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Bitching, boredom and boozing

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fun times with an old friend; the bottle.

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Frank is lucky he still has a face after yesterday. That pain was unbearable. But, looking at my arm now, I’m pretty glad Frank did it. It doesn’t even hurt now! I can’t thank him enough.
So, it’s just another day, sitting in the kitchen, just about to have a coffee. But today, I don’t want coffee.
“Coffee, baby?” Frank sung.
“No thanks. I fancy something else.” I replied with a smug smile on my face.
“If it’s sex you’re seeking, you had the chance yesterday”
“I wish I could have accepted but my arm was on fire with pain yesterday, remember!”
“Well, that’s true. What do you want then? You’ve NEVER turned down coffee before.”
“You know what I want?”
“Come on, Frank! Just today. We can get completely shit faced and no one will care!” I insisted.
“I love your thinking, baby!” He squealed and kissed me deeply on the lips. I stood up and lifted him off of his feet, not breaking the kiss. He wrapped his arms around my waist and nibbled my bottom lip. I pulled away and looked into his eyes.
“Let’s get pissed!” I smiled and he grinned back at me. I set him back down on the floor and I opened every cupboard with alcohol hidden in it. Grabbing every single bottle in the house, I placed them all onto the dining room table. Frank was shocked.
“How much do you drink?” he giggled and I shrugged.
“Babe, I’m an alcoholic. You should know this by now!” I smiled, making him shake his head in mock pity. The table was now full of alcohol. “Shit.” Frank whispered.
“I know!” I agreed, grabbing about 10 shot glasses. “Come on, are you up for a line of shots?” I invited.
“Count me in!” He sang as I lay 5 out for each of us on the kitchen side. I pulled a bottle of 47.5% vodka towards me and flung open the lid. The scent of pure alcoholic tranquillity swallowed the room in its high velocity, making me feel slightly high already. As I carefully filled up each of the 10 fragile little glasses, Frank came up behind me and squeezed my ass, earning a soft moan from me. I bit my lip and tried not to get too horny. I placed the bottle down and showed Frank to his little chalices of bitterness. He stood beside them, ready and waiting.
“Ok, on 3, 1… 2… 3…” I indicated and we both threw back our first shot. I carried on to the second, and third, and fourth, and then looked back to my struggling baby who was only on his second. After necking my last shot of the sequence, I turned to him and watched him take on his third shot. He tightly shut his eyes as he swallowed it down, then his whole body shuddered.
“H… how can you d… do… that?” he stuttered and I giggled in reply.
“Years of drinking and training your gag reflexes.” I boasted and Frank giggled.
“Gag reflexes? Well, now I know you can deep throat!” he confirmed and laughed to himself.
“Maybe later, baby.” I smiled as I knew what he was getting at. He can have a piece of me later, especially after the pain he put me through yesterday! I ushered him to his last two shots.
“Just hold your breath, forget about the taste, and take them straight back.” I instructed. He nodded in reply and looked straight at the glasses, his eyes narrowed and I knew he was going into deep concentration. In a pure second, he threw back the first and second without twitching, then the dreaded shudder haunted his body.
“It gives you a bigger punch doesn’t it?” I nodded as he propped himself up against the side.
“Yeah!” he agreed. I handed him a glass of Jack Daniels and his face lit up. “JD! I love this shit!” he exclaimed and he gulped it back before I’d even looked at mine. He slammed his glass down as if he was ordering another.
“My pleasure.” I smiled as I poured more into his glass. This time I picked up my glass and took it straight back in one. I gasped as the tingling sensation burned down my throat, warming my entire body with alcoholic pleasure. After finishing the orgasmic glass of deliciousness, I peeled my eyes open to see Frank awaiting yet another refill. “Steady, baby!” I sang and poured another for myself, making him stick out his bottom lip like a baby.
I drank it and felt the shock going to my head already. Franks eyes drooped slightly and his smile was strangely humorous. Now we’re getting somewhere!
“What now baby?” I asked and he stumbled up to our table of many selections. He bit his lip at the hard decision, and then raised the bottle of Baileys.
“I love this stuff!” he squeaked and placed it down in front of me. I nodded and got out two fresh new glasses, and filled them to the very top. Frank held his glass up in indication that he wanted to make a toast.
“To our love!” he smiled and I smiled back to him.
“To our love!” I agreed as our glasses chinked together. I watched him drink as I gently sipped mine. His lips softly parted as the glass was pressed upon them, allowing the thick, smooth, creamy liquid to enter his luscious mouth. His eyes slowly closed as a smile penetrated his face. He looked like an angel sent straight from heaven. Apart from, he isn’t an angel much; he’s a horny, kinky little devil at the worst of times. My horny, kinky little devil. His eyes opened and set upon me, making me snap out of my daze.
“That was gorgeous.” He moaned and gently placed the glass down before him. I drank the rest of mine, still trying not to get horny, yet. His seductive smile caught my eye and I pouted my lips.
“Rum.” I confirmed and grabbed it from behind me. Frank helped himself to more Baileys whilst I poured myself a refreshing tall glass of rum. Frank was necking glass after glass, but I stayed steady on my rum. About 30 minutes later, we were drunk already.
“G… Gerard you silly… silly boy!” Frank giggled as I took back another glass of Jack Daniels.
“This… this shit…” I stammered, “Is some daaaaaaaamn goooooood shit, Frankie boy.” I nodded as the blurry room span around me in a drunken haze.
“Fuck yeah!” Frank squeaked, making me jump.
“Steady, Frank! Don’t give me a heart attack already!” I laughed.
“I’m going to get you!” he sang and launched himself towards me. I fell out of his reach and stumbled towards the living room, diving onto the sofa. Frank walked through the door and ripped off his shirt. That’s it, I’m going to show him the night of his life! I jumped off of the sofa and pinned him to the floor, planting my lips on his in a messy state. He clutched onto my back and licked my lip, driving me wild. Without breaking the kiss, I picked him up and threw him onto the sofa.

don't have a go at me for this chapter, i know Gerard doesn't drink anymore. just thought i'd use it to introduce another hot scene with lemons :3 xo
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