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Prompts Are Now Up!!

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For the Prompt Challenge ya'll signed up for

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, when your review this, go on the account ficlet_fairies so it would remain anonymous. Then send me an email to telling me your username and the number of the prompt you picked. The review needs to include: The prompt NUMBER and the story rating: G,PG,PG-12,R, or NC-17, *ORIGINAL CHARACTER PAIRINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED*

Prompt #26 and after 35 are not mine

1-Ice cream parlor (Frank/Gerard)
2-Rainy, boring day (Mikey/Gerard)
3-Gerard Way waked up the king of Persia (Frank/Gerard)
4-Public Sex (Pete/Mikey)
5-Bake Sale (Ray/Gerard)
6-Scene Queen (Frank/Gerard)
7-Shipwrecked (Ray/Mikey)
8-Alien Abduction (Mikey/Alicia)
9-Ouija Board Fun (Mikey/Bob)
10-Frank is hopelessly pinning after Gerard but her's already in a relationship (Frank/Gerard)
11-Starbucks AU (Bob/Ray)
12-Bob breaks Frank's camera (Bob/Frank)
13-Gerard is a hermit looking vampire that's awkward as fuck (Frank/Gerard)
14-Kissing Booth (Frank/Mikey)
15-Gerard is a man-whore and Frank's fed up! (Frank/Gerard)
16-Truth or Dare (Brian/Frank)
17- MCR goes horse back riding! (Pairing of your choice)
18-Drifting Apart (Brendon Urie/Frank)
19-Campfire Stories (Gerard/Frank)
20- Gerard is Frankie's therapist (Gerard/Frank)
21-Crossdressing (Pete/Mikey)
22-Gerard is an asshole who hurt Frank's feelings (Gerard/Frank)
23-New School (Jamia/Frank)
24-New Hairdo (Ray/Mikey)
26-Jealousy (Frank/Gerard)
27-Swimming in the ocean (Frank/Gerard)
28-Killjoys AU (Ray/Mikey)
29-Frank is homeless (Gerard/Frank)
30-Mikey sees a unicorn (Alicia/Mikey)
31-The MCR boys hang out with A7x (Frank/Zacky V)
32-Mikey breaks his glasses (Gerard/Mikey)
33-60 seconds till the bar opens (Gerard/Frank)
34-Gerard Way is a history teacher (Gerard/Frank)
35-Murder (Frank/Gerard)
36-Teddy bears (Mikey/Gerard)
37-Baking (Mikey/Gerard)
38-A frerard with scooby doo
39-A frikey with man purses
40-A Frerard with lawn mowers
41-A Frerard in which "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" is sung
42-A Frerard with body pillows
43-A Frerard at the Asian store
44-A Frerard about prohibition
45-A Frerard in a rainforest
46-A Frerard involving attacking muffins
47-A frikey with day cares and small chilluns
48-Easter Frerard
49-(From Franks twitter)
Cherry pointed at a picture of Indiana Jones &said DaDa. Either im extremely flattered or @jamiasan &Harrison Ford have some explainin to do (Frank/Jamia)
50- Gerard is ready to jump off a cliff when Frank dies, but something stops him. (Frank/Gerard)
51-Mikey loves Frank (his boyfriend), but he loves his boyfriend more. Now he must chose between what is right and what his heart wants. (Frank/Mikey)
52-Frank is in love, but its not with who you might think. (Frank/Bob)
53-Gerard is in the hospital after a almost fatal overdose, and must now deal with his fellow band mates. (Gerard/Brian)
54-Frank has cancer, and has to figure out how to break the news. (Frank/Gerard

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