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We’ve been best friends forever. Well, since we were twelve. But since we’re now twenty-eight we might as well have been best friends forever. We met each other in band camp. The moment our eyes met across the lunch hall, I knew I wanted to be his best friend. Luckily for me he had similar thoughts.

His name’s Frank Iero. He’s small, hyper, funny and really good-looking. And he’s never shy. That was how we made friends.

I was sat in the corner of the room playing my bass alone when he came and sat next to me, holding a guitar in his hands “Hi!” He grinned at me “My name’s Frank but you can call me Frankie. What’s your name?”

“Mikey.” I mumbled, going bright red.

He laughed “You’re not scared of me are you?”


“There’s no need to be shy. I really wanna be your friend. You look so cool.”

And just like that, we became best friends. We talked to each other every day, had lunch together and told each other everything. Nobody there liked us but it didn’t matter. We had each other. That was enough.

“Oh my god!” I muttered under my breath, trying to sound excited and surprised as I walked towards the bar “Oh my god, you guys! This is amazing! You did all this for me?” I sighed heavily “Oh my god Mikey, you fuckin’ suck.”

I walked down a red carpet and blushed as two bodyguards stood in my way “This is a private party.” He informed me.

I nodded “Yeah I know, they’re kinda expecting me.”

They stepped out of my way and I walked inside. As I expected the entire place was dark “Hello?” I called “Hello?”

The lights flicked on and music started “Surprise!” Lots of people called, jumping out of hiding places.

I smiled a wide smile and tried to look surprised “Oh my god!”

Out of the crowd my brother appeared and beamed at me “I’m sorry, I had to!” Gerard grinned “You were surprised, weren’t you?”

“Of course I was!” I told him “Thank you so much Gee.”

“Hey guys! He was surprised!” Gerard yelled, with a small grin.

The crowd cheered and I pushed my way through them to reach the bathroom. I was still wearing my tight suit from work and I’d packed an extra set of clothes. I pulled off my blazer and shirt to put on my Iron Maiden tee-shirt when suddenly the bathroom door opened. I screamed and tried to shut the door “You can’t come in here!”

But the door was still shoved open and Eva stepped inside. I breathed with relief “God, it’s only me!” Eva sighed “So… What are you gonna do?”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t have to stay here if you don’t want to. I can tell you were dreading showing up.”

“I can’t leave, it’s my surprise party.” I reminded her “Besides, it’s not that bad.”

“No, it’s worse than bad. It’s a complete circus out there.”

“Whatever. Look I’m changed, let’s go outside before people get the wrong idea and think we’re hooking up or something…”

We left the bathroom and stood around while people danced, holding a drink in our hands. Eva rolled her eyes “Oh my god, look at that!” She gestured at Ray who was making faces at her across the room “What the hell is he doing?”

“It’s not his fault that you slept with him and never called him back.” I replied “Excuse him for getting the wrong idea.”

“Oh god no, he’s coming over!” Eva hissed, turning to the side slightly to face me.

Ray said in front of us and smiled at me “Hey happy birthday!” He looked at Eva “It’s pretty hot out here, wanna go outside?”

“Not really.” Eva replied with a small smile “I’m good here.”

“Oh yeah, me too.” Ray said awkwardly, running his fingers through his hair “So Eva, do you wanna dance?”

Eva was about to reply but I gave her a small shove, gesturing that she should at least dance with him. Ray smiled, took his hand and walked away with him.

I stood there by myself for a moment before I noticed him. It was Frank. It took him a second to notice me. He grinned and walked over “I’m surprised you showed up.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I know how much you hate surprise parties.”

“You knew I wasn’t surprised?” I asked, my eyes widening “Please don’t tell Gee, it’ll really upset him.”

“Don’t worry your secrets safe with me.” Frank grinned.

Suddenly someone put his arm round Frank “Hey Buddy, haven’t seen you in ages!” Someone grinned then looked at me “Gonna introduce me to the birthday boy?”

“Umm Mikey, this is Bob. Bob, this is Mikey.”

“It’s great to meet you.” Bob opened his mouth to say something else but an incredibly attractive man walked past us “Excuse me, one second…” He pulled away from us and walked along with the attractive man “Hello! Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?”

“Yeah… He’s a bit of a flirt.”

“I kinda gathered.” I laughed.

Suddenly we heard a loud clanking spoon on a glass and everyone went quiet. Gerard had stood on the stage and got us all to shut up “I figured that since I organised this party, I might as well make a speech…” Gerard said.

Everyone gathered around the stage and looked up at my older brother. He was good-looking, much better looking than me with his raven black jaw-length hair and hazel eyes. I felt I looked pretty stupid with my caramel coloured hair, rectangle glasses and the same coloured eyes as Gerard.

Someone handed Gerard a microphone and Eva appeared at my side “Wow, who thought it was a good idea to give him a microphone?”

“Well, as all of you know, I’m getting married in sixty-one days…” Gerard said with a small happy sigh “And Frank honey, I have a confession to make. This won’t be my first marriage.” There was a small cheer from the crowd “That’s right. Mikey and I have been inseparable since the day he was born. We did everything together.”

Behind him, a small slideshow turned on of pictures of me and my brother “We went through everything together. Watching movies, listening to music, going to concerts… We share everything.” A picture of me, Gerard and Leo showed up on the screen “Including Eva.”

“Wow, why am I in this?” Eva asked.

Gerard continued “Yes, we even shared our date to the prom. We’ve been there for each other through everything. And then during High School he ditched my ass to go to fuckin’ Band Camp!” Gerard laughed “Even though I gave away my backstage pass to meet Smashing Pumpkins… Because my little brother didn’t get one.” Leo rolled her eyes “But it all worked out in the end. Because Mikey went to Band Camp and met my future husband, Frankie Iero.” Gerard lowered his voice a little “And when Frank proposed all I could think about was Mikey. And how I wished he could be there… Watching me.”

“I’m sorry, who are we celebrating again?” Eva whispered into my ear but I nudged her.

Gerard smiled at me “You’re the best brother in the entire world.” He told me “Now let’s party!”

missfunghoul57 if you're reading this then yes you are the Eva that was mentioned ;) I know you're in my Glee fic but I still haven't figured out how to start it... I've been thinking about it a lot but can't... Anyway, R&R please :3
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