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All the thing about us

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The story narrating bout Yoko Suzuki's life after the outbreak. Facing with some problems with her outbreak friend. Warning! It's not a typical RE story. Humor and little parody.

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Chapter 1: The new life

Yoko's Diary,
22 September 2001,

It's been 3 years after the Raccoon City incident. I still can't forget the horrifying moment that occurred in my life, it seems like yesterday. Everyone lost their family, friends and job. Everything has been gone in a very short time, within one night. A normal people became a zombie who searched for the living people, dragged them out from the window, eaten them alive and spread the hazardous virus that changed every creature into a cannibal. It always scared me...I saw with my eyes the patron in the J's bar has been eaten alive. I still can hear the moan, their gnawing sound. It always sent the nerve inside me and chilled my spine.

Every scare moments sketched inside my mind cannot being erased easily. Same with the other seven survivors of the J's Bar, Kevin Ryman, Mark Wilkin, George Hamilton, David King, Alyssa Ashcroft, Cindy Lennox and Jim Chapman. I believe, they still feeling traumatize after the outbreak but they don't have any choice. Either learning to forget it or carry the fear till the end of their life.

After escaped from the city, all of us have been honored with a millions dollar reward from the government because of "Daylight". The only cure in this world for T virus, the virus which was responsible to cause the outbreak disaster.

Each of us selected our own path but some of us have been chosen to live together. Cindy and George has been married not long after the outbreak and moved to Alabama. Alyssa choose to live together with David and lived in New York, continued her job as a journalist in one of the big company while David has opened his own bar in the city. Seemed he looked happy with her and I bet, it was first time in his life he cares with somebody than himself.

Although Alyssa is an outspoken type woman, but the toughness and her elegance had caught his manly heart. She only showed her compassion toward him than the other guys. Yeah.....I knew that I'm still young but he chosen to be with her, not me. I can't lie to myself that I like him...but maybe this is my fate. Huh! Just forget it!

Mark moved with his family to Arizona and Jim had come back to his mother and stepfather in California. Then Kevin, actually I don't want to remind about him, even once. He moved to Florida not long after that. He has been offered by the Miami police department as a detective. He extremely happy when he told us the good news in Cindy and George's wedding day.

He used to drink a lot in the ceremony and hung around with other girls. I still can't forget his breathe when he got drunk. He dragged my shoulder and sat closely beside me. Everyone looked at us and smirked. I can't measure the degree of heat at my face even to see my flushed cheeks. I'm really ashamed in that day.....not because I like him but I really hate him! Everyone thought that I have crushed on him but absolutely not!

He used to bully me, used me and treated me as the dumbest person that ever lived in Raccoon City. I felt like to burst out and wanted to slap his face but I was so timid in that time. He forced me to jump, pushed me into the swamp and hugged me whenever he wanted. He spoke everything that crossed inside his mind and has such annoying loud mouth. God...please avoiding me to see him again. I rather meet others than the horny cop. Okay! Forget about him! Now let's talk about me.

I used to be the big witness in Raccoon City incident and helped the US government made an accusation in order to eliminate Umbrella. But deep in my heart, I believe the head commander of my ex-corporation and his loyalty researchers have been planning to build again the damn corporation by using the new name. I know, they wouldn't stop their greediness and the crazy vision to conquer the world. Fuck! What a mess! Who do they think they are? God? As long as I don't have any connection with them again, I'm still being okay. The government had promised to take care of me but how long they can guarantee my safety? However I need to stand on my feet by myself, facing this wild world alone and forget my terrible past.

I've been came back to Japan after Cindy and George's wedding. My mom and relatives were very happy to see me alive. Then I continued my study in local university until I graduated one year later. I worked as a computer programmer in one of the big firm in Japan. Working was fun but tired and I received a pretty pay from them even it was too small compared with my "Daylight" reward. After two years I've been working at there, I'm decided to continue my study in plant therapy. Actually I've been interested in this since I'm created the "Daylight" using the recipe in the Peter Jenkin's memo.

If you think that you are damn intelligent girl, you should appreciate the gift that God had given to you, am I right? And that's why I came back to America. I've been offered to further my study in once of the college in here 2 months ago. Renting a small apartment in outskirt of the town and I'm happy as I am. Very happy compare three years ago and that always gain my self confident inside me.

Boyfriend? I don't have time to think about this. I don't know why...this is about my own feeling. Last I'm attracted with guy while in outbreak and it was David. But that was a long time ago and I bet the feeling had stopped. I can denied several of my working partners tried to flirt me but I'm just ignored them. Will I live alone till I die? sigh

Okay! That's all for today.....


The digital alarm clock beeps loudly near her bed. She lazily grabbed the clock and saw the numbers on it. It was 8 am and Yoko raised her body slowly from there. She moved her body to left and right and stretched slightly.

It was Saturday morning but she usually woke up earlier and that is her habit since she has been treated by her mother to follow the Japanese tradition. "Luck will not come to you if you're late," her mother's advise always become her preference.

She brushed her soft long hair that covered her face and tied it to her back. After three years, her appearance had changed slightly and the shyness wouldn't become a big problem for her. Her hair is became longer that would make her look more charming but she still emphasized the casualness of her. Sweater and jeans always becomes her favorite outfit.

Yoko entered her bathroom to make some stuff and then walked out from there toward her wardrobe. She took out her usual jumpsuit that she used for her outdoor activity and changed her pajama quickly, impatiently to inhale the fresh air of the early Saturday morning.


Yoko made a jogging session about one hour along the park and area near her apartment. She took a short rest and walked slowly near the side street. Yoko tried to breathe easily and sometimes she stretched her arms and legs. She never cared with the naughty eyes and flirty whistle back her.

"Go home childish boy!" she whispered and glanced at them. She leaved the flirty guys behind and started walking along the street. Yoko scanned the poster and advertisement those pasted against the wall. "That's nothing special, just a bore thing," she continued her walk with stretched slightly her neck and suddenly her eyes caught the pink paper pasted against the street light. Yoko pulled the paper and read it.

"The Blissful House? Hmm... weird name" the beautiful house near the seashore pictured on it. Yoko read the notes underneath the picture "Complete with swimming pool, large open space, basketball field...Whatta find! Aww man! I like this....I could have some look," she quickly folded the paper and put it inside her pocket. "Don't even care with the price....My Daylight reward still remaining a lot in my account. This must be my dream home! I can't wait to see it," she left the street immediately and walked back home.

25 September 2001,

I went to see my dream home this morning....Holy God! I like it. It was totally like my childhood home dream. The home that would brings happiness to me and my husband, I guess....if I'm able to get marry. I will raise my kid inside there and live happily ever its name, "The Blissful House"

I've been called Mr. Howard, the guy who is responsible in selling the home has told me the owner of the house has been moved to England after her wife died. He put the considerable price for the house and asked Mr. Howard to look after it. The house is quite near with my college too. Oh! I'm feeling lucky!

I need to meet him again within this week to discuss about the price, hopefully I can move as soon as possible to my new house. My mom must be like it. I really can't wait! Really!


"Good must be Miss Yoko Suzuki right?" she shakes her hand and glanced toward the thin spectacle man. "Yeah, I'm Yoko Suzuki. Nice to meet you Mr. Howard." The man looked her up and down. Yoko frowned "What's wrong?"

"I'm never expecting that I meet such a young and a pretty girl like you," he smiled and she blushed a bit. "Thanks" "Oh! I forget! Shall we see this house together? I'll explain to you about the room and other stuff inside this house. Wanna come in?

"Sure!" she replied shortly and both of them entered the main door. Yoko startled with the beauty of the house and examined each room inside it. She felt like wanted to stay in the house right now.

"How's your opinion Miss Suzuki? You like it?" Howard asked her. "Oh God! Who'll refuse to live inside this pretty damn house? This house is complete me, I can't wait to move in. Whatever the price, I'll pay it," she grinned happily and felt like wanted to dance around.

"Glad to hear that but you need to sign several documents first," Howard gave the file to her. "Does this process take a long time? Probably in this week I'll move," Yoko stared at him. "I'm sorry to say. I can't proceed the document in a short time. It might take at least one month to complete following the regular procedure," he still handed the file but Yoko looked away.

"Anything wrong?" Howard frowned. Yoko sighed and then leaned her self against the wall. "I must go to Canada for 3 weeks," she glanced back at him. "When you'll be going?" "Next week! That's why I need to move faster," she explained.

"You can pay the deposit first!" Howard grinned and she still acted the same. "I didn't bring any cheque book with me. I forgot to create one, I'm sorry," she looked at him with a pleading gaze. "Look Miss Suzuki, there's another guy who want this house too. He has called me yesterday and willing to give a high pay for this house. He sounded so enthusiastic like you. Please understand me, Miss Suzuki. This about business and money is important," he said clearly and glanced intently at her.

Suddenly Yoko kneeled down in front him and caught his legs "Please Mr. Howard, Please....don't sell this house to him. I really like this house, please!" Yoko whined and Howard struggled himself to escape from her grip. "Let me go! Let go! Don't you feel shame?" Howard flushed and sweated. "I won't let you go if you don't want to promise me!" she stubbornly said and tighter her grip.

"Okay! Okay! I promise....but let me go first," Yoko grinned and then released him. Howard arranged his slack pant and then gazed at her. "Okay, I wouldn't sell this house. I will wait for you to come back," Yoko smiled wider as she heard the words and quickly hugged him

"Oh! Thanks Mr. Howard, Thank you very much! Mmmuah!" she kissed his cheek and Howard blushed. Then she released him and the smile still created from her cute face. "B-But you need to sign the document as a proof. Here," He extended the file and she grabbed it. Yoko opened the file and read the term of agreement inside.

'This house will become mine! Yep! I'm really sure about this,' she signed the agreement and smiled happily. "Okay! Deal!"


21 October 2001,

Dear diary,
Asshole! How could he do this? He had promised me that he won't sell the house. He is such a materialistic guy and dumbsap. I've seen the light inside the house when I past it. That told me someone has been moved into the house. I don't know how long he has stayed in there. Howard must explain this to me. The fuckin' liar! I need to know who that guy is! I must to find him soon!


Yoko intruded into the small office without ignoring the occupants inside there. "Where's Howard? I need to find him!" she burse and his secretary tried to hold her from entering the room.

"He's busy, Miss. Would like to sit here for a moment?" Yoko shrugged and ignored her invitation. "I don't want to hear any excuse from you people, so leave me!" she shoved her hand and rushed toward his room.

Yoko slammed her knapsack on the table and Howard startled with her presence. "Oh! M-Miss Suzuki, p-please sit-," Yoko cut him "I don't have time to have any conversation with you. I just want to hear your explanation about my house. Who's the fuckin' guy that buy my house?" she glanced sharply at his eyes.

"I-I'm sorry...he likes the house very much," Howard heavily sweated and avoided her gaze. "But you've promised me Mr. Howard. You think that I don't have money to pay you? Is it what you think? As for your knowledge, I'm richer than that guy!" she put her palms on the table and moved her body slightly to front. Howard sighed and looked away.

"How much he paid you Mr. Howard?" Yoko creased her eyebrow. "I can't tell you Miss Suzuki!" "Why not? Where's the file?" she demanded. "What file?" "His file, damn it! Where's it? I wanna see it!" Yoko shouted and Howard quickly figured out the file from the shelf behind him. He found the file and handed to her.

Without hesitation she grabbed the file and opened it. "What you gonna do?" he worriedly asked her. "I wanna tear it," she replied and then he tried to grab away the file from her. "No!" Yoko quickly dodged him and then read the information inside the file.

Suddenly she shocked and the file dropped from her hands. Her face became pale and she slowly glanced toward him. "Um...Miss Suzuki? Are you okay?" she was speechless and unable to move a bit from there.


23 October 2001

Dear diary,
Oh God! How can this happen to me? I saw his name, his ugly signature. Don't tell me it was him....maybe it was someone who has a same name. Please...I don't want to see him. Oh God! Help me! Help me! Howard wanted to introduce him with me but of course there's nothing that I didn't know about him. He's such a devil! My old enemy! I really hate him!

This is all because of the house! Aww man! Last night I had a nightmare. He came to me in a zombie form and tried to bite me. The others only smiled at me and left. could you! You grinned at me and left with Alyssa. You people are so cruel! Cruel! I shrieked when I felt his teeth bitten my neck and then I awakened. It's seemed real. But I don't want to lose the house to him. I want to fight for the house. He shouldn't grab it from me. Let he see the new Yoko!


Yoko and Howard sat on the comfort sofa inside the living room. Both of them were waiting for the owner of "The Blissful House". "He's such an asshole. It's almost an hour," she whispered and changed her position.

"What's wrong Miss Suzuki?" asked Howard with a considerable look. "I'm hot!" she replied shortly and looked away. "I'll reduce the temperature," Yoko only glared and ignored his behavior.

She gulped when she heard the familiar manly voice from the outside. The guy was teasing the Howard's secretary and sometimes they laughed together. "You've never changed a bit even after three years," she whispered. "Here Mr. Ryman," his steps became closer toward the room that make her heartbeat became faster. "Calm down Yoko....don't faint now."
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