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Chapter two- 429, 741,000

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Frodo's POV

Today should have been like any other day at Pencey Prep, shit, but it was far from it.
Dressed in a sloppy joe, short shorts, too-high socks and docs the green eyed girl burst into the great hall, black hair flying out around her and her face as pale as the snow outside,
"Welcome to Pencey Prep" Mrs Porter greeted her with that smile we all knew was fake.
I wondered if she was cold, she did have short shorts on but upon looking closer I realized she was wearing skin color tights under the long socks and shorts.
Mrs Porters fake smile soon dissolved into a disgraced expression, she was telling the girl she needed to be in uniform, her hair should be tied back and her shorts were 'too-short'.
I saw the girl roll her eyes slighly and smile sarcastically,
"What is your name?" Mrs Porter asked.
For the first time the girl was about to speak, she opens her mouth and then Mrs Porter turns around
We all moved out quickly before she could hand out detentions and
I caught sight of Criss, my best mate... Well, my only mate here apart from Jinx, but he's my brother so he didn't count.
"Blake!" no one calls me Frodo, everyone knows me by my middle name, Blake.
"Did you see the new girl?"
"Yeah, so what do you think she did to get herself landed here?" I asked him
"Hmm, I dunno I didn't see her face but she seems pretty innocent to me"
I nodded in agreement and sat down for registration alone while Criss went to go find Emily, his new girlfriend, I wonder how long they'd last. Before Emily was Sara, they lasted a week, before that was Jamii- four weeks, and there was even more girls in between, four days, two months etc.
But all this is only going on because of Stephanie, the only girl he's ever been serious about, but she dumped him after a year at his old boarding school, she went back to America and hasn't spoken to him since.
I go and sit in the back corner of first period (maths) then the door flings open wide revealing a long haired, green eyed, pale faced new girl in red docs. Everyone went silent and all eyes were on her and I didn't feel awkward staring anymore, she'd never notice me when everyone else was looking too. Then the whispers started and I noticed her eyes scanning the room, flickering, her mouth twitching and her hands shaking frantically.
Mr Inis smiled heartily, "Hello love, what can I do for you?"
"I- I- I-" she began
"I- I- can’t finish a sentence" Stacey (the popular narcissistic bitch) called out from the back and everyone laughed, everyone except me.
I could've sworn I'd heard the new girl swear but when I looked up her position hadn't changed. Her cheeks flared a hot pink color and her bottom lip had a ball of blood dripping from it and her eyes seemed to have gotten darker, they met mine and I put my head down quickly.
"Stacey, that wasn't called for!" Mr Inis told Stacey sternly, she just laughed anyway and the new girl lifted a shaky hand and flicked a small white paper out of her sweater sleeve between her fingers, offering it to Mr Inis, he took it smiling and read it.
"Welcome to Pencey Prep Stephanie, there's a free seat in the back there- please sit down"
She nodded wearily, ripped the note in half and stuffed it into her pocket before taking the seat on my left.

She took out a black covered book and a pencil and started drawing or scribbling, I couldn't tell because I was watching from the corner of my eye- trying not to be too creepy.

Stacey walks past mine and Stephanie's desks and 'accidentally' knocks Stephaines desk causing her book to fall. Stacey looks back, smiles and walks out of the room.

Her notebook hit the ground and fell open on the floor to a photo then the same picture drawn of five smiling girls.

I reached down to pick it up the same time she did and my hand brushed hers before she pulled away. She looks up at me, bits of her hair falling into her face and looks back down to he book in my hands, she pushes the hair behind her ear and it falls out again and she just sits up bolt straight in her seat.
I frown at her, now she's gotten a marker and is drawing on her left thigh under the table, I put her book on my desk and flip through it, the drawings are really beautiful and heartfelt.

"Wow this is really good! Did you draw it?" I ask
She nods her head slowly, now biting her jumper sleeve, her hair falls in her face again, and she pushes it behind her ear, still not meeting my eye.

"These are all really good" I smile
She takes the book and slips it back into her bag, there's a photo left on my desk, I flip it over. It looks like half as been burned but I try not to notice or bring it up,
"Who's this?"
"M-M-Me..." she stutters
"No way! This is a model!"
She looks down and starts playing with her fingers, I pass her the photo and she puts it back in the notebook and continues drawing on her thigh.

She barely catches the question Mr Inis asked her as she drifted off into her own world again.
"C-C-Could you please re-repeat that?" she stutters
"What's the answer to this equation? 47749 times 9000 you can use a calculator if you want" a couple hands go up and I pass her my calculator but she shakes her head and says,
"Fo-fo-four h-hun-hundred and tw-twenty nine, se-seven hundred and forty one mi-million"
He frowns and I stare at her then back at my calculator that's giving me the same answer,
"That is correct Stephaine!"
She doesn't look surprised, it wasn't a guess, she just looks back down at her thigh artwork and puts her marker away, zipping up her backpack. The bell rings loudly.
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