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The Ghost Of you

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While returning home one dismal rainy night from a party, Gerard picks up a strange passenger. Frerard oneshot based on Phantom Hitch Hiker.

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The smoke filled, dismal grey sky that stretched depressingly above the New Jersey rooftops was a sorry sight indeed. Menacing, dark storm clouds heavy with icy rain loomed threateningly overhead, replacing the bright weak autumn sunshine that had been welcomed by everyone. A tall slim figure, dressed entirely in black; black knee high boots, baggy jeans and a tight fitting dress shirt sauntered out of the prison like building, alongside a more cheerfully dressed teen.
“Gee are you going to that party at Lyn-z`s tonight?” the nerdy looking, light brown haired boy questions his elder brother, barely able to contain his excitement.
“No.” Gerard states blankly, turning away miserably as the two boys near his dirty, beat up looking Trans Am. He unlocks it with ease and slides inside the warm, cluttered car casually.
“Oh, c`mon Gee!” Mikey whines disappointedly as he flails his long skinny arms around dramatically. “It`ll be no fun without you. And Ray said that there`s gonna be a live band and everything!” the youngest boy gushes, hoping that the mentioning of live music would at least capture the gothic looking boy`s attention, if only momentarily.
Gerard says nothing in reply, his answer obvious as he sits in a gloomy silence, the screeching of guitars and emotional lyrics blasting out of the car`s stereo system the only sound in the otherwise silent, untidy car. After adjusting his raven blank tangle of hair in the mirror, the eldest Way brother puts the car into drive, and pulls away from the cracked kerb.
He drives calmly at first, letting his ever so slightly twisted mind wander as he pays just enough attention to the nearly empty roads. Usually the roads would be mobbed after school ended, but the two boys were nearly a whole hour late leaving the evil building, after both of them had received detention from the sadist gym teacher after he had caught them smoking. Icy drops of murky rain had begun to fall heavily from the glowering sky up above. After the week without any rainfall at all, the roads were dry and dusty, the sudden amount of water on them causing them to become slippery and in some places even dangerous.
“Cemetery Drive, Mikes.” Gerard forces out a smile as they turn down into the long, winding road. “We`re nearly home now.” He feels a sharp twinge of something strange in his toned, pale stomach as they pass the time worn, shabby looking memorial. A handful of once soft, brightly coloured teddies were sat by it, staring up at passersby with emotionless glass eyes glumly, their fur matted and muddy. One or two rain soaked bouquets of wilting flowers sat amongst the depressing stone cross.
Many years ago a young boy named Frank Iero had died along this very stretch of road. He had been walking home from school, the same one Gerard and Mikey attended now, when he had been hit by an out of control car. He was killed outright.
Gerard always got chills whenever we walked or drove past that crumbling stone cross, horrible violent shivers that chilled him right down to the very bone. It wasn`t that the young, music living boy feared death, in fact he was fascinated by the concept, but there was just something about that stretch of road that gave the ebony haired, vampire pale boy the creeps.

The noise was deafening, the brightly coloured flashing light blinding. Everyone was either off their face, or getting that way. everywhere you looked there were happy, vomit stained couples making out with each other, tongues being forced down the other`s throat in a disgusting way. Mikey had wandered off somewhere with some random girl, leaving his unwilling brother on his own, sulking moodily in a dark corner of the room. Once or twice a girl would begin to edge cautiously closer to the music obsessed, morbid teen, but seeing his heavily made up eyes narrow in warning, they would quickly think better of it and leave Gerard alone.
He preferred it that way, being on his own, nobody could hurt you that way. and you wouldn`t hurt anyone. There was no one to let down or to disappoint, no one to drag down with you. it got lonely at times, but whenever it did, Gerard would just turn to his beloved sketch book or IPod, a welcome relief from the cold, harsh reality he lived in.
Gerard loved life, don`t let his dark, moody exterior fool you, for inside there was a loving, good soul who was searching for the answers, secretly longing to let someone in. But someone never came. Never.
Hours pass in one big blur of noise and puke. Eventually around midnight, Gerard couldn`t take the party he had been unwillingly forced into attending any longer and told Mikey, who was too busy shoving his tongue down some black haired girl`s throat to notice, that he was heading home. he had already told him not to bother waiting for him; he was going to get a lift back with Ray.
Stepping outside of the warmth, Gerard shivers violently and pulls his leather jacket tighter around him, thankful that he had his car and wouldn`t have to walk home in the poring, icy rain.
He climbs in and turns on the radio, switching onto his favourite station. He is about to drive off when a shadowy figure, dressed in strange clothing knocks sharply at the fogged over window.
His little black heart stops, then realizing that it was only another kid, most likely just having escaped from the hellish party too, be begins to relax again.
The dark figure makes a wild gesture with one tattooed hand for Gerard to roll down the window.
“Hey.” The stranger, another boy, smiles warmly if not slightly lopsided, showing of a perfect set of snowy teeth. “I was just wondering if you could give us a lift home? My car just died on my and its freeing out here.” the black and red haired teen asks hopefully, shuffling his boot clad feet awkwardly. He was pretty good looking, Gerard thinks to himself, taking in the messy, yet perfectly styled dyed hair, the punkish looking clothing and the heavily outlined gleaming chocolate eyes.
Sympathising with this gorgeous stranger, Gerard nods and unlocks the passenger side door, allowing the mysterious boy to get in the car. Strange, but Gerard couldn`t recalls seeing this boy inside, and he was almost certain he would have seen or heard someone else outside. Oh well, he pushes the confused thought to the back of his mind and drives off.
“So erm where do you live?”
“Just down Cemetery Drive, you know it?” Gerard nods, wondering why the inside of the car had suddenly just become colder. He turns the heater up, but it makes very little difference.
“Yeah, I know it.” he shivers, partly from the odd chill in the car and from the stranger’s intense yet almost sorrowful stare.
“So you like the Misfits?” the punkish looking boy asks, as the familiar song comes to an end.
“Yeah, who doesn`t?”
The other boy smiles coyly. “My parents hated them and said tat I shouldn’t listen to such awful noise. I always just told them to fuck off.” Gerard wonders briefly why his unplanned passenger had referred to his parents in the past tense, but didn`t think to ask.
“So what number do you live at?”
“Number thirteen, Gorgeous.” He smiles flirtatiously and winks cheekily, causing Gerard`s heart to flutter oddly within his pale chest. Was this mysterious boy flirting with him? Well two could play at that game.
“Yeah?” he asks, “Well I live just down the road.” He smirks, “You could stay there the night.”
The lip ringed, short boy giggles girlishly, leaning closer to the ebony haired driver so that when he spoke his hot breath tickled Gerard`s pale skin, leaving Goosebumps that had nothing to do with the icy temperature.
“I`d love to.” Gerard`s stomach flips and his little black heart begins to beat painfully fast inside of his chest.
Without even thinking he pulls the car to a stop outside of a random house and unbuckles his constricting seat belt, adrenaline buzzing in his veins. “Yeah?” he questions the smaller, slightly younger boy, leaning in dangerously close, their lips mere millimetres apart.
“Yeah.” The other echo’s before pulling away from the almost kiss reluctantly, sighing softy. “But I can`t.”
“Oh,” the raven hair teen mumbles the low sinking feeling of rejection sinking in as he stares down at his converse clad feet awkwardly, his eyes stinging with hot tears he would not let fall.
“Can I at least know your na-" he looks up but the leather seat next to him was empty and cold as ice, despite there having been a person sitting there no less than ten little seconds ago.
Gerard stumbles out of the car, scanning the dimly lit street for any sign of the other teen, despite not having heard the passenger side door open for him to leave.
“Erm…are you there?” he calls out into the dark, starlit road, but receives no answer from the empty road.
Frowning and feeling extremely confused Gerard collapses back into his seat and re-buckles his seat belt sighing.
He once again glances at the now mysteriously empty passenger seat, only to find it was no longer empty.
A shiver goes up his spine as he takes in the small ratty, time ruined teddy bear sat lopsidedly on the leather chair and the single dying red rose.
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