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The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill Me

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Waycest (Different Kind Of Waycest) A Story By Sabrina (Author's note:(PLEASE READ) In this story Gerard and Mikey are no way related; they are not brothers.) Gerard Way starts high school with alm...

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Gerard’s Point Of View
Hell. That’s where I was going, for the first day. It seemed like it would be easy as other kids told me, but to me it was just another year of sick sabotage that would continue for 3 years. High school. I’m sure any other person like myself thinks that way, just the bothered and picked on ones, not the selfish stuck up assholes who think they run everything. I never fit in, never will, and you know what? I don’t EVER want to.

So the first day I stepped through the doors, I kept my head down and stayed to myself. I tried to talk to some of the people I was in class with for 6 years before this but they had joined the fuckbag club. So life continued like this, meeting new people once in awhile, but no one to make good friends with. After a few weeks, talking to one of my friends in history about bands, I saw a very tall boy walk in with some crazy eye-catching headphones.

How could I forget? I love music. The kind other people thought was dumb and sucked, but it was beautiful to me. And just thinking about having headphones like those, listening to the people I love, it would be amazing. I saw him every now and then but never knew how to go up to him. As I took my seat in history the next few days, I asked my friend who was talking to him his name. “Oh, that’s Jason,” she said. “Why?”

And I told her I noticed his headphones, not like I was interested in him or anything. I never saw him anymore after that. After another tiring day, I actually saw him, and he was getting on my bus. The bus was packed and he definitely wasn’t small. I was the only one with a seat open so he sat beside me. I thought of what I should say and finally opened my mouth,”I love your headphones! Where did you get them?”

“Oh, thanks! I actually traded these with someone so I’m not sure,” he said and laughed.

“Cool.” I noticed he was listening to his music,”Whatcha listening to?”


My mouth dropped, I fucking loved that band. “Oh my god! I love them! You’re the first person in this entire school who likes them.” We both smiled.
This conversation continued on talking about their music until I broke out that I loved David Bowie.

“Who’s he?” he asked me.

“Are you serious? You’ve never heard of David Bowie? He’s amazing! He’s my hero!”

“I swear, I’ve never heard of him.”

“Okay, what about Iggy Pop?”

“I’ve heard a little bit about him.”

“How about Freddie Mercury from Queen?”

“Yeah, he’s pretty cool!”

Before you knew it, his stop was up and he had to get off. “Hey, I forgot. I’m Gerard.”

“I’m Jason. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

From there I had hoped that I may have made a friend. For weeks after that, I would talk to him in the morning when I got on the bus and went downstairs to join him for breakfast and then I’d just leave to go to class. I did this everyday because he truly was my first best friend I made in high school. Another thing I never mentioned about my new best friend was that he was gay. I had no problem with it, he was chill. Once day I had to stay after for a class, some work I needed to make up. Jason was happy I stayed after because he always stayed after, Monday through Thursday, all the way until the lat bus came at around 3:50. School ended at 1:50 but it was worth it to stay and get a better grade. He always stayed to socialize since he considered himself “popular.” Whatever. For me, I had nobody just him, there was no point. He dragged me down the hall from the class I had to make up work for, “Come in the library. I gotta go over here.”

He sat down as I walked around a bit before coming over. I saw him with one of his other friends. Another of his guy friends, I thought. He was cute. He had his hair short, black, and pushed back on the top. A few pieces of hair fell into his face as he stared at the computer he was on. He looked over absentmindedly to see who joined and smiled briefly. I talked to Jason for a little while as he talked back and forth between me and his other friend while I logged onto my user on the computer. His other friend took out his phone and noticed he had a message and stopped looking at his computer screen.

“Why would I forget? This is Gerard,” Jason said, pointing towards me.

He looked up and smiled at me warmly and said,”Hey!”

He continued looking at his computer. Jason was typing and laughing, making me more confused than ever.

“Whatcha doing?” I asked, listening to them laugh.

“I’m typing to Mikey, Jason said, looking over at me.

“Dude! Come over her. You gotta see this conversation we’re having. It’s so funny!” Mikey said, signaling me with his hand to come over.

I bent down and read the messages, “Wow! That’s crazy!” laughing.

I went back to my computer and though of what I could do in the spare time left. Oh, I thought, I could go look at David Bowie’s website. I started typing it in but deleted it all and typed in Twitter, hoping it wasn’t blocked since Facebook was. I hate Facebook. I typed in and added a slash and David Bowie to the end. I hit enter and the twitter page showed up. I was already lost in his tweets, catching up on where he was and what he was up to. I continued staring at the first tweet on the page, his most recent one.

“Oh my god! You like David Bowie too?” a voice broke my concentration and thoughts.

I looked over and noticed Mikey staring at me with a wide smile. I nodded and smiled wide back. I noticed he had gotten on his phone again.”Hey mom! Yeah, I’m sitting in the library with Jason and Gerard.”

“You like him too?” I excitedly asked him.

“Hell yeah!” he said to me,”Hey ma? Can I call you back?” he asked, back on the phone. “Love you! Bye!” He pressed the “end call” button on his phone, “Sorry, she text me telling me I had to call her.”

“I can’t believe this! You really like David Bowie?” I asked, blown away from the fact.

“Yep. He’s my hero! I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

I was enlightened, “Wow! Cool! You’re the first person I met that actually loves him and thinks that way about him too.”

“I know right?!?” he smiled again, reflecting my expression.

“Guys, we better go out to the lobby because it’s like 3:30,”Jason interrupted.

We all logged off and walked out the doors of the library. Jason ran off as he saw some of his other friends pass by and me and Mikey continued ranting on about David Bowie. From his music videos to every album he made. I had never felt so happy in my life to know that there was one person out there who felt the same way of an artist as I did. The bus finally came and we sat all the way in the back. We talked so much we hadn’t even noticed that Jason was right beside us, and he was already getting off.

“Okay, you two. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said, walking down the walkway on the bus.

“Bye!” me and Mikey shouted back.

“So my stop is next. I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked.

“Of course! Where will you be in the morning?” he stopped me from getting up.

“Just look for Jason,” I said, smiling at my new most likely best friend. “You’ll find me. I’ll be downstairs with him. Waiting for his ass to get breakfast.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later,” he said as I flashed him a smile and I said my last good byes.

I walked away onto my driveway as the bus pulled away and silently screamed inside that I finally had a person like me. I mean, Jesus Christ, everybody else looked at me like I was a fucking alien from Mars, and I never understood why. I unlocked my house door, knowing no one was home, and put in David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” blasting loud, carefree of my past.
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