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Panic! at the Gattaca

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Gattaca/Panic! fic its Ryan Ross and Jerome XP

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I wake up at 6.30am as usual to get Vincent’s samples ready for today. I remember the days of him getting ready for the job; the days of pain when he had his legs lengthened were absolutely terrible for me - I couldn’t stand seeing him in so much pain - the new contacts, and all the cleaning he has to do constantly to make sure he doesn’t leave a single hair behind because it could blow our whole secret.
I roll out of my room towards the table I have set up with all the equipment. I sit at the table, syringe in hand. I still can’t stand the thing. It terrifies me. I wince as I stick the end into my arm, pulling a face as it pierces my skin. Once the syringe is full, I pull it out, relieved that it’s over. I start on the skin and hair samples for him, hissing as I pull a piece of hair out. Lying to him every day about what I was up to was killing me. I can’t stand it anymore.
My thoughts are interrupted when Vincent bounds into the room, a smile playing at his lips.
“Morning Jerome!” He grins down at me. Ugh, I can’t stand how bright he is all the time. It really can’t be natural to always be that happy!
“Morning Vincent,” I reply dully. I really am not in the mood for him today. The only person I wanted to see was Ryan. He skips over to his breakfast happily. I feel so guilty all the time - even when I’m with Vincent I can’t stop thinking about Ryan.
I wheel myself over and pat him on the back apologetically. I flash back to when I had jumped in front of that car all those years ago. I’m secretly glad I did now. Without it, I would never have met Vincent. Or Ryan.
“Oh! Time for work! Bye love!” Vincent says, with a bright smile. He grabs what he needs and races up the stairs.
“Bye!” I yell after him, but I doubt he heard as he runs out the door.
I sigh, running my fingers through my hair then continuing back to my little table.
Once I had made sure he was gone, I wheel myself out the door. The sunlight hits my face and I relax a little. It feels so nice to be out in the fresh air. I take a deep breath and continue on my mission.
I make my way down the street to my destination. And there it stands in front of me: “Après La Vie”. The only all-male dance club; also where all my trouble and guilt started. I’ve been here every day for the past three weeks. This is the place where I had met Ryan. There is something about him. He stands out; he didn’t belong here. My eyes followed him all that day, as he danced up against random men.
As I wheel into the club my senses are attacked by the smell of smoke, sweat and alcohol, the loud music pumping and the bright lights flashing. I glance around me as I push through to the bar, ordering myself a drink as I wait for Ryan.
I observe the dancers, not really interested in any of them. I feel hot breath on my neck before I feel his lips trail down my neck. A shiver runs down my spine as I turn around and smile up at him. He looks down at me with his warm, honey coloured eyes. His hair is perfectly styled into a faux hawk and he’s wearing his usual tight black skinny jeans and a button down white shirt with a plain black vest. He looks perfect as usual, but still out of place at the night club.
He grins down at me before pushing me out into the street, confusion spreading over my face. I look up to him with a questioning look on my face. He smiles down at me knowingly.
“Ryan, what are we doing?” I ask, confused.
“Secret!” He chuckles, making me think he’s up to no good.
Once he stops I realise where we are. He’s taking me to the cinema that’s just around the corner from my house. He grins and runs in to get tickets with a spark in his eye. Typical Ryan. I roll my eyes.
We soon come out of the cinema after watching some Sci-Fi movie Ryan insisted we watch. I look down at my watch, realising what time it is. I have to get home before Vincent does.
“Shit! I have to go Ryan! I’ll, umm, see you tomorrow?” I explain hurriedly.
“Yeah, sure!” he yells after me when I’m halfway down the street.
I rush into the house, determined to be the first one home.
“Vincent?!” I yell into the house. No answer. YAY! I rejoice inside my head. I had bet him home.
Later at night I am laying in bed. Vincent hadn’t even noticed how jumpy and nervous I was around him. I have a heavy feeling in my stomach. I get it every night since I met Ryan. I feel so guilty, I’m a terrible person, when Vincent and Ryan are nothing but perfect. This has been my daily life for the last month, and I’m slowly killing myself inside.
Word Count: 900

Reviews would be loved since im like a sucky writter and needdddd heeellllpppsss :D
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