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Hello everybody!

Tank you for the awesome auditions! It was hard picking, they were awesome. Some of the characters that didn't make it through I might even use some other time in the story if you don't mind, anyway on with ze results!

For friend one, crush on Gerard....


For Friend two, Bob's girlfriend....


For friend three, Frank's childhood friend. It was too hard to pick one so i decided to pick two people:3.




Thanks everyone who auditioned, I'm sorry if you didn't get a part! I will use you later though so no worries(:
I'll be posting the story in the next few days so please check it out(: I don't know if i said it before but i am suffering a very serious case of writer's block, it's kinda gone out of hand now. I'm really hoping on breaking it. Cure this disease of mine by giving me feedback please!

Thank you again.

Love you all

-Romy xo
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