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Tour Days

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*Borard onsehot*, The guys play truth or dare and will bob and Gerard admit their feelings for eachother?

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Well hi again.

My friend convinced me to continue writing, so thank her for that, so i guess im back.

This is a Bob/Gerard something i rarely see here.

So let me know how this is because i would like to maybe start a longer story with more chapters with a Bob/Gerard pairing, i may hold auditions so my beautiful viewers can be part of it :)

Randomly came up with this so dont blame me if its a little bad. :3


Gerard :

"Have fun on tour!" My mum smiled pulling em into another hug.
"We always do" Mikey laughed going to the bus, i laughed aswell.
"I do too much touring" I said.
"Think of the fans!" My dad said.
"Yeah" I smiled. I kissed my mum's cheek then waved bye to my dad then got into the tour bus.
"PRETZELS!" Frank screamed diving for Ray's pretzels.
"Really?" Bob asked
"IM HUNGRY!" Frank whined.
"Well then you should have eaten" Ray said giving Frank a pretzel.
"Im poor"
"Yeah and im a fucking princess" Ray said
"Look at mje with my pretty bracelet and tiara, im a fucking princess!" I smiled, pretending to dance around.
"Haha" Frank said sarcastically. I laughed too.
"Ready guys?" Brian asked
"Yep" We all nodded.
"Great" He then leftr and told the bus driver to start the engine. When we started to move i lifted my bag and placed it in my bunk.
"Frank why does Jamia not go on tour anymore?" Mikey asked Frank.
"I dont know, i guess she just does not trust us in a bus" He laughed
"Thats why Alicia does not come" Mikey said.
"Does it matter?" I asked
"But i miss her!" Frank said
"Dude we only left like 5 minutes ago" Bob stated.
"No i mean when we have been on tour for over a week, thats when i begin to miss Jamie" Frank pouted.
"So where are we going first?" I asked.
"California i think" Ray said.
"Thats not that far" Frank said.
"Nope" Bob smiled.
"Dude, want to play xbox?" Mikey asked Ray
"Awesome" Mikey smiled then Ray followed him to the back of the bus.
"Wanna play truth or dare?" Frank's eyes lit up.
"Wanna risk it Bob?" I asked Bob. He then looked over at me, his eyes were so amazing,t he way that they sparkled, i could easily just get lost in them. I will admit to you that i have had some feelings for Bob. But i know that he does not swing that way. If he did, he would be mine and i swear to the heavens that i would never let him go.
"Yeah why not" Bob smiled then we all sat down on the floor. Frank had this giant smile on his face, he was the only one who knew how i felt about Bob, also Mikey he just laughed but then when he realized i was serious he smiled.
"Not my fault!" Mikey said coming back into the room.
"Dammit" Ray said
"What happened?" I asked
"I forgot the fucking xbox remotes" Mikey said
"What about the playstation?" Bob asked
"I forgot the remotes for that too" Ray said
"Wii?" Frank asked
"Completed all the games we have" Mikey said.
"Oh well, hey we were abnout to play truth or dare" Bob said.
"Cool" Ray joined the circle.
"Come on Mikey" I said
"Uh" Mikey said. He really didn't trust Frank at playing truth or dare because the last time we played it he had to give Ray a lapdance.
"I wont do that again" Frank said
"Promise?" Mikey said suspiciously.
"I promise Mikey" Frank smiled.
"Alright" Mikey then sat inbetween me and Frank.
"Now bottle" Bob said.
"Here" Frank said reaching over for an empty diet coke bottle.
"Who wants to spin first?" Ray said
"I will" Mikey volunteered then spun it and it landed on Ray.
"Well truth or dare?" Mikey asked
"uh.. Truth" Ray said
"hmm if Christa's life was in danger and the only way you could save her was to completly get rid of your afro and never get it back, would you do it?" Mikey asked. We all turned our attention to Ray.
"Thats hard" ray said.
"Really?" Frank laughed.
"Its my baby!" Ray said
"So is Christa!" I said
"But if that was to happen whioch i doubt it will then yes i would" Ray said.
"You with out an afro is like Gerard not being sassy" Bob stated. Everyone laughed
"Hey!" I said
"True" Frank laughed.
"Not that funny Frank!" I said.
"Of course not" Frank laughed.
"Now quit it" I said.
"Alright" Frank said calming himself. Ray then spun the diet coke bottle and it landed on Frank.
"Oh my" Ray said
"What?" Frank said
"Never mind.. truth or dare?" Ray asked
"DARE!" Frank said hyperly.
"Someone has been at Mikey's skittle stash" Bob said.
"YOU TOUCHED MY CHILDREN?" Mikey gave Frank a deathglare.
"YOU HAVE A SKITTLE STASH" Frank said hsi eyes became the eyes of a hunter. Skittle hunter to be more precise.
"Never mind" Mikey said.
"I shall seek" Frank said
"Frank" Ray said
"Yes Ray?" Frank smiled angelically.
"I dare you to while we are on this tour to stop being hyper" Ray said
"Frank not hyper dont make me laugh Toro" I said
"You think i dont have the strength dont you not?" Frank eyes me.
"Frank you couldnt stay unhyper in your sleep" I said.
"Fine i will do it, i will be the anti- Frank Iero" Frank said
"Go on Frank!" Bob laughed
"One question" Frank raised his index finger
"What?" Ray asked
"Am i allowed to be hyper on stage during a performance?" Frank asked
"Well it wouldnt be a My Chemical Romance concert without it, so that is the only exception okay?" Ray said
"Okay!" Frank said.
"Now spin" Ray said
"Hee hee" Frank spun the bottle, his eyes curious of who it would land on, the bottle slowly came to a hault at Bob.
"BOB!" Frank screamed
"Dude" Ray said
"I am allowed to be excited!" Frank defended
"Fine" Ray said
"Win!" Frank said
"Really?" Ray said
"Yes" Frank said
"Continue Frank" Me and Mikey said impatiently
"That creeps me out when you two do that" Frank said
"Sorry" Me and Mikey apologized.
"Bob truth or dare?" Frank said. After a long silence and hard thinking.
"Dare" Bob took a plunge.
"Heh" Frank said.
"Give me your best shot Iero" Bob said
"Someone is feeling fearless" I smiled.
"Yes someone is" Bob smiled. We made direct eye contact for a few seconds before we both turned away and i knew my face had a slight red.
"Bob" Frank said
"Frank" Bob said
"I dare you to kiss Gerard" Frank said. My heart stopped and my face went redder. Im sure Bob's face was a darker shade. Ray and Mikey's jaw dropped.
"Dude" Mikey whispered to Frank's ear.
"Oh and it has to last longer than 5 seconds" Frank added.
"Fine" Bob said. I looked up and then gently Bob pressed his lips against mine, my stomach was filled with butterflies flapping wildly. His lips were moist and soft. Then suddently he broke away, keeping eye contact with me, again i knew i was getting lost in his eyes.
"There" Bob said keeping eye contact with me the whole time.
"Wow" Ray and Mikey said.
"Not that it meant anything more" Bob said.
"Of course not" Frank said sarcastically.
"Guys i have the xbox controllers" Brian said
"Come on Mikes" Ray and Mikey then left the group.
"I wanna play!" Frank then ran after them to the back of the bus again. There was a small silence between me and Bob.
"Did you want it to mean alot more?" I asked
"What?" Bob said
"Did you want that kiss to mean something more special?" I repeated. His face went a brighter shade of red, his voice was clearly struggling to create words.
"Well..uh..i....uh" Bob struggled.
"Bob" I said
"Yeah?" He asked
"I want it to" I admitted, this would probably be the only chance i could get at this, i had to take my plunge, it was honestly now or never, i couldnt hide it anymore. A small smile played on his lips and a grin appeared on my face. Then slowly we both leaned in and then our lips met again for the second time. I then poked my tongue out teasing his lips, i felt him smile and then his lips slowly parted granting me access. I took this to fully adventure his mouth. I felt his hand go up under my top stroking my chest while he entwined our fingers with the other hand. I used my free hands to play with his belt buckle. We got lost in eachother. Then we slowly broke apart gasping for air. Our fingers still entwined together.
"That was nice" I said.
"Nice, i have waited so long for that" Bob smiled.
"Me too Bob" I smiled.
"Gerard?" Bob said
"Yeah?" I looked deep into my eyes and he stared intensly back into mine.
"I think i love you" He said. I smiled like a million chesire cats together.
"I love you too Bob, i love you too" I said. He smiled then our lips connected again.
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