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Frank is now officially confused.

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Here's the second chapter...tell me what you think n.n
Xxo, Michael

I gulped.

The most gorgeous boy I've ever seen in my entire short 17 year old life was looking directly at my eyes. It was as if he was looking into my soul.

There was something odd in the way his eyes surveyed mine.

There was a glint of sadness, romance, darkness and....crazyness? All combined in a swirl of hazel.

Taking the courage of breaking eye contact I took in his appereance. He was wearing skin tight black skinny jeans that hugged his legs and tights correctly. A misfits tee and a black leather studded jacket decorated with patches. His long shoulder lenght jet black hair falling perfectly around his face. Thin pink lips, I wonder if they feel as soft as they look? 'Whoa Frank, you berely saw the guy & you've already got the hots for him?' I tought to my self, cheeks glowing pink.

He smircked.

He was breath-taking. He was a god. A sex god.

"Um, sssurplluy...I mean, hi." I stuttered. My cheeks' redness grow bigger, and so did his smirk. He knew he was making me nervous and he was enjoying it, I could tell by the way he kept trying to make eyecontact.

"My names Gerard. You are?" He asked me, smirk not fading.

Gerard? I liked it. It fit him.

"F-Frank." I said shyly and once again meeting his eyes.

Oh my, those eyes. I could see a whole other universe through them, they where from another world. They probably where.

Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder bringing me back to reality. My whole body tensed up at his touch, but at the same time it was oddly relaxing.

"Hu?" I say stupidly.

"I asked if I can could see your schudule?" He asked me. Smirk fading slowly and turning into a worried frown.

"Uh...schedule?" I asked him confused.

"Yhea. Your time table." He answered.

I facepalmed my self and handed him the paper in my hands. Schedule, time table of course. I was indeed stupid.

He looked trough it intensly. Why did he had so much interest in my schedule? I berely met the guy. Oh well, I'm sure he was just trying to be friendly.

"Great! You have all your classes with me..." he said cheerfuly. "..well except for English and P.E.." Looking a little upset he gave me my time table back. I smiled politely and took it.

Gerard went back to drawing. He put the hair strands on his face behind his ear. He had a concentrated look on his face. He looked so damn hot right now.

What if I just tackled him to the floor and kissed him? How would he react? Would he kiss me back? Probably not, plus, I berely know the guy, and I doubt someone like him could be gay. Every girl must be head over heels for him.

But now that I think about it, people seemed to avoid him. No one dared take a glance at him, much less speak a word to him. Odd. He seems like a likeable guy. Maybe he isn't athletic or dresses like the other guys around here, but he was definately handsome.

Unlike me.

With my skinny frame and short height I looked like a twelve year old. Sitting next to him I felt like a shitbag. I was quite pathetic. Maybe that's why I was bullied back in LA. Why did I even think I would have the courage to stand up for myself here. I shouldn't of gotten my hopes up.

I got brought back from my toughts by a tingling sensation, a sensation that told me I was being watched. I turned to Gerard. Yup I was right. He was staring at me. Eyeing me up and down, I felt like if I was being inspected.

The bell rang and a little startled he broke his gaze.

"C'mon." He said signalating the door. " As I said before we have all our classes together except for English and P.E. which are your last two classes."

I nodded and followed him out the door.

"Do you mind if I stop at the bathroom?" He asked me.

"No, no, go ahead, I'll wait for you here." I answered him.

He made his way inside and I leaned against the wall crossing my arms over my chest. Maybe if I acted a little tough no one would dare bother me.

"Hey you! Frank right?" I heard someone call.

I turned to face the girly voice that had just spoken and saw a girl. She had shaggy black, red, purple, white and blue colored hair. She was wearing a Green Day tee on top of a black long sleeve shirt, grey skinnies, red and black converse, and I mean one of each, and these cool elbow length fingerless lace-up gloves.'Awesome' I tought.

Eventhough I wasn't attracted to girls I have to admitt she was really preetty. That got me thinking; why was she talking to ME?

"Yhea?" I answered unsure.

"I saw you talking to the nut case." She said chewing on her gum. Nut case?

"What?" I asked her looking quite confused.

"Yhea, Gerard Way, you know, the vampire-looking guy you sat next to." Oh I tought stupidly.

How does she know? Oh now I remember, she was in my home room. In the very far corner talking to some other girl. She was one of the people staring at me. But why would she say that Gerard is nut case?

"Yhea I know who your talking 'bout, what about it?" I asked her. Listening intently on what she was about to say.

"Gerard is crazy. He's a nut case. Get away from him before you find out by yourself." She told me sternly.

What the fuck did she just say? Gerard is crazy?

"Gerard is not crazy, he doesn't seem like it. And even if he was he wouldn't he be locked up ?" I argued feeling a little defensive. I had the chance of making a friend, and maybe just maybe something more than friends.

"I'm telling you he is! You know what don't believe me dude. I'm just telling you this for your own sake. Be careful....Gerard is psycho."

She told me turning around to leave. I stood there staring at the blank spot the girl which I still didn't know her name, was standing at seconds ago.

'Gerard? Psycho?' I tought. Yhea, he was a little odd. But psycho?

"Hey sugar." I heard someone purr in my ear.

Hey:) hope you liked it. Yhea as you may of guessed one of your characters already came out which was Layla Price. Don't worry the other characters will be introduced in the next two chapters! xxo, Michael
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