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Mikey and the women talk a little

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Hello all my probably grumpy readers.
I am still in school lol and very very busy, However spring break is coming up so Im hoping there will be a bit of time for me to keep writing over it, I am supposed to be doing my German homework but I started itching to write at least a short Chapter of this because I haven’t in a long time.
Enjoy my lovelies!

I park my car outside my house and turn it off. I don’t get out of it, I don’t move to even unbuckle my seatbelt. I can see her from my rear view mirror. Clear as day in my back seat. If I blink she could disappear. I watch as she smiles and fixes her lipstick, using the same mirror I was watching her through. He smacks her lips together and looks straight into my eyes.
“It’s rude to stare Mikey.”
“Who are you?”
“I’m Donna.” I was surprised by her name. I was expecting a Roxanne or a Lolita.
“Lolita? Really? No, just Donna. Donna Sullivan.”
“You’re Irish?” Again I was confused.
“I’m not anything, I’m a figment of your imagination Mikey.”
I stare at her and risk taking a blink. I make sure she is still there and she is. Smirking.
“So you are a hallucination.” I said and she full on laughed at me.
“Michael, I am whatever I am. I just know that I am here for a while. I figured you can handle the truth being the big powerful doctor that you are.”
Mocking me, my imagination was fucking mocking me.
“Oh no, not mocking, just teasing a little is all.”
Did I say that outloud?
“Sweetie, I’m from your head, I hear what you are thinking.”
Makes sense.
“Are you a side effect of a medication I’m taking?”
“You’re the doctor.” She leaned back and started reapplying her lipstick.
“You just did that!” I accused her and she giggled.
“I know but you think its so sexy when I do, so I can’t help myself.”
None of my medications should make me hallucinate a whole fucking person.
“Maybe I’m not a side effect, maybe I’m a genetic disposition?”
I froze as Gerard immediately flew into my mind. I closed my eyes and shook my head. No. No, I just need a good nights sleep, which is what I am going to get tonight.
“Not with her here.” I look back at Donna as she points to Lillian’s car parked a little ways over. What the fuck?
“How did you see that, if I didn’t and you are in my head.”
“You did see it. You choose to put it in the back of your mind because you were focused on me. I’m flattered really, but this is why I am here, To help you see what you choose to push away and help you realize what needs to be done.”
Nope, not doing this.
“Nope, not doing this, I am going inside, getting that crazy bitch out of my house and then I’ll work on getting you out of my head. Goodbye. I mean no, you aren’t real so. Yeah I’ll just leave, you don’t get a farewell.” I open my door and jump to get out only to be constricted and kept in my seat.
“Seat belt dearest.” I hastily unbuckle my seat belt.
“Fuck you, I know that.” I say getting out of the car but before I could slam the door:
Fuck the women in red. Donna Sullivan. What a stupid fucking name for a hallucination. I can’t even have an interesting mind fuck.
I start to unlock the door to my house when I hear a voice inside. Fabulous. The ice queen really is here. I open the door to see her in MY kitchen, cooking MY food, wearing only MY dress shirt.
“Baby! I was just-”
“No, stop, change out of my shirt then get out.” I cut her off and point to the door. She pouts but slowly smiling as she starts to unbutton the shirt on her in what I imagine is supposed to be sexy. Did I ever get turned on by her acting like a complete slut in front of me?
“You sure you don’t want to change your mind?” She asks coming up to me, pushing her body against mine and blowing on my neck. I roll my eyes and pull back from her a little.
“You know, I think I did change my mind.” She smiles and leans up to kiss my lips, before she can I whisper, “Keep the shirt.” I push her away and go to my room, not stopping until I hear the door open and close loudly.
Then I laugh.
I laugh so hard I started to cry.
I laughed until I had to sit down.
My head started hurting, My cheeks got sore.
I ran completely out of breath.
God, that was so fucking cool of me.
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