Oh yeah, and she's the same height as a fucking mountain in the Himalayas. Well, she writes love song after love song, ah you treasure the day a teenage lovesick girl comes as a saviour to you and your colleague that you just so happen to find hotter than a pot of boiling tomales and Jared Leto making out with Billie Joe, and that is fucking hotness right there.

" I STILL LEAVE BUT ALL I REALLY WANT IS YOU!" I scram. my voice shaking as countless neighbours crone their necks to see what idiot is making all the racket in their street. "TO STAND OUTSIDE MY WINDOW THROWING PEBBLES SCREAMING I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU!" I continue actually throwing my shoe which bounces off the glass and hits me square in the face, my aching, warbling face. "WAIT THERE IN THE POURING RAIN." Ah typical a fucking rumble of thunder and the heavens have decided to open on me. "COME BACK FOR MORE!" Finally he is standing on the porch step looking amused with his hands crossed over his skinny yet muscular chest. "AND DON'T YOU LEAVE, CAUSE I KNOW ALL I NEED IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR." I finish the song as i walk over to him. "I'm sorry." I say again softly, knowing i was kinda a total jerk for behaving like that earlier. Also possibly cursing Mikey, seeing as it usually happened like that. "It's ok, just never fucking sing at my window again okay?" I laugh at him as he smiles up at me. " Unless you sing like you did in class, you sounded great then." He said ruffling my hair, i turned to see everyone had returned to their own business of being boring in their homes and quickly turned back around to fall even deeper into those seas of hazel and gold, instead i am met but soft, warm, nicotine infused lips.
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