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Chapter 2

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God I loved running.

Even when it was after water I saw in the desert when I could be heading home and getting clean water there…

Shut up mind.

I just felt weightless when I ran. And I run a lot. It’s normal to hear about me running in some way, shape, or form. I always run. So why not like it? Besides, I could always gain speed. Kick up more dust, watch the clouds go by faster… God, I loved running.

But right now, I wanted that water. I was thirsty, and that water would be much appreciated. I also had a huge ass bag of beloved… That I stole. Not the first time. I’m not an addict but I do use a lot of it a lot… Ehh… Call me an addict, call me what you will.

I felt the ground begin to tumble, and I stopped running, sliding to a hault. No. No no. I do not like this. I sat down and held my head, barely rocking back and forth. I wanted the shaky shake to stop… I heard the pitter patter of something. Sounded like rain. I looked up to the sky and held a hand out, testing for water against the clear blue sky. Nothing. Damn. It was still pittering though… Well, more of thumping now. Whatever it was, it was growing louder by the second. And then I fell forward.

Now normally when I fall forward, it’s sudden. Not this time. Oh no. This time was in slow motion, so I saw everyone. Something hit me in the back, it felt like a pair of arms, and I began my slow descent for the ground. My arms, as they were out in front of me, went out to block me. My hair began whipping away from my face as my scarf grew close against my mouth and nose. The breath was taken out of my lungs, and I was left gasping as I went down. I couldn’t do anything now. I heard a blood curdling crack as my arm connected with the ground, then my torso fell forward and I slammed my nose and forehead against the dusty packed ground. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t like this.

Once I got my breath back, I used it like it was something my life depended on. Which, it is, but normally it’s not. I began panting, and almost sighed when I felt the blood coming from my nose. Or, it felt like it was coming from my nose. All I know is that I smelled so much blood, and the ground before me was growing red… I fell a sharp pain in my arm when I tried to push myself back up, and I screamed. It hurt. A lot. I hadn’t had pain like this in forever, and even then it wasn’t something I was accustomed to. My nose began throbbing, and I began seeing blood. I probably looked like a bloody mess. I looked at the owner of the arm now on my lower back, and I saw it was the red haired man. He looked almost content with his arm around me. Sick fuck. I stood up, trying not to scream from the pain again, and started kicking the man. Hard. As hard as I could manage. He made my arm hurt. He made me see blood. And it all sucked. So I began kicking him harder.

I didn’t feel the pair of arms go around my waist. All I knew is that I was being pulled away from the man on the ground quickly. The world was flying and spinning and making me so sick, and being lifted did nothing to help that. But I refused to puke. I was not a puker. I did not like puke. It’s gross. So very gross. The red haired man stood up as I tried catching my breath again, his neck cracking and his shoulder popping back into place. He didn’t look like he had broken anything. I had. And it all hurt like hell.

He ran a hand through his hair and looked at me as I began thrashing again. He walked up to me and touched my arm, the broken one. I screamed. My veins felt like ice as my screams crescendoed when he began twisting my arm. I couldn’t feel anything but the pain. And I wanted to die so much. It hurt, so much… I heard another sickening crack, and I screamed, more out of shock than pain. The pain was actually a lot less worse than before. Now it was just a sharp yet dull throb. I felt duct tape on my ankles, and I looked down to see the skinnier of the blonds wrapping my ankles up. My wrists were then bound. I couldn’t move. This was lovely.

I was then hefted up and walked back to the road, where a car was waiting, door open. Was that the Pontiac I saw earlier? It can’t be… It had to have been a different car. Was it? I couldn’t tell. I was still seeing blood. The two people carrying me set me down in the back seat and climbed in, on either side of me. Three people sat in the front, one on top of the other in the passenger’s seat. Killed me to see that. I never liked sharing car seats with people… The red haired man started the engine, and we were off.

“You need to learn to control your anger, Rage,” I heard someone say to my left, and I turned to see the stocky blond man spiking his hair up while he looked out the window. “It does you no good.”

I huffed and glared at the man. I hoped I looked intimidating, I mean, I felt the blood running down my face. “Fuck. You,” I said quietly, grinding my teeth in the process. “I do not need shit right fucking now.” I turned back to the front once the blond man waved his hand in dismissal to my face. Why wasn’t I carrying my gun… I could be out of this. I could be out and with the baggie of goodies right about now.

I heard a chuckled from the driver seat. The red haired one. He turned around and grinned at me quickly, which I noticed the weight pressing against my sides disappeared slightly. “He’s right, you know. You have a temper that you need to control. It might help in fights, but in times like this is doesn’t help at all. It might fuck you up even more.” He turned back around and sped the car up a little, the roar growing louder.

I felt my eyes go wide. The fuck? ‘In times like this?” Oh my god, I’m dead. I’m so dead.

“We’re not going to kill you, if that helps,” I saw the short man sitting on the other blond in the front seat say. “You’d just be useful to us.” He smiled at me once he saw I still didn’t move aside from look at him. “Come on, you can’t really be scared of this one.” The man nudged the red head. “He’s perfectly harmless.”

I felt myself grow less tense once I heard that statement. I wasn’t going to die at the hand of this bunch. That was good. I didn’t want to die by abductors.

After a while, we passed a cactus. Not just any cactus… I narrowed my eyes and stared at the cactus. That was my cactus. One single trunk. I loved that cactus to death. I think I hugged it one time too, as a dare from another drifter. I know it was mine, too, because it had my knife, my Ricky, in there, at the base. Almost as a marker of how much it had grown in the time I’ve been in this location. Right now, it was a few feet off the ground. Soon, that’d knife would be in my gear all the time. I needed that knife. Hell, I could use it now.

I raised an eyebrow when the car turned by the cactus, going to my house. “Uhh… Guys, why do you know where I sleep at night?” I asked, staring out the windshield. Sure enough, my tree was there, with two other people sitting outside. Fuckin’ great. A house party.

The car stopped, and I saw the two people were a man in a wheel chair, Dr. Death Defying, and another killjoy I have never seen before. At least that’s what I think they were. They certainly blended in with the environment. Aside from their weapon. Their weapon was bright yellow with black stripes. The red head turned off the car and got out first, clenching his fists. “Everyone, out,” he said, almost growling at us. “Now.” A chorus of ‘fine’s rang through the car, and I was lifted out of the backseat, through the t-top, and carried to the spot before Doc. The duct tape was removed as the red haired man began talking to Doc.
“Good to see ya, Poison,” Doc said to the red haired guy, smiling and patting his shoulder, despite being in the wheel chair. The red haired man, Poison apparently, grew tense. Huh. There was something I didn’t know. Doc wasn’t chummy with everyone.

Poison unclenched his jaw and folded his arms. “There’s been better days, D. This one,” he motioned to me and my arm rubbing self, “has not been what you said she would be like. Is she always this insane, or is there some drug she’s on that’s making her this way?”

I smiled sarcastically. Doctor, you haven’t heard the half of it. These ass holes snatched my ass while I wa—“

“Violet, as much as I know you’re in pain, and probably how angry you are, these guys need you. They need you, and Valium’s here for training,” Doc said, cutting me off, motioning to the other person that was waiting at my tree. Well, if I ever do get to liking these guys, I won’t have to worry about looks. This girl looked like dirt. She blended in. Really well. I mean it. And she had a flat chest, and a roundish face. But one thing that scared the fuck out of me were her eyes. Her eyes were large, and brown. Very brown. They looked black. That didn’t work well with the whole blend-in-with-the-dirt look she had going.

“Hey,” she grunted. Or maybe it was a he. It sounded like one. It… Wow. I must have really bad judgment right now. I needed to come down already.

“You won’t try to kill anybody, will you, Violet?” Doc turned his wheel chair to look at me better and raised an eyebrow. “You can’t.”

I felt myself tense at those words. ‘You can’t,’ were not words I liked. I did what I wanted to. There was no can’t about it. I muttered a ‘fine’ and walked into my tree, grinding my teeth. I loved my tree. I forget where I got it, but this big metal structure with the tarp covering it really worked for me. It wasn’t much, but hey, this is what I called home. I went in the opening and started grabbing vital items, like my keys gun, and batteries. Batteries were vital. My other stuff was in the truck. My good stuff. I went to grab my knapsack but it wasn’t in its normal place. Huh. Must be by my bed. I turned around to go to my bed and I ran broken nose first into a chest. Red hair helped nothing. I growled and grabbed my nose, scowling. “Move it, pretty boy,” I said, glaring up at Poison. “Don’t wanna fuck you up in here. Too much blood to cover up.”

“Listen to me,” he said. I dropped my hand and shifted my weight so I was leaning heavily on my right, my arms at my hips, eyes daring him to keep talking. I hated guys like him. The severe ass holes that always needed to get your attention then fuck your nose up. Reminded me of my… past…

I gasped. No. This isn’t him. No. Tim’s gone. So is Gerard. I left them in Texas, long ago. They’re gone, in the past… I looked at Poison’s face harder, and my eyes went wider. It was him. Gerard Way. The best friend of the ass hole ex Tim Baxton. Fuck. I left that behind, long ago. I got out of it… I felt my mouth begin to curve down.

“Hey, you remember,” Poison murmured at me, taking a step towards me. I shook my head and turned back around, planting my hands on the table and breathing heavy to calm myself down. I… No. I didn’t want this to happen. I got out of it long ago. And I am never going back to that time. That will be a blank spot in my memory.

“Go away. I don’t remember you,” I lied through my teeth, trying to sound stern but breaking. My voice cracked. My eyes grew hot. My throat got tight. All the anger and sadness and emotion I had bottled up from that time so long ago had disappeared, and here it was not, threatening to spill over the sides of its jar.

“You know who I am, Violet. You remember me,” he said, pulling me into a hug. He… Party Poison even smelled like the past. I sniffled and shut my eyes, shaking my head again and muttering ‘no’ as a tear escaped its lidded prison. “Hey, don’t cry. You’ll get my jacket wet,” Party chuckled half-heartedly, but I still wiped my eyes furiously and tried to back away from him.

I gave up, sighed, and looked at Party. “Why do you need me?” I said, swallowing hard. “I don’t need anyone, and no one needs, so why you? Why not someone else, Gerard…” I looked down again, biting the inside of my cheek, a nervous habit of mine. I seemed to be coming down. Emotional, nervous… I’ll probably start getting shaky soon. Fun.

Something tugged my chin up, and warm hazels stared into my cold greens. We just stood there while he looked into my eyes, and then he looked away. I knew what he was doing. He was searching for something, something long lost. “I needed you because you’re the best fighter I know, even from everyone I’ve met after all this time. You’d always kick ass during those lessons, Violet. You could help us.”

I looked back down at where we were connected, my shirt dusty from rubbing against his jacket. I couldn’t stay here. Not now that they knew where I slept. I sighed and backed out of the hug, successful this time. I walked around Party and grabbed my backpack, stuffing all the food and water and supplies I could into it.

He knew what I was doing, though. He didn’t say anything but I felt him behind me, and my not broken wrist was held quietly. I didn’t trust myself to look at it, so I didn’t. I just stopped packing for a moment. My wrist turned over, and I glanced down at it. Well, I stared. I had forgotten about those little guys sitting there. A finger traced the lines littering my forearm, something that happened one drunk night a while after I hit the Zones. I heard a sigh, and I lowered my gaze down to the backpack. “Tim really did a number on you, didn’t he?” I knew he was talking about emotions and all that shit, but I scowled and jerked my wrist from his hand.

I turned around and looked at Party, glaring at him. “Go to hell.” Then I turned and walked out of my tree.

Hellz yes this is longer than the original chapter. I quite like rewriting. Violet it totally different this time round. I just gotta make it work with the plot... Make sure she isn't changed too much...
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