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Look Alive, Sunshine

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Killjoys:3Toxic Teaparty and the rest of the fabulous killjoys have a rescue mission and invade BLI:D

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So imma break this into 2 or 3 parts:) R&R :) Love you all!! by the way more Yesterday to come!!
Murderous Music
It started in 2015. That was when Better Living Industries dropped the first bomb and the helium wars began. Only it wasn’t much of a war. Better Living Industries, known to the rebels or Killjoys as BLI, was in war against none. Americans blamed the Russians and Muslims and they in turn blamed us. The countries lost connection and the war started. When the bombs stopped in 2017, the earth was a desert. Only cities like Battery City the simple luxurious. People who survived gave in and moved into the city. I say gave in because there was a catch. If you lived there, you had to take pills that turned you into government, BLI, zombies so to speak. You did what they said, acted how they wanted, looked how they thought you should. It was like you were a doll. The worst part was that the pill erased your memories that may make you anything but happy and you were no longer yourself. It is your worst memories, after all, that shape you. That's where me, Toxic Tea Party, or Pip, come in.

In the beginning, I was more than happy to give in. My parents always told me of the wonders that lie in the city and I was so excited to know that that's where we were going. At least two days before we were supposed to leave, I went for a walk. Thank goodness I did or else I wouldn’t have met the one person who brought me back to the real world. Neon Rush. We don’t remember her real name but we know we were friends. As I walked through the desert that day, my petty little pink flats barley making a mark on the yellow sand I saw a girl ahead of me. She was clutching her shoulder so I knew she was hurt. I ran straight to her but stopped short. She had bright neon, green hair and nails to match. Her closed eyes were surrounded by a mask, splattered with all the neon colors known to man. Her jacket was a bright pink and had an embroidered sign that was a grenade shaped like a heart with wings on her chest. Underneath she wore a shirt for something called The Misfits. Her pants were a light blue and she wore black boots. I moved no closer to her because I could tell she was a Killjoy and I’d heard all about the dangers they imposed. We learned in school how they would kill us without a second thought which was why we had dracs who would kill them. I never said it but I always thought there was something weird about that since the helium wars were supposed to make the world perfect.

“Ouch!” She cried, her voice startling me. That’s when I noticed her shoulder was bleeding. She must have been shot by a drac, I decided. I didn’t know whether or not to help her. She was a Killjoy and supposedly evil, but she didn’t deserve to die. I slowly crept over to her. I pulled out the tiny first aid kit we were supposed keep on us in case we ever saw a wounded drac and grabbed the stitches, gauze, and germ killer spray.

“Come here and let me fix that.” I said gently. In response, the girl fainted. I stifled a gasp-giggle and ran to her. I fixed her wound and gave her a sip of water. Slowly her eyelids lifted, revealing bright green eyes that were, at the moment, filled with pain. After a second, she finally gathered awareness of her surroundings.

“You helped a Killjoy.” She pointed out shocked. Something about her bright green eyes and her voice was like angels, only harder. Then something came to me. An image of two girls, about 15, in purple jeans and black tank tops. They were in a grassy field. One with her bright green eyes and the other with the eyes that made her forever shunned by her peers and government. And that girl was me and those eyes were the stupid fire orange eyes I’d been born with.

“I know you!” I gasped. She laughed a bit and nodded.

“And I know you, I mean how couldn’t I? With those eyes it was only a matter of time before you joined us.” I paused for a moment, feeling tears well up in my eyes. That was when I first met Neon Rush, well at least that I remember. But that was almost a year ago. Back in 2017 when I was 17. That was also when I became an official Killjoy. I knew I didn’t want to go with my family the second Neon told me what the pills did. And I’m glad I did or else I wouldn’t here, with Fun Ghoul and Dr. Death and Party Poison and the rest of the crew.

“Hey Hon.” Speak of the devil I thought smiling.

“Hey Ghoul, what’s up?”I turned around in time to see his face coming towards mine. I ducked and giggled as he kissed my forehead.

“Hey! That wasn’t nice!” He pouted. I laughed and grabbed my coffee.

“Any news?” Normally in the morning at least one Killjoy kidnapping is reported.

“For once, no.” He said, relieved. Then his face turned from relief to mischief.

“Wha-?” I start before practically falling on the ground laughing.

“Party! Party stop!!” I begged through my laughter. I didn’t need to see his face to know it was him. I could tell by his callused hands and car oil fingertips.

“Never!” He proclaimed, his bright, cherry red hair covering his face. Finally, after about 2 minutes, he let me get up.

“Owww now my abs hurt!” I moaned and glared at him.

“If looks could kill, I’d be dead and so what? You were getting a bit of flub.”He teased, poking my stomach through my old, worn, dusty Misfits cut-off top.

“Hey! Hush up about my giiirrll!” Growled Ghoul, holding out the girl longer than normal. “She is perfect!” He smiled proudly.

“Jeesh, you guys make me sick.”Said a passing Neon Rush. “By the by Toxic, we need to talk. About our, uh, plan.” Neon has never felt comfortable discussing our business in front of the guys. Even now, when she knew that marriage may lay ahead for Ghoul and I. It was sad because Kobra Kid, Party’s little brother, liked her a lot. I followed her out of the room. We went into her room which was furthest down the hallway. I looked in the mirror she kept on the far side of her room. My face had dust and dirt smeared all over it, my long, rainbow hair was as oily as possible. My short, round nose with the smatter of freckles had a large, round scar on the side from my nose piercing being torn out by a drac in a brief scuffle and my right eyebrow had a line through it from the time I endured a knife to the face. Another scuffle with a drac, of course. My fire orange eyes seemed brighter than before and contrasted my olive skin in an odd way.

“Excuse me, I mean, I don’t want to interrupt your gazing at yourself session, narcissus but I do want to talk.” Said Neon in her harsh, sarcastic tone she only used when she was upset about something.

“Is something up? I asked her.

“Yes! Yes there is! Ghoul was lying when he said there was no kidnapping. There was one. Her name is Teenage Misery.” Instantly, things clicked for me. Misery was my friend, Acid Sunshine’s twin. We were close with the two but they needed to go on their own way. Unfortunately, that seemed to lead them straight to dracs.

“Is Acid ok?”I was freaking out. This was terrible, if they got Misery, then we will have to go in or they will kill her.

“Upset, but fine. She’s on her way here. But I think we need to go get her.”

“Go get who?” I asked, knowing the answer but praying I didn’t.

“Misery.”The bomb was dropped and the decision made. That was the thing about Neon. Once she had an idea, she had to go through with it.

“Can the guys help?” I hoped she’d say yes, but wasn’t sure she would. She stared at me for a moment, thinking it over.

“Fine. But if they do anything to make me not trust them, they’re leaving us and we aren’t coming back.”She was harsh but she had her reasons. Our last group we ran with seemed to be the truest group ever. They were all traitors. She has her scars to prove it, we both do.

“Tea Party! Come here!” Dr. Death Defying called from his radio room.
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