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17- Brand New Day

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As the car door closed in my face I suddenly felt more alone than I ever had before.

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"So, have you ever traveled with your mom, to like France?" Gerard asked, brushing my hair from my face. We hadn't had sex. The act sounded appealing with Gerard but he declined and for that I was forever grateful. It just wouldn't be right. I wasn't ready. Maybe he wasn't either. I would never know, for he preferred to keep himself a mystery.

"Nah." I drew circles over his bare chest, which happened to be driving me quite crazy.

"Why not?"

"My parents never really wanted to." We'd never talked about France. My father hated any imperfections in my mother and the fact that she was not American happened to be a very big flaw, from his point of view.

"Did you ever want to?"

"Go to France? No way." I'd never really thought about it before though. I'd thought of getting far, far away... but that location never had a name.

Gerard chuckled, "Why is that such a big no?"

"It's so far away. I'd get so..." Lost? Suddenly, I trailed off... realizing I was lost where I was. What would it matter? "I really don't care where I am. It's not the location that matters." I mumbled.

"Oh yeah?" Gerard asked, sounding interested.

"Yeah." Was my quiet reply.

"What does matter then?"

I smiled, sitting up. Gerard sat up with me, pulling the blanket over us. "You're the one that's older. You tell me what you've found matters more." I could turn questions around on him too, it just took a little practice on my part. He was obviously already well practiced.

"It's the people that matter." Gerard said, in what could almost be considered a whisper. It was like I was tearing the answers to questions from his lips with a vicious force that left him breathless.

I looked at Gerard, biting my lip. "I need to tell you something."

"I'm listening."

"I know-" I was cut off as someone began pounding on the front door to Gerard's house.

His nose wrinkled in distaste. "I'll be right back." He said, "I wonder if it's Mikey..."

It wasn't Mikey though.

I could hear the door open. Then I heard talking. Gerard's voice was louder than the other person's but it soon became aggravated. "I don't know what you're talking about." He suddenly said.

I stood up, walking towards the bedroom door.

The person talking... It couldn't be... I had to step closer, and closer... Then my eyes locked on to his as I stepped up, beside Gerard. Suddenly, I felt naked. I was wearing a t-shirt and boxers, both belonging to Gerard. How stupid of me, to be caught like this...

"Rian?" My father inhaled deeply, his face turning a shade of purple as he tried to remain calm. For him, that had always been hard.

Gerard stole a glance between us, saying nothing.

"Hi Dad." I mumbled, looking at my feet. Why had I come out? This was going to be a disaster.

My dad straightened up, looking away from me. "As I said, we are here... investigating the disappearance of Roger Wrankler." My heart sank at the words. I knew they'd never find him, and if they did... The investigation would quickly be turned from a disappearance to murder.

Gerard seemed to think for a minute before fabricating a story in his mind, letting us in on the story moments later. He was convincing however, surprising even me. "Yeah, we met Roger at the club."

"We?" My father refused to look at me. "You took my underage daughter to a club?"

"Yes, I did Sir." Gerard said, being completely polite. My father had that effect on people, as did many cops.

"I lied." I squeaked out, horrified at the idea of Gerard being punished just for being with me. The very fews days I'd spent with him had been perfect. Despite the fact that he was a murderer... I wasn't scared at his house. I felt as if I belonged. Things were okay. Gerard was okay. He was more than okay... He meant something. I wasn't used to people, apart from my sister, meaning anything to me. I usually didn't want them too. It hurt too much to grow attached. With Gerard... It didn't hurt so much as bring me considerable happiness. I couldn't let that happiness turn to pain. "I told him I was older." I looked directly at my father, knowing the worst would come later... away from Gerard. I couldn't hide behind my protector forever.

"You stupid..." My father quickly controlled himself, cutting his words off. He reached out, grabbing my arm. He pulled me out of Gerard's house as Gerard watched with a frown. "And what are you wearing? What the hell have you two been doing?"

"We were getting ready to go to bed, different beds." Gerard said, watching us carefully. "Is it really necessary to grip her arm so tightly?" I could tell he was getting frustrated.

My father paused, glaring at Gerard. "So, you only met Roger once?" He seemed to be thinking over Gerard's words.

I was worried my father knew something so I decided to be partially honest. "We met him twice. Once at a restaurant, then at the club. He was a major creep." I spit out. "Gerard and I spent the entire night avoiding him."

"So, you're his alibi?" My father asked, sounding disgusted.

"Yeah, we just hung out there then came back and crashed here..." I was digging myself a hole but at least the hole wouldn't contain Gerard as well.

I nearly cried out as my father's grip tightened but I stopped myself, knowing from the look on Gerard's face that he would surely say something. Instead I smiled nervously in Gerard's direction. "So, I guess the game is over." I bit my lip, feeling as if the bones in my arm were being slowly squished. "I'm sorry I lied." I had nothing else to say to Gerard. To say goodbye would be too painful. I refused to.

Gerard said nothing, standing in place. He watched as I walked away with my dad. He looked as if he were about to speak but I never found out what the words would've been.

As the car door closed in my face I suddenly felt more alone than I ever had before.


(I tried to put in more conversation but failed epically. I'm definitely going to try to make the next chapter longerrrr. This chapter was SO short but I feel like I haven't updated in forever. I have SO much going on, including a trip out of state coming up. That and puppy training takes a hell of a lot out of me, in between work. It's a never ending task. Still tell me what you guys think though? Reivews make me happy. =D Oh, and quick question... Not even sure if I will have ANY smut in this story but in the event that I do (It's not going to be hugely important to the story line) but would you guys prefer I skip over it and just say, 'hey they had sex' or do you MCR fans want to read the dirty details?)
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