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Suicide Note..?

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Gerard leaves a note to all his friends. Not depressing, I don't think so anyway. Hah... Frerard.

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To all you fuckers who decide to read this,

You probably know what this is. Yes, it's the swirling path of my spiral to despair, the horror of my life.

I had a reasonable childhood, turned out gay and tormented. Yeah. Not exactly fun. I got an excellent boyfriend that I still have; I adore him. That's one of the reasons I feel so bad about this. Mikey, my brother, you're another reason. I love you so fucking much bro, and I really am sorry to have to leave you this thing. You'll hate me for it, no doubt.

But don't blame yourself; it's all my fault, I'm sorry.

No one, please, no one is to blame but me. Well, that's not entirely true.

To my Mikey- Well, I thought I'd give you your own little section along with some of you people most important to me. I want to say, bro, that I was the one who beat up Brad for you. I'm the reason you don't get beat up anymore. But other than that, I've been a terrible brother. Drinking, I was whoring around for a while, now this. Oh yeah, I'm the one who broke your straighteners.

Frankie- My boyfriend, one of my favorite people. No, my favorite person. Sorry Mikes, but Frankie and I don't have the required sector in the lover mobile. Don't worry, this isn't going to slow you down too much, I know. I hope it's not too much of a bump in your road, but I'm really truly sorry if it is. I don't want it to be.

Hm… Bob. Salutations. We'll leave it at that.

Ray- Your afro brought light to me on the darkest days-- well, it blocked my light when I was trying to work, you fucker. You're one of the reasons I had to end this.

Goodbye, cruelty.

I'm done, I just can't handle it anymore.

I'm moving out.


P.S. Frankie, you can come with me if you wanna. (Hah, come….)

Last joke stolen from a review I got for a different story (left by xXLaylaXx)
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