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"Momentarily stunned, Sanzo tossed his paper down and yanked the towel from his head, glaring daggers at Gojyo's naked back." Drabble.

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[Title]: Candle
[Pairing]: Gojyo/Sanzo
[Rated]: PG, a bit o' suggestiveness
[Disclaimer]: Characters belong to Kazuya Minekura and co. (i.e. not me).
[Warnings]: Um... Almost/sorta/kinda shounen ai?
[Author's Note]: A drabble requested by Ren. Please enjoy. :D

"Hmph, nice digs."

Looking up from his paper, Sanzo watched Gojyo emerge from the bathroom, a towel slung low on his waist, and kick aside some scattered debris from the floor. Patches of broken roof allowed moonlight to shine inside, though the room was still dark. Gojyo squinted his eyes to see as he neared Sanzo's table and the pack of cigarettes he had left there.

"You idiot. Don't walk around in bare feet," the blond scolded. He shifted in his chair, and tilted the candle towards his paper to continue reading.

Gojyo scoffed, slipped one slim cigarette from his carton, and held it to Sanzo's candle to light it.

They had found an abandoned inn to stay in for the night, and though it proved to be a little more than dilapidated, it did serve its purpose, and Sanzo had "convinced" the others to deal with it and get some rest for the morning journey.

Goku turned in first. The bedrooms seemed to be in the best condition throughout the place, at least. Hakkai soon followed. Gojyo, though weary, had found himself unable to sleep, and instead stayed up to pester Sanzo, who unfortunately suffered from sleeplessness as well.

"And what are you doing?" the redhead asked, seating himself at the edge of the tabletop. Sanzo sat in the only chair with four legs, and parking himself in the monk's lap sounded fun, but was out of the question.

"What does it look like?"

"Still not tired yet? Well, I don't blame you. It reeks in here. I was surprised to even find running water..." Gojyo took another towel and stroked it slowly through his long hair, patting it dry.

Sanzo only snapped his paper, carefully setting his candle down before flipping to another page.

Gojyo sat and watched him for a minute, and if Sanzo noticed, he gave no indication. He was rather... boring when he was serious. Lips twitching, Gojyo pulled himself from the table and removed the towel from his waist as he started off in another direction, carefully aiming and tossing the towel so it landed on Sanzo's head. He desperately tried to stifle his chuckle. It was time for some fun.

Momentarily stunned, Sanzo tossed his paper down and yanked the towel from his head, glaring daggers at Gojyo's naked back. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

The redhead turned to him coyly, tossing his head so locks of hair cascaded over his shoulders, and shoved one hand to his hip. "Hmm, what do you mean?" he asked with exaggerated wonderment. He strutted his way back to Sanzo's side, and plucked the towel from the other's hands.

Sanzo's candle was dripping, and very slowly, Gojyo reached for it, and raked his thumb up the side to gather the trickle of wax, enjoying the burn of the heat on his skin. He brought the melted wax to Sanzo, and, standing behind him, smoothed the wax across the monk's naked collarbone. Sanzo hissed, and instinctively pushed his chair back from the table, and into Gojyo's waist.

"Oof!" The water sprite groaned, but clasped the back of Sanzo's chair, holding his place.

"Get away from me, you pathetic-"

"Now, now, that's no way to talk-"

"I said, get /away/-"

Gojyo couldn't help his laughter anymore, his arms wrapped around Sanzo's shoulders to keep the blond where he wanted him, Sanzo struggling in his grasp. Merrily, he leaned forward and blew out Sanzo's candle. The room plunged into darkness, and Gojyo found a new way to spend his evening.

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