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Partial Results

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Thank you to everyone who has auditioned!

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Wow, I really didn't expect to get as many auditions as I have so far. I really, really liked everyone's characters, and it was hard to pick who got the parts, but I've made my decision. Also, I still need some means girls for the story. If no one wants that part, then I can always just make some up.
Anyway, here's the partial results.
Bandit's friends: Izzy Crow/ChasingPavementsxoxo, Filippa Morikova/thegirlwhowasonfire, Tanner Riley/fatherfuckingmeese, and Breanna Lynn Gold/x-BreeLynn-xz
Bandit's love interest: Linnea Hawethorne/TheLittleSinner
Popular girl who is secretly nice: Antoinette Bernard/ilovecandy
Other parts: Riley Matthews/ Falcon Dance as a possible killer. (Just to warn you, I may have to kill your character off at some point. But if you're not okay with that, then it's fine.) Jaxx Nicholson/Bloodbunny15 as the killer's brother. (The killers aren't old enough to have children, so I changed your part a bit.)
Also, to Heymimusic and iloverankieieroxx, I liked your characters, and they're both going to have parts in the story, but I don't know what yet.

So, once again, thanks to those of you who auditioned, and I'm sorry I couldn't give everyone a part. And, like I said, I still need some mean girls, so feel free to audition for that part.
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