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The tree

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It wasn't just a tree. It had been their tree all along. (Frerard)

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Nine-year old Frank Iero pushed a few strands of dark brown hair out of his face as he looked around his new neighborhood. It was well past his bedtime, but he had managed to sneak away while his mother was arguing with the movers. The streetlights were on, making the shadows seem all wrong and giving the street an eerie look. Frank shivered. Perhaps a jacket would have been wise after all.
He continued wandering further away from his new home, the voice of his mother getting fainter with every step he took. Soon he couldn’t hear it at all, and he was amazed at the silence that surrounded him.
It had never been silent in New York. Cars constantly passed by, masses of people moving and talking provided a constant background noise. Here, there was just silence. No cars, no people.. Just the rare bark of a dog and the occasional sound of a car driving through the neighborhood. Frank decided he liked it.

As he rounded a corner, Frank was surprised to see that there weren’t more houses there. The road seemed to end there, but there was a small path that led through a few high bushes. A nagging voice in the back of his head told him not to go there, to turn around and run back to his house, but Frank decided to ignore it and giddily ran through the bushes.
What he saw on the other side was certainly not what he had expected: He was standing on an open field, surrounded completely by large bushes. In the middle stood an old looking, large tree. Frank ran over to it and let himself drop to the ground, giggling and feeling proud of himself for finding this place. He stopped laughing (and possibly breathing) when he looked up, though.
In his whole nine years of living, young Frank Iero had never seen something as beautiful as the sky above him. Sure, he had watched it many times when he still lived in New York, but never had he been able to see so many stars at once. The boy was completely mesmerized.

“Wow..”, he breathed out slowly.
“Pretty, huh?”

Frank shot up, frantically looking around for the source of the voice. When he couldn’t find it, he started getting scared.

“W-who said that?”
“Up here!” Frank looked up. The tree seemed to be staring back at him.
“You’re.. a talking tree?”, Frank answered, utterly confused.

The tree started to move. Frank continued to stare.

After a few moments that consisted of the tree moving and Frank barely managing not to ruin his pants, something dropped out of the tree.

Or rather someone.

A pale, black-haired boy wiped his hands on his knees before standing up straight and smiling shyly at Frank.

"Hi, I'm Gerard."

Frank stared.

"Um.. Are you feeling okay?"

He carefully took a step forward and continued to stare at Gerard, who looked like he was starting to get uncomfortable.

When Frank finally spoke, it was nothing more than a whisper.
"Are you a mutated tree?

Gerard started to laugh. "Of course not, silly!”

Now Frank was really confused.
“Well.. What were you doing up there, then? It’s way past our bedtime.”
“The same thing as you.. Watching the stars! The view from up here is much better than the view from my bedroom, so I come here, climb in the tree and just watch. It’s so pretty when the sky is clear..” Frank couldn’t help looking up for a moment.

When he looked back at Gerard, the boy was staring at him, his eyes shining.
“Do you want to watch the sky with me?” He pointed at the tree. “There’s enough room for two.”
Frank smiled and nodded. “Sure. Help me up?”

A few minutes later, both boys were sitting in the tree, watching the stars.
“How did you find this place?”, Gerard asked.
“My mum was arguing with the movers, so I sneaked away and started walking around.. Until I ended up on a dead end, saw a path leading through the bushes and ended up here. Why?”
“Well.. I’ve been coming here for a lóóóng time, and I’ve never seen anyone here.”
“Really?”, Frank asked surprised. Gerard nodded.
“.. Weird.”
“But.. Wasn’t it lonely, being here on your own?”
Frank couldn’t imagine sitting here, in the dark and all alone. He himself could get lonely in a room full of people.

“I kind of liked the silence.. But yeah, it was pretty lonely sometimes.”
“Didn’t your friends want to come?”
Gerard sighed and started picking his nails. “I don’t.. have any friends. Just my little brother Mikey, but he’s too young to come with me.”
Frank scooted a little closer to the other boy and put his short arm around his shoulders.
“I’ll be your friend, Gerard.”
Gerard looked up, a smile spread across his face.
“Yes.” Frank grabbed Gerard’s hand and shook it. “Frank Anthony Iero, your new friend.”

While shaking his hand, Gerard’s sleeve slid down his arm to reveal a watch.
A watch that showed that Frank was in a lot of trouble if he didn’t go home now.

“Oh no! I really have to go, my mum is going to kill me if she can’t find me!”Frank quickly started climbing out of the tree, only to be stopped by a hand on his arm and Gerard looking at him shyly.
“Will you come back, Frank?”
Frank smiled at him and nodded. Gerard let go of his arm and Frank climbed the rest of the way down and started running.

At the edge of the field he was once again stopped, but this time by Gerard’s voice.


16-year old Frank Iero was just about to stick his first spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s in his mouth when the ringing of the doorbell stopped him. Sighing, he got up from the couch (but not without his blankets, of course) and shuffled to the door with a bored expression. The bored expression, however, was instantly gone when he saw who was standing on the other side of the doorstep.

“.. Hey Frankie”, Gerard said softly. Nervous almost, which Frank found very weird.
He was confused. It was their prom night tonight, and both Gerard and he didn’t have a date. That wasn’t very strange, considering the fact that girls hadn’t exactly been throwing themselves at their feet. What wás strange was that Gerard had said that he wouldn’t be able to be over at his house, which was why Frank had resigned himself to a night of moping around on the couch. He had kind of hoped that Gerard would have offered to go to prom together, as friends of course. Because that’s what they were. Best friends. Not two 14-year old school girls with hearts in their eyes who sighed a lot and wrote shitty poems about ‘unanswered lust and desire’. Well, not two anyway. Frank reminded himself to hide his journal a bit better tonight.

His thoughts came to an abrupt halt when he took in Gerard’s appearance, though. Instead of the regular bandshirt, ratty jeans and a battered leather jacket, Gerard was wearing new-looking skinnies and a button-up black shirt. And his hair almost looked like..

“Gee.. Did you wash your hair!?”
Gerard coughed a bit uncomfortably. “Maybe?”

Frank didn’t know what to say. Gerard looked so good.

“Um, Frankie? Are you okay?”
Oh yeah, that’s right. Not a 14 year-old school girl.

“Gerard, what are you doing here? I thought you were busy tonight?”
Now Gerard really looked uncomfortable. “I, um. I sort of.. lied.”
“You lied? What do you mean?”
“I couldn’t hang out with you, so I guess I had to lie.”
“But why would you lie?” Why would Gerard lie about something like that? Didn’t he want to hang out with Frank anymore? Was he tired of-
His inner monologue was interrupted by Gerard’s soft answer.
“I didn’t want to ruin the surprise..” Frank missed the blush blooming on the other boy’s cheeks, because he was too busy untangling himself from the wad of blankets still draped around him.
“There is a surprise? For me!?” Now Frank was just as excited as confused. He loved surprises.
“Is it here? Do we need to go somewhere? Wait, I gotta go change and-“
Gerard interrupted him, shaking his head. “No, no, Frankie. Don’t change, you look grea- um, fine. Just put on some shoes and a jacket and we’ll go.. I-if you want to, of course.”
Frank still didn’t quite understand why Gerard was acting so weird, but he figured he’d find out soon enough. So, instead of worrying, he put on a pair of ratty Converse and forced himself not to squeal inwardly about the fact that Gerard had said he looked great.

When Frank had grabbed his wallet and jacket, he stepped out and locked the door. When he turned around, Gerard was holding a scarf.
Confused once again, he asked “Why the hell are you holding a scarf? It’s June, for God’s sake.”
“It’s not for me, Frankie. Could you, um, turn around?” When Frank had turned around (after rolling his eyes of course. Duh.) Gerard carefully tied the scarf around his head, making sure it would stay in place to cover Frank’s eyes. He turned Frank around so he was facing him again, and checked the makeshift blindfold. He was pretty happy with it.

Frank really, really wasn’t.

Gerard had to step back in order to avoid being slapped by Frank’s flailing hands.
“Calm down, Frankie. Surprise, remember? Come on, we’re going to the car.”
Gerard sounded much more confident now, Frank thought to himself. He didn’t have much time to think about it though, because Gerard had grabbed Frank’s hand (Frank inwardly squealed. Again.) and was leading them to his Mom’s car. He opened the passenger door for Frank and got behind the wheel himself. Frank heard him take a deep breath before starting the car and taking off.


During the drive, which wasn’t even that long, Gerard kept his mouth shut. Frank wasn’t happy with that. He had been whining for the entire 10 minutes it took them to get to their destination, because Gerard wouldn’t tell him where they were fucking going. The car had stopped now, though.

Gerard slowly got out of the car and walked over to the passenger side, helping Frank out of the car. He then started to walk down the familiar small path, pulling a still whining Frank with him.

“Gerard, pleeease tell me what’s going on?”
“Gee, what the fuck are you doing?”
“Oh my God, I am going to fall down. PLEASE TAKE THIS AWFUL SCARF OFF OF ME.”
“Gerard, are we almo-“
“Frankie. Shut up. We’re here.”, Gerard said annoyed, but still with that nervous undertone. He let go of Frank’s hand and went to stand behind him. Frank felt him untie the scarf, but he didn’t take it off.
“Now, Frankie, don’t open your eyes until I say you can. Okay?”
Frank rolled his eyes. “Sure, Gee. Don’t worry.”
Gerard took the scarf away, and Frank kept his eyes shut. He heard Gerard take a few steps in another direction, and it seemed like he was having trouble breathing properly.
“Gerard, are you okay?”
“Yeah, ‘m fine, Frank. Just.. a bit nervous, that’s all.” Frank opened his mouth to ask why, but Gerard spoke again before he could get the words out.
“You.. um.. You can open your eyes, Frankie. “

Frank did.
He gasped.

There, right in front of him, was the tree. Their tree. It was completely filled with silver decorations, that glittered when the rays of the setting sun hit them. That wasn’t what caught his eye, though. He was way too busy staring at the trunk of the tree.
Because there, carved in the thick wood, was a heart.
A heart with an F and a G in it.
Frank, for once, couldn't make his mouth form words. Not even his brain was co-operating. It just kept repeating one question: Is this really happening?

Frank heard someone clear his throat. Snapping out of his.. thought, Frank looked around. There, standing a few feet away from the tree, was his best friend.
His crush.
"Um, Frankie.. I kind of have to tell you something.." Gerard looked up and Frank, being the sappy schoolgirl he really is, could only sigh and nod.
"We, um.. We've known each other for many years now, and.. You're my everything, Frank. I mean, apart from Mikey and my parents and my grandmother and-"
Frank coughed pointedly.
"-oh, yeah. Um, well, you're very important to me, Frankie, and this place is just.. Ours. I mean, I know we see each other at school every day, but when we come here, it just feels different.. Special. Like nothing can hurt us."
Frank nodded. Gerard coughed once and continued shakily.
"And..w-well.. I wanted to really make this place ours."
"Is that why you carved F + G in our tree?" Frank was staring at the crown of Gerard's head. Gerard answered even shakier than before.
"Y-yes and no.."
Frank took a step in Gerard's direction. There were still a few feet between them.
"What do you mean, Gee?" Frank asked silently.
Gerard sighed and looked up. "I.. I partly did it to claim the tree. But.. Frankie, I just want us to be Frank + Gerard. Not Frank AND Gerard. I-I want us to be.. one."
Frank took another step forward. His breathing had quickened, and his heart was thumping wildly.
"What do you mean, Gee?", Frank whispered.
Gerard tilted his head up and looked Frank in the eyes before closing them. "Frankie.. Will you be my boyfriend?"

The words had barely left Gerard's mouth before he was jumped by a squealing Frank. When Frank grabbed his face and smashed their lips together whilst muttering "Fucking finally", he figured that it probably was a yes.


Later that night, both boys were sitting in their tree, just like the first time they had met. The difference? They only had eyes for each other.
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