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Just One Kiss

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A/N: Oh my God. OH MY MOTHERFUCKING GOD. I am, like, SO sorry I haven't updated in, what, a month or two? But then, let's see YOU try and write fanfiction and still pass Year 12. EXACTLY. Anyway, this is the story y'all auditioned for. The first chapters are going to take place during childhood and early teens, so please, just bear with me.

The young boy scurried across the grass of his front lawn, almost knocking himself out as he tumbled and landed with his head not even an inch away from the garden wall. However, that did not faze him one bit. He got back to his feet, ignoring the muddy marks all over his jeans, and tried to peer over the wall this time.

He was much too short, even on his tip-toes he couldn't see very much. On the other hand, what he could see seemed to be amusing him; A massive white van. There were men walking in and out of the van, taking things out and returning empty handed. They were taking everything into the house, or so the young boy presumed, across the street from him.

"Having fun, short stack?" A voice called behind the young boy. He didn't turn to face the girl; he kept his honey eyes fixed on the top of the van. All of a sudden he felt his feet being taken from the floor and them being replaced on top of the wall. He could not see it all so clearly. They were taking the furniture into the house, just like he had thought.

"I thought you said no one was supposed to go into that house, Alexis." The little boy whispered. He couldn't have been much older than seven with his chestnut hair that fell into his eyes, and his bright red t-shirt that had also been wrecked by the mud when he had slipped.

"I know, but now someone's bought it." The girl replied. She looked a lot like him, only she had auburn hair instead of chestnut. And she was much older, at least fifteen years of age.

The young boy still seemed to be fascinated by the prospect of someone actually going into that house. For his whole life, in which he had lived across the street from the empty house, no one had ever gone inside there. It had always been there, without anyone living in it. But now someone was going to live in it.

"See those people?" Alexis pointed to a car that had just pulled up. Her young brother nodded. "They're gonna live there from now on."

A family of four stepped out of the small vehicle. There was a woman, two children and a toddler. No man of the house around.

"Why don't you go say hi, Ry?" Alexis asked. Ryan thought about it for a moment, and then shook his head.

"No way!" He replied, almost disgusted by the very thought. The baby was too young to talk, the middle child, a boy, was a bit too young for Ryan to play with and the oldest, the only one that was old enough to be Ryan’s friend, was the worst, a girl!
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