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This is All So Fast; Headed for a Breakdown

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"Through Adversity to the Stars"

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The meeting was energetic. The ladies at Benson had been selected to plan the RAF Summer Ball. Among them was Raini Canton, soon to be Raini Maller. Raini was honored to be invited to this committee. As a pilot’s fiancé and not a full-fledged pilot’s wife, the inclusion had been unexpected. Raini suspected it had something to do with her mother’s years of experience as a RAF Wife in Halton.

Raini was enjoying herself immensely, humming the newest My Chemical Romance track in her head and discussing color options-was patriotic red, white, and blue too over done? Or should the go with a more subtle pastel palette?-when, all of a sudden, a pregnant hush fell over the meeting. Raini looked up to see the most frightening sight for a military family member to see.

The uniformed Casualty Notification Officer and one of Benson’s chaplains, looking grim.

“Kinforming,” someone whispered.

The room waited with baited breath to hear who they had come for.

Raini could feel the eyes of the CNO on her. She searched his face, slowly recognizing him as her fiancé’s friend, Trevor.

The look on his face was one of tragedy. “Raini-“

That was all he said before Raini came to the haunting realization that it was Nathan.

Nathan was dead.

She didn’t need to hear anymore. Wasn’t that enough?


That was five weeks ago. Raini had let Trevor handle everything. She had been present and gone through the proper motions of bereavement. But a few days after the funeral, living in her and Nathan’s military issued house on base was driving her crazy.

So, one morning, Raini packed a bag, bought a plane ticket, and left. New York wasn’t so bad. She had called Rebecca, a girl she knew at University who had studied abroad with her. Rebecca was more then happy to let Raini sleep on her couch for as long as she needed.

The best part was, she didn’t ask questions.

Not that it was hard for Raini to stay under what she called the ‘feel sorry for me’ radar. Other than appearing out of nowhere, Raini never mention Nathan, RAF, being engaged, or anything. She picked up her relationship with Rebecca as if nothing of significance had happened to her since graduation.

The only thing she had of the last few years were Nathan’s dog tags. She wore them all the time, her engagement ring hanging off the chain, too. But she kept it under her shirt. No one needed to know.

It was working.

Now she was looking for work. Sitting at Rebecca’s table with open on her laptop. She had a degree in early childhood development and was looking for something in teaching or childcare. She stumbled onto an ad that read:

Wanted: Discreet Nanny
Wealthy clients seeking live-in nanny for a three year-old girl. Room and board included. Location: Belleview, NJ and Los Angeles, CA. Salary negotiable. Call (212) 452-0987. Ask for Celeste.

Raini borrowed Rebecca’s phone and dialed the number. After a few minutes of conversation with Celeste, Raini had an interview for later that day. She whipped up a decent resume, citing only references that didn’t have much personal connection with her. After carefully dressing in an appropriate outfit, Raini was off to Celeste’s office in Midtown.

Celeste really liked Raini. So much so, that she called a few of Raini’s references during the interview so she could offer Raini the job on the spot. Raini accepted, and Celeste explained the family needed her right away and that a car would be sent for her tomorrow.

It was so fast, but the rest of Raini’s life was out of control, why not her new job, too?
Rebecca was excited for her and they went out to celebrate. Raini had a few too many and had an unexpected heart to heart with Rebecca when they returned to the apartment that night.

“My fiancé died. Did you know?” Raini asked, sitting upside down on the couch.

“I did,” Rebecca said somberly. When Raini looked at her, confused, she continued. “I am still friends with other people in London besides you. When you showed up, I emailed Maggie. She told me what happened.”

“You didn’t say anything.”

“Neither did you.. That’s ok. I figured you’d tell me when you needed, too..”

“You’re the best, Becks.”

“So are you.” Rebecca knew better than to push it anymore. “You should probably go to bed. Doesn’t your ride come early tomorrow?”

“Ya ya…” Raini trundled off to bed.

The next morning, Raini was up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for her next adventure. She climbed into the black SUV that was waiting for her outside Rebecca’s door and was off to New Jersey.

The driver stopped in front of house and told her they where there. Raini climbed out of the car and tugged her roller bag that contained her entire life up the walk. She rang the doorbell apprehensively, wondering who her new employers could be.

The door opened. “You must be Raini! Celeste just had the most wonderful things to say about you! Hi, I’m Lindsay.”

Raini was momentarily speechless. Standing in front of her was LynZ Way.

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