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I sat alone in our apartment. Yet again, he was late home from work. Gerard was getting later and later each night. ‘Should I say something when he gets home?’ I asked myself ‘He might have a reasonable explanation. But what if he gets mad that I even brought it up?’
The most likely remained in my mind all the time. My boyfriend was off having sex with somebody else. ‘Calm the fuck down Frank!’ I snapped at myself in my mind ‘He’s probably just stuck in traffic!’
A voice in the back of my mind asked ‘What, he’s been stuck in traffic every night this week?’
I tried watching TV but there wasn’t anything interesting on. Or perhaps my mind was too full with worries to concentrate on the TV. Suppose I asked Gerard whether he was cheating? What if the answer was yes? What would I do he really was cheating on me?
My eyes welled with tears though I refused to let them fall. I was not going to sit there and cry over what was basically nothing.
Suddenly I heard a key in the lock and before I could comprehend what was happening, Gerard was standing in the living room staring at me “Are you okay?” He asked, cocking his head to one side. I nodded “Well it looks like you’re about to cry.”
“It’s nothing, honestly.” I mumbled. If I didn’t bring up the problem, perhaps it would just go away…
Gerard clearly didn’t believe me “Come on, you can tell me anything. We don’t keep secrets from one another, do we?”
“Do we?” I repeated with raised eyebrows. I said it before I could stop myself.
Gerard sat down next to me “What’s that supposed to mean?”
Why had I started something? Wasn’t that what I was trying to avoid? I started shaking, the salty tears finally rolling down my cheeks “Well…”
“Tell me Frankie.”
“It’s just, well; you’ve b-been late home every day this week…”
“Well, why?”
“That’s why you’re so upset?” Gerard asked with a slight laugh “God Frank, what did you think I was doing? Cheating on you?”
There was silence. I couldn’t tell him I thought he was cheating. An argument would start and that was the last thing I wanted. But he knew anyway “How could you even think that?”
Anger swelled up inside of me “Well what I was supposed to think?” I snapped “Why have you been staying out late every night?”
“I have not been cheating on you!” Gerard yelled, standing up and glaring down at me.
‘Buzz! Buzz!’
Gerard’s phone had fallen out of his pocket when he stood up. It was sat on the sofa right next to me. I picked it up and opened the text message.
‘Hey Babe, today was fun. Can’t wait till tomorrow ;) xx’
My eyes widened “Explain this then!” I screamed, standing up and throwing the mobile at him.
Gerard read the text and went white. He opened his mouth but no sound came out. “Exactly.” I snarled. I reached for my keys and stomped out of the apartment. I refused to stay in the same room as him.

Gerard’s POV…
I was speechless. Well I couldn’t really blame Frank for getting the wrong end of the stick from that text message. But beforehand… He really thought I was cheating on him? How could he think that? I love him so much!
The message really was not what it looked like. It was off my friend Lyn-z. She calls everybody ‘Babe’, mostly as a little joke. We work together. By fun she probably meant the pranks we usually pull on each other. Whatever she meant, she did not mean sex.
The reason I hadn’t been coming home straightaway this week was because I had been working overtime. I wanted to buy him an engagement ring. Frankie and I didn’t have a lot of money and I wanted to buy him something really special. I couldn’t tell him that was what I was doing each night. I really wanted to surprise him.
Poor Frank. Instead of running out of the house to comfort him like I should’ve, I gave him some time to calm down. Surely he’d come back soon to talk about it.
I sat down on the sofa feeling really bad. Although I hadn’t actually done anything wrong, I still bad that Frank was so mad at me. I felt terrible that he truly believed I wouldn’t be faithful to him.
I laid back against the sofa and closed my eyes. Hopefully Frankie would come home soon…

Two hours later I woke up. I ran my fingers through my hair. Why was I asleep on the sofa instead of in bed with Frankie?
Everything that had happened flooded back into my head. I leaped up off the sofa “Frank?” I called “Frankie?”
Maybe he was asleep. As quietly as I could manage, I tiptoed into our bedroom. From one glance I could see that he wasn’t underneath the covers but I still walked over and pulled them back to double check. Of course he wasn’t there. My eyes stung with tears and my heart started pounding. Where was he? It had been two hours!
So I grabbed my mobile and rang him up. He picked up after a couple of rings “Leave me alone!” He sounded like he’d been crying. Then he hung up on me.
Not wanting to give in, I sent him a text ‘Frankie, please talk to me. I can explain everything I swear! I love you xx.’
I waited twenty minutes and didn’t receive any kind of reply. Did I give in? No. I grabbed my jacket and left the apartment.
I didn’t have any idea where to start looking for him. He’d taken the car and I was walking so he must’ve been way ahead of me. Frank could’ve gone anywhere. I thought back to my brief phone call. Had I heard an engine running? Where did it sound like he was? I couldn’t remember. Maybe I should phone him? But he probably wouldn’t answer.
For two hours I looked for Frankie. I went to all his favourite places but couldn’t find him anywhere. In the end I went inside a twenty-four hour café. Frank wasn’t in there but I kinda expected that.
I ordered myself a coffee and sat down. The waitress smiled at me “Why are you out so late?”
“No reason.” I mumbled, my stomach twisting into guilt.
The waitress looked up at a small TV on the wall “Oh my god look, a car crash! It looks pretty bad!” She took a remote and turned up the TV.
Not too interested, I looked up at the TV screen. Then I sat up straight. There was a shot of the crash… I couldn’t be one hundred percent sure but it looked like mine and Frank’s car!
The announcer said “The two people involved in the crash were both found dead. They have been identified as twenty-seven year old John Smith and twenty-five year old Frank Iero.”
My stomach tightened and my face went pale. I felt like I was about to puke but I continued watching.
“The crash was caused apparently because Mr.Iero was not paying attention to the road because he was sending a text message to someone named Gee.” It felt like I was no longer breathing “The message read – ‘Okay, I’m coming home. Although I’m really angry, I love you too Gee xx.’

[A/N] – In Musical Theatre we weren’t really given any work to do because our teacher was working on the school play. So me and my friend spent the lesson writing a one-shot. This was my one-shot. Did you like it? :)
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