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You Taught Me How To Love (oneshot)

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This is a sad Frerard oneshot that I'd like ya to read. You no like Frerard, you no read. Please read? :)

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Hi, . . .this is Allie again. I'm writing another sad oneshot because I know you guys like depressing things. Just kidding. I got the idea after a Helena video someone made on YouTube. It'd be a jolly good time for me if you'd review or rate! This is my second time at writing something on Ficwad, so if you ladies and gents would be kind enough to not be hatin' that would be nice. On a brighter side, I'm having cheese and apples for dinner. Delish.

Sorry ta keep ya all waitin', here 'tis. :3

Do you remember the day I first met you? It was late at night and we were on the subway. You looked so happy, as if taking a ride to somewhere magical. And me. . .I was running away from another abusive boyfriend. Another horrible memory to add to my thoughts. I was bruised, scared. Most of all alone. But you sat next to me, looked me straight in the eyes, and asked me if I was okay. Your hazel eyes were so beautiful. You were kind, something I didn't know much about. When I broke down in tears I expected you to pull away knowing I was a charity case waiting to happen. You put your arm around me and told me I was safe now. You took me home to your apartment and introduced me to your brother, ignoring his questioning eyes to why there was a random boy in his house at 12:00 a.m. You told me I could sleep in your room, and as you said good night you told me I could stay if I wanted. I said yes.

Months passed by and we grew closer and closer. You waited to ask me out because you knew I was still broken and trying to heal. It was Spring now and we were walking to the ocean, not far from 'our' house. We stood out from under the bright stars that made everything glow. And we stayed there listening to the soft whispers the waves made. It was like music, and you asked me to dance. When it started to rain lightly you held me in your arms and said you loved me. I, as flustered as I was didn't say anything. When we first met

And I must stop for now, because it is time for me to catch some sleep. But I will continue, no?

Are you enjoying it so far?
xo Allie
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