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Chapter four

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Frank's POV

I got home that night and pretty much leaped through my front door as I unlocked it, I was totally ignorant of everything around me. I forgot all my troubles, all my worries and anything else on my mind. As soon as I stepped foot through the front door my smile faded, it was dark and it smelled like stale cigarettes.
'Frank!' My father called groggily from somewhere on the lounge.
'Yeah?' I shouldn't have answered. He just pelted me with questions.
'Where the fuck have you been?'
'Where's my alcohol?'
'In the cellar'
'Why isn't my dinner made?'
'Because I wasn't here'
'Why are there cigarettes missing from the pack?'
'How the fuck am I meant to know?!'
'Make my dinner, hurry up, I'm fucking starving!'
'No, I'm going out'
'You little shit, where are you even going to go? You have no friends, are you going to the bar alone again or are you going with your boyfriend, that Gerard'
'No actually I'm going to my GIRLFRIEND Cherry's place'
'Don't lie to me boy, you have no girlfriend! What kind of hippy parents call their child Cherry anyway?'
Agh. I'm so sick of this. Fuck him, I can't deal with his shit anymore.
I ran upstairs, grabbed a bag and packed it with clothes, a bottle of vodka (my dad is much too drunk to notice it's missing), my cigarettes and some money. I grabbed my keys and a coat and left before he could ask another question, I slammed the door behind me and ran down the driveway to my van.
'What the fuck am I meant to do now?' I said aloud to myself.
'Drive' a voice whispered in my ear.
I couldn't bring myself to turn around and find out who was there so I just drove, I drove and drove. One straight road out of Jersey and that's where I was headed, but i didn't want to leave.
'No!' I yelled, slamming my foot on the brakes.
'Keep going...' the voice whispered again. I turned around to find no one there.
'You're imagining it Frank, theres nothing there, you'll be fine. Just turn around and go to Bandits place' I thought to myself, I couldn't bear to speak it incase I heard the voice again.
I pulled over and called Bandit, after 6 rings i was about to hang up but as I took the phone away from my ear, she answered.
'Yeah, hey listen my dad is a total wreck and I can't be in the same place as him when he's like this so tonight I'm getting out of the house, do you want to meet up?'
'Yeah sure! Where at?'
'Um, well what do you want to do, eat dinner and catch a movie or go to a club?'
'Id rather the first choice thanks, clubs aren't my type of place'
I laughed, I couldn't imagine Bandit at a club.
'Me either, I just had to suggest it. Anyway, I'll pick you up in a half hour okay?'
'Why don't you just come to my place from now or whenever and I'll get ready? Gee's here so you'll have some company while you wait...'
'Ok, sure. See you soon'
I sighed. Ok so I'm going on a date with Bandit tonight. My first real date since Meredith, that bitch.
I pulled up in the sisters' driveway and turned off my van, I sat there for a while, I don't know why but I just did. After ten minutes I got out and went up to the door, knocked twice and heard Bandits voice.
'JESSICA! GET THE DOOR!' she yelled.
'IM FUCKING BUSY!' Jess yelled back.
'LEYANNE!' Bandit called again.
'I'LL GET IT BANDIT!' Gerard's voice called from in the living room.
Gerard opened the door and greeted me, we went inside and he smiled,
'Welcome to the madhouse'
We just laughed.
'Hey are you gonna come out tonight?' I asked him.
'Whats the plans?'
'Well, I'm taking Bandit out for dinner then a movie'
'Well I can't just join in!'
'No, I meant like, bring Ley-Anne, double date...' I said winking.
He chuckled,
'I dunno man, lets see'
He went upstairs to find Ley-Anne and I went into the living room.
'Um hey, who are you?' I asked.
There was a really tall guy standing in the middle of the living room, I'm pretty sure I've seen him before, does he come to Belleview maybe?
'Im Peter Jenkins, and you are...?' He said holding out his hand, I shook it,
'Frank Iero'
I remembered him now, he's in the form below, he's a jock!
He smiled and looked away, I sat down and he followed, I almost instantly stood again upon seeing Bandit coming downstairs. It looked like a scene from a movie or a fairytale, she looked so beautiful, a white dress with black lace and black converse. Her hair up in a long pony tail and her makeup dark, she took my breath away.
'Cherry... You look beautiful' I said, kissing her cheek as she hugged me.
'Thanks' she said smiling sweetly.
She looked up and pointed out Gerard was escorting Ley-Anne downstairs.
'Are we double dating tonight or what?' I asked. Gerard looked at Ley-Anne and they both smiled.
'We shall be joining you for dinner but you'll be alone at the movie' he announced. We all laughed at his fake British accent he attempted but failed.
We said our goodbyes to Peter and Jess and left, the four of us piled into the van and Gerard drove.
When we got to the restraut we sat down together, connecting two tables and had an awkwardly quiet dinner, after we paid and went outside all four of us burst out in a hysterical fit of laugher.
'Did you see that waiters face when you guys paid the cheque!' Ley-Anne said between laughs.
'He didn't expect two guys dressed like, well this, to be able to afford this place!' Gerard said climbing into the van, helping Ley-Anne in too. I helped Bandit in then climbed in behind her,
'So how's this going to work. You two aren't coming to the movies and we've only got one car'
Ley-Anne and Gee whispered something to eachother then Gerard said,
'We'll just come movies with you then'
'Okay' Bandit and Ley-Anne both said.
When we arrived at the movies I went in holding Bandits hand and Gee was holding Ley-Anne's, we let the girls decide the movie knowing full well they won't pick a chick flick because they're not into that shit (that you can tell by looking at them). They chose 'Zombie High', we got our tickets and popcorn and went in cinema 7 where it was to be screened. We sat down and I couldn't see what Gee and Ley-Anne were doing but throughout the whole movie Bandit had her head on my chest, holding my hand. We started kissing and soon after Gee threw popcorn at us,
'Get a room!' he laughed.
We continued kissing and broke off after Ley-Anne stormed out,
'I- I'm sorry Frank, I've gotta go' Bandit said, running after her sister. Gerard moved into the seat next to me,
'What's up with these girls man?!'
'I dunno' I said standing up.
'Where are you going?'
'To find them...'
'I'll come'
We left the cinema and searched for the twins, we couldn't find them and they weren't answering their phones. I ran outside to see Bandit standing by my car, I walked closer to her but with every step closer i took, she seemed to fade. By the time I reached what ought to be her side, there was no-one there, not even a trace. I was confused and went back inside,
Should I tell Gee? Will he think I'm out of my mind?
'No, nothing at all'
'We should go'
We sat in the van and he looked at me.
'All my shit is at their place! I was going to stay there tonight because I had no way of getting home...'
'Well I've got no where to go tonight, I might just sleep in the back of the van again' I said looking over my shoulder to the back of the van.
'Um, let's just go to mine for now, stay the night if you want'
He unlocked the door and we found Mikey asleep on the couch, he woke as soon as we walked past, his face pale but his eyes bloodshot and swollen,
'Mikey, what happened?' Gee asked.
'Oh, um nothing, i dont remember. Are you staying the night Frank?'
'Anyway, I'll be more awake tomorrow. Ask me then'
All three of us went upstairs and Mikey went to his room, Gee showed me into the spare room and then went downstairs into the basement- that was his room I guess.
I was dreading tomorrow, seeing Bandit- I'll be totally embarrassed AND she was still wearing my coat. I was still dreading going home, dad will KILL me!
What the fuck am I going to do?!

Bandit's POV

When we got back from the hospital I went straight upstairs and lay face down on my bed smiling, the first real smile in about three years, at this point I was totally contempt. I took a shower and as I came out of the bathroom Gerard burst into my room, lucky I was dressed!
'BANDIT! Bandit, Mikey's gone and he won't answer his phone and he's taken my car and-'
'Gerard, calm down! Let's just go ask Jess'
'I tried but her doors locked'
'Ive got a key'
We went into Jessica's room with Ley-Anne and I sat on the floor at the end of her bed while Gerard paced the room and Ley-Anne tried to wake her.
'Who sleeps with their window open in the middle of winter?' I thought to myself.
After ten minutes she woke with a start and just as she woke I went downstairs to get a can of soda, I opened the fridge and there was a knock at the door, I sighed and walked over taking my soda with me.
I opened the door,
'Hi, I'm-'
'I know who you are.'
'Why are you here?'
'I- I came to see Jessica'
'She doesn't want you'
'Please uh...'
'Please Bandit, I NEED to see her!'
'Okay, come in' I said opening the door further. He stepped in and I closed the door behind him gesturing at the living room.
'Make yourself comfortable, I'll get Jess'
'Thank you so much!'
'BUT!' I said stepping closer so our faces were only about two centimeters apart.
'Hurt her in ANY way... Let's just say, you better watch out'
'I believe you' he said nodding his head toward the kickboxing, martial arts and self defense awards on the mantle.
'Wait here' I said, going back upstairs.
'Jess, there's someone here to see you'
'I don't care if it's the queen of England, tell them to go away!'
'Jess, it's a male caller'
I hesitated.
'Okay fine, tell him to wait downstairs I'll be down in a minute'

I left the room and went back to mine, I sat there for what felt like hours, just staring into space. My phone rang breaking the silence, smashing pumpkins blasted through my room, it took me a while to answer it, I don't know why though.
I was exited to hear his voice except for the fact he sounded scared.
Not long after the call he arrived at my place, I quickly threw on my favorite white silk dress with black lace over the silk, I put on my black converse and threw my hair up in a high pony-tail. My makeup was dark and gloomy- as always- with a touch of dark red lipstick to break up the black. I went downstairs and upon seeing him I broke out another smile, a grin if you will. He was wearing black jeans, a dark red top and black coat over, like me, he also wore black converse.
I discovered tonight we were double dating, Ley-Anne and Gerard were coming with us.
We went out to a fancy French restaurant for dinner and then went to see Zombie High at the cinemas.
During the movie me and Frank hooked up but unwillingly broke apart when Ley-Anne angrily stormed out,
'Im sorry Frank, I've got to go' I looked at him with sad eyes and ran after Ley-Anne.
She threw herself out the glass doors and outside into the cold, winter night,
'Whats wrong?' I asked her, realizing I was still wearing Franks coat.
'Nothing' she relied angrily, I sighed.
'Ley-Anne, just stop for a second. You're being childish, just tell me what's wrong'
'He's drunk, you know how I feel about intoxicated people, especially guys' she broke down in tears.
'Ley-Anne, it's okay, it's alright. I'm here, I'm not going to leave you' I said holding her in my arms, rubbing her back.
She sniffled.
'They're coming, I can hear them'
'What do you wanna do?'
'I don't wanna see them...'
'Theres only one car!'
'Call Jess'
'She's so NOT driving my Cadillac' I said shaking my head.
'Bandit! Plea-ase' she whined
'Okay fine, you fucking owe me'
I dialed Jess' number and we hid behind some cars until she came, but she didn't pull up in the Cadillac, she was in a blue holden astra.
'Quick, get in!' she called from the window, we climbed in and sped off into the night.
'Wheres the Cadillac?!' I said alarmed.
'Relax it's at home' Jess answered.
'Who's car is this?' Ley-Anne asked.
'Since when?' I asked.
'Since mum and dad bought me it...I just never drive it' she smiled.
'Nice' Me and Ley-Anne chorused.
We got home and ran upstairs, I followed Ley-Anne into her room and we sat on the bed together.
'Isnt Gerard meant to stay here tonight?!'
'SHIT! Bandit what the fuck am I going to do?'
'Relax, if he comes I'll just talk to him and tell him you're staying somewhere else tonight'
'Thanks Bandit' she said, kissing my forehead.
I went back into my room,
'What the fuck are you doing here!' I almost screamed at the sight of Ley-Anne's ex, Eric, standing in the middle of my room.
'Shh! Please Bandit!'
I shut and locked the door behind me, walking over to close the window he climbed through. He sat on the bed, as did I.
'So? What's going on Eric?'
'Ive been trying to message and call her for days, she wont reply to my texts, she's not answering my calls. Nothing! All I want to do is apologize'
'So what brings you to the exact place we came to get away from you' I said laughing.
'I flew out here to find you two, I just want another chance'
'Listen to me Eric. We used to be best friends, you dated my sister for Christ sake! All of that went down the drain when-'
'Please don't mention it right now!'
'Ok, it all went down the drain that night last year'
'Tonight, a year ago actually'
'Yeah. You screwed up big time and if keeping my sister happy meant never speaking to you again then I was and still am happy to oblige. You ruined your chances and her life, she deserves to have nice things, she's always putting everyone else before herself and this is how she's repayed? No, that's not okay with me. She may be the strong twin, I'm the emotionally unstable one but she still has issues, she just hides them a lot better than I'll ever be able to. I want one thing from you Eric, you know I love you but just go'
Tears filled his eyes.
'Go' I pressed.
Opening my door I walked downstairs with him behind me, I snuck him out the door and walked him back to his car.
'Just tell her I miss her'
'Eric, listen, she's moved on and so should you. Just please go and don't come back, I don't want to see you or her get hurt again, that's just not something we can deal with right now. We're a broken family; three sisters their parents pretty much abandoned and neglected, you're just adding more work to the heartbreak section' I said trailing off.
He thanked me and kissed me before getting in his little silver laser and driving off.
I went back inside, freezing half to death, changed my clothes and went to bed thinking of how little Ley-Anne ate tonight and how despite everything, I was still wearing Franks coat.

Gerard's POV

We got back to the twins place and Mikey was gone along with my car, him driving, not a good idea. At all. I was really worried and afraid he's gonna go do something stupid and reckless, but I still didn't know for sure it was him that took the car, that was my only hope.
Jess woke and told me Mikey took the car and left, fan-fucking-tastic! My brother was either going to be in hospital again OR seriously injured along with my car.
Ley-Anne offered for me to stay the night and she set up one of the spare rooms for me, the spare room right across the hall from her own room.
Frank showed up on the doorstep about a half hour later and I was glad to see him again, he's like a sense of comfort and confinement, a best mate.
We took the twins out to a fancy restaurant for dinner then to see a movie. Ley-Anne looked so beautiful, her skin was kinds glowing, but i think that was a hallucination because i popped some Xanax and had a quarter bottle of vodka before we left the twins place. During the movie we watched Frank and Bandit hook up pretty much the whole time while me and Ley-Anne were only holding hands, making us feel so awkward.
'Get a room!' I said, throwing popcorn at them as a joke, making Ley-Anne giggle.
I was drunk off vodka and xanax from earlier in the night and it started to kick in even more now, I unwillingly flung my free hand over her chest, not realizing what I was doing and then leaned in for a kiss. If I was sober I would've never treated a girl like this, never in a million years. It's disrespectful and wrong, I can't believe I did it. She stood up, almost in tears and stormed out not even looking back, Bandit followed and me and Frank were left alone.
We went to look for them but could not find them anywhere an no staff had seen them, we ended up going back to my place in Franks van- saving me from staying at the twins place in such an awkward position and saving Frank from another of his fathers drunken beatings. We got back to my place and Mikes was asleep on the couch downstairs, he woke as we walked past and followed us upstairs and went into his room, shutting the door behind him. His eyes were bloodshot red like he hasn't slept for days, or he'd been crying, his face swollen and a bruise was forming on his left cheek. He didn't want to talk about it so we let him sleep whole I set up the spare room for Frank, after we all seperated into our own rooms I lay in bed thinking. Thinking of how I'd apologize to Ley-Anne and Bandit for ruining such a fantastic night.
What have I gone and done?...

Ley-Anne's POV

After the hospital Bandit was all giggly and smiley, we got home and she wasn't in the mood to talk all of a sudden so we left her alone. She disappeared into her room and Gerard followed me into mine, both of us sitting on the bed awkwardly.
'Ley-Anne, did you notice my cars not in the driveway?!' he said alarmed.
'And the house is way too quiet for Mikes and Jess to be here...'
We both looked at each other,
'FUCK!' we both yelled.
Scrambling out the door to her room I grabbed his hand as he panicked,
'Gee listen, they're responsible and-'
'Its ok, you don't have to apologize on their accord, if anyone should be apologizing it's me. Mikes isn't the best person to be behind a wheel'
To get off the subject I walked down the hall, him following and reached Jess' door. I turned the doorknob, locked. Well at least she's here... We both sighed,
'Bandit has a key, do you wanna just go speak to her while I see if I can find the spare?'
'Okay' and he disappeared into Bandits room.
Not long after they both returned. Key in hand she unlocked Jess' door and we all burst in, she was asleep and I woke her.
'Jess what happened?'
She groaned.
'Wheres Mikey?'
Another groan.
She rolled over. Gerard spoke to her and she told him Mikey went home earlier, taking the car. Gerard had no way of getting home and we couldn't be fucked driving him so I offered to have him stay the night, after I set up one of the spare rooms for him we went back into my room, just talking for a while. I took a shower while he waited downstairs and when I came out there was a knock on my door, I quickly wrapped myself in a towel and opened the door slightly,
'Ley-Anne... Do you want to join Frank and Bandit on a double date, type of thing, tonight...with me..?' he asked nervously.
I smiled and nodded.
'What are we doing?'
'Dinner and then a movie'
'Okay, I'll get ready ok?'
'Come in here and help me' I told him.
He stepped in and sat on the bed.
'What should I wear?' I asked.
'Whatever you want' he said smiling.
I took out a long, dark purple skirt and black top, I went into the bathroom and changed. When I came out he whistled,
'Wow Ley-Anne, you look- you look amazing'
I blushed,
'Thanks' I quietly whispered back.
We went downstairs and left for the restaurant, it was called LaFayeet, French. The looked amazing, I ordered a pasta but hardly ate anything, just the celery on the side, I felt sick anyway I just couldn't eat or drink anything it's like my energy was drained.
After LaFayeet we went to the local cinemas and pretty much ran into number 7 to hide from a group of jocks we saw. We watched Zombie High, he graphics on that movie were just amazing! Everything was so life-like.
I looked to my left to see Bandit and Frank sucking eachothers faces off and on my right was Gee, I was curled up leaning my head on his chest and we were hiding hands too. Then it hit me, he's been acting strange all day, hyped up. I smelt vodka and I could see a little orange xanax bottle about to fall out of his pocket.
SHIT. That's all I could think of, he smelt like vodka then obviously he's been drinking, he had Xanax on him and clearly he's taken some, it's so fucking dangerous to mix these poisons and he could die if something even slightly went wrong! He started being all sleazy and it reminded me of my ex- Eric- he was such a tool, he'd always get drunk and just yell at me and intimidate me. I hated him and he tried to run me down one time, that's why me and Bandit had to run away, to hide, that's why we came to Jersey.
I couldn't take it anymore he leaned in for a kiss and I pulled away, I stood up and ran out of the cinema in tears. Bandit followed and we talked for a bit, we called Jess to come pick us up and we went home. Even though Gee was meant to stay the night he didn't show up, which in a way I was glad because i just couldn't deal with all that shit. I was so tired, I ran upstairs, head aching and pounding, eyes bloodshot and swollen, I jumped in bed and must have dozed off without realizing because the next day I woke up fully clothed and smeared makeup from last night lingering...

Mikey's POV

By the time I got home my cheeks were wet with tears and my eyes still filling even more by the second. I swung open my front door and threw myself upstairs onto my bed, I don't understand why she did this at all, I seriously thought this was real, everything was perfect... Or so I thought.
I sighed loudly,
'Why? Why Jess?' I asked myself
After about twenty minutes I had calmed down and thought a lot about what I'd do, I'd go back to Jess' place and apologize and talk it out with her. She's the one I wanted to be with, the only girl I've ever loved.
I got back in Gee's car and went back to her house when I arrived, the front door was open so I walked in after no one answered when I knocked. I went upstairs and Jess' door was locked, no one else was home so I went back outside and closed the front door behind me, I went around the side of the house and climbed up to Jess' balcony. I slid the window open and climbed in, she was fast asleep on the couch, so peaceful, so beautiful... I didn't want to wake her so I just lifted her and placed her in the bed instead of on the couch. I jumped as the cat brushed past my leg and as I set Jess down she started to stir.

'I'll be back later...' I whispered to her sleeping body, I kissed her cheek and I went back out the window- leaving it open so she'd know I was here. I got back in the car and smiled,
'Everythings gonna be alright' I told myself over and over in my head.

I got home and had a shower, did my homework and cleaned up a bit, by the time I did this a few hours had passed and I was ready to try again with Jess.
Once again I drove back to her place, the roads were quiet giving me time to think of what I'd say to Jess, how I'd apologize.
When I got to the house there were two cars parked outside, Bandits Cadillac and someone's Corolla, I walked up the front steps to the door and before I knocked I heard Peter and Jessica's voices- surprise, surprise(!) I was furious but the anger faded as I realized he was trying to convince her...
'Please Jess, listen to me. It was a mistake, you know that Id never do something so stupid, we all make mistakes and have regrets' he told her.
'Yeah and your one of my mistakes and regrets! I think you should go' she snapped at him.
'Jessica! What the fuck is wrong with you? You could have ME but instead your wasting your time with that little faggot'
'Im not wasting my time because he's not a faggot and I love him. Oh, confused? It seems to be a word your not familiar with. Love. Love Peter, something you never showed towards me, no wonder your not familiar with the word- who could ever love such a beast that you are?'
He stuttered and she raised her voice a little,
'I'll not say it again Peter, you should go, just leave!'
I heard him get up and walk quickly to the door, I took a few steps back to make it look like I just arrived and skipped the whole episode. He swung open the door and slammed it behind him upon seeing me he turned red
'What the fuck are you here for?' he spat at me.
I just pretended not to hear and walked up to the door, she saw me coming and let me in, Peter followed.
'I SAID, what the fuck are you here for? Fucking answer me, asshole!'
I clenched my jaw and upon turning around quickly I punched him in the face, the second punch landed right in the middle of his face, possibly breaking his nose I kept punching him, he was on the floor after I punched him in the stomach and I kicked him as he lay there.
The whole time I could only hear Jess in the background yelling for us to stop and his heavy breathing as he lay there almost unconscious, the only pain I felt was the left side of my face throbbing and my eyes stinging out of anger.
'Don't you understand dickhead, she doesn't want YOU, and I wonder why? Have you seen the damage you've caused to her emotionally AND physically you sick basturd' I said, pulling Jess closer as I put my arm around her waist. She looked up smiling and bit her lip in a worried way.
He got up and stumbled as he walked away, he got in his car and sat there for a while. Me and Jess watched from the living room window, he slammed his hands against the wheel and was screaming, after he sat there breathing heavily for a while he left and I turned to Jess who was sitting on the couch,
'Jess, I'm sorry about before. I- I didnt mean to yell or get angry or anything! You know im not normally like that and I'd never ever hurt you, I just feel bad for going at you like that. The right thing to do would've been to just sit down and talk to you about it ...' I said trailing off, watching her rise, I kissed her cheek and walked towards the door.
'Where are you going?' she asked.
'At this hour?'
'What do you mean? What time is it?'
'10:30' she said checking her wrist watch.
'Its all right, I'll be fine. I've got the car'
'Oh, well I was hoping you'd stay with me. As you can see I'm alone'
'Yeah, where is everyone?'
'Bandit, Frank, Ley-Anne and Gerard went to dinner and a movie (double dating) and yeah, I'm here'
'I was here'
She looked at me with a puzzled expression and I continued on,
'Before. I was here'
'When? What do you mean?'
'I came back after the fight and the front door was open so I came in but your door was locked so I went through the window. You were on the couch so I put you in your bed and I left...'
She smiled sweetly,
'Thankyou' she whispered.
I hugged her tightly and kissed her.
'Ive got to go'
'Okay' she drifted off
'See you tonorrow ok?'
'I'm not going to school'
'I'll come visit you'
'Call me when youre home, alright?'
'Bye' she said as I walked out the door,
'Bye Jessy'
When I got back home I noticed the left side of my face was swollen and there was a bruise forming on my cheek,
'At least there's not as much damage as I left him' I told myself.
My eyes were swollen and red, I was so tired, it was 11:48 and I went downstairs to watch some TV.
I turned it on and there was only the news, a report about the guillotine or something similar. I must've drifted off because when I woke Frank and Gerard were walking in the door, I checked the time on my phone, 2:35am. I dragged myself upstairs and crawled into bed, not even bothering to change into my pajamas, I almost instantly fell asleep but before I did I thought of one last thing- I never called Jess! I reached over in the dark for my phone and glasses, I put on my glasses and opened my message page,
'Soz I didn't call, I've been asleep & I jst remembered' I sent to her.
'Its ok. Ur always sleepy and even after u sleep for a whole day ur tired, I think u should see a doctor Mikes'
'Mmm, I'll go 2moro' I replied.
'Enyway. Night babe'
I took off my glasses and placed them and my phone back on the bedside table, I smiled then soon after fell asleep.
'Everything is back to the way it should be and I'm happy' I told myself.

Jessica's POV

I slid out of bed lazily and stood up against the wall, looking in the mirror to find I was still wearing baggy pajamas, messy hair, smeared makeup all that I didn't bother changing or fixing. I went downstairs and almost screamed at the sight of Peter standing in the middle of my living room!
'W-What are y-y-you doing here?' I pretty much whispered out of fear. How could Bandit let him in?!
'Jess!' he said excitedly walking over, arms open for a hug.
'Don't fucking touch me'
He looked confused and disappointed, he sat on the couch and I sat on a stool opposite him.
'I came to talk to you...'
'So talk, I'm listening'
'I miss you! All that shit that went down was wrong and I didn't know I sent the kid to hospital, I didn't mean- it was- I-'
'Sure. You fucking torment the kid his whole life and beat him up every other day, YOU dump ME and hook up with Vicky the same day but it's not okay for me to talk to Mikey and have some comfort so you send him to hospital. He was in a coma Peter! Four fucking days in a coma! You know, if it was you I wouldn't have been there but it's Mikey, I spent four days in hospital by his side. He's a good guy Peter, unlike you...'
He was angry
'I didn't know, I'm sorry Jess!'
'Sorry? Sorry doesn't cut it for what you've done. Rape, abuse, forcing me to drink and take drugs and whatever else. Sorry is what you should've said the first time you hit me and never have done it again. Sorry's a forgiving word but I can't forgive you, not after what you've done. Look, look at this! It's from you'
I said showing him a bandage around my torso from a deep gash he caused by throwing me against a wall, I slipped and fell down the stairs and ended up with twenty four stitches.
He flinched and put his hand on mine,
'I don't know what to say Jess, I love you!'
'Whats love got to do with the pain you've caused?' I snapped at him throwing his hand off.
'You're being so difficult, you've changed so much in so little time'
'I've changed? That or I just stopped acting the way you wanted me to'
'What have you gone and done to your hair?' he said standing up in front of me.
'This is who I am, this is me Peter, the real me and obviously you can't accept it so we cant be together again...ever.' I said also standing to meet his level but he's still a head taller. He leaned in and kissed me, I tried to pull away but he had grabbed my waist tightly and he's a lot stronger than I am. This is how it started last time, then he'd throw me down and everything would go from there.
I pushed hard against his chest and broke free moving my head to the side but he still had a firm hold on my waist.
'Its what you want and you know it...' he said going for another kiss. By now my face was moist with tears and I slapped him,
'Fuck off'
He grabbed me by the wrists tightly,
I kicked him in the balls and ran as he crouched down, he stepped back and collapsed onto the couch, staring up at me as I watched.
'I'm sorry' he said, tears forming little pools in his eyes. He put his head in his hands resting on his knees.
I sat back down on the stool,
'You come here to talk, apologize and you end up doing this? No, what you're doing is not okay and anything you've ever done is not okay. It's disrespectful and abusive, you need help Peter and you need to get away from me. You're hungry for power, control and you prey on me because I'm weak, I can see right through you, I did waste almost two years on you didn't I?' I said walking over to the little red box on the kitchen counter, I took out the necklace he had given me and clenched it in my hand.
'Please Jess, listen to me. It was a mistake, you know that Id never do something so stupid, we all make mistakes and have regrets'
'Yeah and your one of my mistakes and regrets! I think you should go' I said throwing the necklace at him as I sat back down opposite him.
'Jessica! What the fuck is wrong with you? You could have ME but instead your wasting your time with that little faggot' he told me, putting his hand on my leg, I raised an eyebrow and he removed his hand.
'Im not wasting my time because he's not a faggot and I love him. Oh, confused? It seems to be a word your not familiar with. Love. Love Peter, something you never showed towards me, no wonder your not familiar with the word- who could ever love such a beast that you are? I'll not say it again Peter, you should go, just leave!'
He stormed out and I sighed. I heard his voice and ran back outside,
'What now?- Oh' I said seeing Mikey.
Peter and Mikey started throwing punches,
'STOP! MIKEY!!!!!!' this time, for once, Mikes was in power and he beat the shit out of Peter. I couldn't deal with it, after Mikey kicked him as he lay on the floor Peter got up and crawled into his car, Mikey turned to me and we went inside to watch Peter scream inside his car frustratedly.

'Jess, I'm sorry about before. I- I didnt mean to yell or get angry or anything! You know im not normally like that and I'd never ever hurt you, I just feel bad for going at you like that. The right thing to do would've been to just sit down and talk to you about it ...' he said trailing off, he kissed me on the cheek and walked towards the door.
'Where are you going?' I asked him
'At this hour?'
'What do you mean? What time is it?'
'Its all right, I'll be fine. I've got the car'
'Oh, well I was hoping you'd stay with me. As you can see I'm alone'
'Yeah, where is everyone?'
'Bandit, Frank, Ley-Anne and Gerard went to dinner and a movie (double dating) and yeah, I'm here'
'I was here'
I looked at him confused and he continued,
'Before. I was here'
'When? What do you mean?'
'I came back after the fight and the front door was open so I came in but your door was locked so I went through the window. You were on the couch so I put you in your bed and I left...'
'How cute' I thought.
'Thankyou' i whispered.
He took me in his arms, into a warm embrace then kissed me, I couldn't help but smile.
'Ive got to go'
'See you tomorrow ok?'
'I'm not going to school' I told him.
'I'll come visit you'
'Call me when youre home, alright?'
'Bye Jessy'
I sighed, closing the door behind him smiling.

I went back upstairs smiling, I jumped in bed and fell asleep almost instantly, I woke up at 2:30am to the sound of my phone blasting 'Fear of the dark' by Iron Maiden. I checked my message inbox and it was Mikey apologizing for not calling before, I totally forgot about that myself!
He said he was really tired and fell asleep as soon as he got home, lately he's always tired and has no energy to do even the simplest tasks. I was kinda worried and told him to see a doctor, he told me he'd go tomorrow.
I think I'll go with him since I'm not going to school anyway, I just have a bad feeling about going...
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