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These Aren't Drowning Lessons

by MissFilthyDivineMCR

Gerard and Mikey spend their power outtage day roller blading and getting clean when no one's home.

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After so long, I finally made this. I started working on it last month (sadly) but here it is. Hope you like it!

Waking up in the morning to see Mikey by my side in a deep sleep still was peaceful. I stared at his dreaming eyes and wondered what was going through his head. I turned to look at my iPod dock which was off from the power still out and went back to staring at Mikey.

His breath was slow and even as I pressed against him and lightly caressed my toes to his leg. My constant fingers always reached for his lips, moist from his breath. “Hmm?” he muttered as I brushed back a loose strand of his hair out of his face.

He opened his eyes slowly and fluttered his eyelashes from the light shining through my curtains. He smiled warmly as I looked at him. “Hi baby,” I whispered.


“What were you dreaming about?”

“I honestly don’t know. How about you?”

I giggled. “You.”

“Of course. What was happening?”

“Nothing really. Just went to the beach or something. Someplace with water.”

“Sounds awesome.”

“It was.” I kissed him softly and pulled away breathless as always. “I’d like to add that last night was incredible.”

“Sure was. A Barbie house will never remind me the same anymore.”

“You got that right.”

“So… what are we going to do today hon?”

I relived last night in my memory noticing my old rollerblades against the wall begging for some attention since I hadn’t used them for a long time. “Roller rink.” I blurted without thinking.


“Roller rink,” I repeated a bit louder.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m taking my rollerblades and… I haven’t figured it out after that.”

“Let’s do it.”

We sat around together, lazily in each other’s arms, before getting up and going downstairs to grab my rollerblades away from the wall and walked upstairs to put them in my room. “God, it’s so bright,” I commented seeing the sun shine in.

Instantly, the realization hit as I spoke, I had to find my black light. I grabbed Mikey’s hand, pulling him to the back room and looked at the basket where it was lost. Mikey gave me a dumbfounded look but knew exactly what I was doing when I pulled out the purplish looking lamp from under the other junk on top of it. “Ahh...”

“Bingo.” I pulled him back to my room listening to the snores of my mother and father still. “I wonder what time it is.”

Mikey grabbed out his cell and checked the time. “11:45.”

“I’m surprised I’m even up this early.”

“Right? So, do you know how to roller blade or no?” I asked him.

“Ummm, actually, I don’t.”

“It’s alright, you can watch me. It’s easy, a bit scary, but it’s fun. It’s probably the scariest the first time you do it.”

“Sure, I love watching you. I’ll pass right now.”

I laughed and strapped them up, standing up as Mikey sat still on my bed, watching me walk slowly over to the side of my room. I began gliding back and forth between each foot as I rolled to the other side corner of the room. “So, all you have to do is go back and forth, left foot then right. And each time you go outward, like your foot goes out to the side weighing only one side of you weight. You won’t fall as long as you keep your balance and lean your body to that side you are moving towards.”

He watched me as I went back and forth, going faster with each stride. “It looks easy but… I don’t know.”

“Oh c’mon… you won’t know unless you try. Besides, you’ve got me babe to catch you if you fall.”

He hesitated. "...Okay, fine. I’ll try.”

“I knew it. You couldn’t resist.”

I slipped my skates off and handed them over to him to put on. Soon we heard a snore get louder which was my mother from the other room. He was still strapping them up as soon as we heard my mother call out my name. “Hold on,” I said to Mikey before walking out to see her in a groggy state, grabbing at her cramped neck.

“What are you doing?”

“Just chilling with Mikey.”

“Kay.” She started running her fingers through her curly hair that was getting longer. “I gotta get a haircut. I’ll go today maybe. Is the power on?”

“Nope, not yet. I think where Paul Mitchell is it's open though. Their power is still up it said on the radio.”

“How’d you hear that?”

“Through the wall because dad had it on.”

“Ahh, so yes. I have to do that in a couple of minutes so I can get my hair looking good for work.”

I walked away and back in the room to see Mikey lying down on my bed again. I stood at the doorway, smiling at myself before walking in and closing my door partially. I lay down behind him, putting my arms around his waist and kissing his neck sweetly. “You still tired babe?”

“Not really actually. Just sitting here until you got back.” His hand found my arm around his waist and held onto me.

“Alright. Tell me if you are. You already know I’m always exhausted… we have to go to Paul Mitchell’s today for my mom to get her hair cut. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Why would I mind?”

I kissed him again and pulled off the bed, pulling him along with me. “Okay, get your hot ass up here and skate to me. I wanna see you do it. Do it good.”

He laughed along with me and held my hand as I instructed him on his first step. He was shaky as he rolled part of the way to my side again but stopped. “I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can. Hold on.” I walked to stand behind him and placed my hands on both sides of his hips, holding him firmly. “Feel secure now?”


He began doing it again as I walked behind him as he slowly glided taking very few steps. We went back a forth a couple of times until I noticed he got a hang of what he was doing. “You got this?”

“I think I do. Yeah.”

I smiled and let off his hips to walk to the other side of the room. “Kay,” I clapped my hands once, “Come to me babe.”

He giggled and began to skate to me, falling into my open arms. I hugged him tight and kissed his cheek. “Hey baby, I’ve never seen you around here much.” I laughed.

“Oh really? Well, darling, I come a lot.”

“You do? You cum,” I grabbed at the front of his pants, “a lot?”

“Only for you.”

I touched my forehead to his as I wrapped my arms around his waist, his arms hanging loosely around my neck. Footsteps formed at the end of the hall making us break apart. My father walked by and peeked his head in my room. “I’m going over to Mark’s house,” he whispered.

“Alright. You telling mom?” I whispered back.

“I’ll tell her. He’s got power so…” he nodded and left, closing the door to the same amount open as it was before.

Mikey looked confused. “Mark is my father’s friend. He’s going to wake up mom, I know it.”

I listened for her voice and her yawns as the door closed. She got up and walked into the bathroom, dragging her feet. Mikey went to sit on my bed and began undoing my rollerblades to take them off when my mom’s cell phone rang. “One second babe,” I jumped up and walked out to find it. When I picked it up I heard my grandmother’s voice asking for my mom who was already on her way over to me. I ran back in my room to Mikey’s side still sitting on the bed. We stayed silent for a couple of minutes listening to my mom talk to my grandmother trying to figure out what she wanted.

She walked by again, stopping in like my father did, “Hold on ma,” she said and turned toward us. “I gotta go to grandma’s house to put her medication on her back. Plus, I still have to make that appointment and I’ll pick you up later when I do. You guys’ll be alright? I hate leaving you.” She frowned.

“Trust me. We’ll be fine. It’s alright because there’s a bunch of things we want to do anyways.”

“Well, Gerard, make sure you don’t open the door for anyone, don’t go outside, just don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back in an hour or two.”

“Alright.” I laughed at her speech she always gave me about the house. “I’d just like to add that I won’t and wouldn’t do any of those things.”

“I know,” she said getting ready and getting dressed. We watched as she got up and was already going out the door. “Just remember what I said. Oh, and don’t forget, give me a call on my cell or at grandma’s if something happens.”

“Promise ma.”

“Alright dear. Bye! Bye Mikey!”

“Bye!” he yelled as she closed the door.

I locked the door up and turned to Mikey. “I want to take a shower.” Mikey laughed at me like I was joking. “I’m serious. You want to….. umm….. well…”

“Yeah, go on.”

“You want to… to take one with me?” I asked, thinking he’d decline.

“Yes, babe, I’d love to.” He said, kissing me as we walked a few inches away from the door. We made it to my door as we still kissed, finally letting go from our excitement.

I walked into the bathroom and turned the hot water on, putting down a few towels, grabbing some more, and some soap to go with my loofa. I ran into my room to get Mikey, pulling him with me by the collar of his shirt into the bathroom. We switched places and I closed the door until it was cracked. I turned to him, looking into his awaiting eyes with a glimmering smile. I walked up to him slowly and caressed his cheek, putting my hands on his sides and slowly peeling his shirt off him as he did the same. Pants were soon pulled down and pushed aside leaving us in just our boxers. As we stared at one another once again, the tension built inside both of us as we clashed together, our lips meshing as our fingers roamed each other’s body. Minutes pass and our remaining garments were removed and stepped carefully into the tub feeling the hot water pour down my back.

Mikey began kissing me harder, his body placed tightly up against mine. He pushed me more towards the wall while feeling the hot water drizzle between us. My lips curled out of the kiss and smiled. “Your turn.”

As I switched places, I pushed my lips back onto his as he felt my strong arms pulling his hips inline to mine. Our lips moved in sync as I found my way down to his forming wet erection hitting against my own. My fingers lazily stroked him, dragging out the soft moans that escaped from his mouth into mine. His hand found my upper back, swiftly motioning over the skin making me stroke him faster. His moans became more intent, getting louder as I pumped him forcefully with my hand. The water rained down my body more as I angled just right so it would fall onto him. I pulled away and stared at him with a smile as I breathed heavy.

He panted at my hand still tugging at him as he warmed up from the friction and temperature of the dampness. More and more water fell between us giving me the advantage to increase my speed, getting him to the desperate feeling I wanted him to have as he cried out louder. “Baby…” he mouthed when I knew he couldn’t take any longer.

“I know, well… you have to wait now…” I teased, knowing I was killing him.

He sighed a loud breath as I let go of him and grabbed the loofa to put some body wash on it. He smacked my arm and became hesitant of the process knowing I would somehow give in. I knew I wouldn’t give in to his adorable self as soon as I caught him in my arms and ran the soap over his slippery body, starting from his shoulders down to the one spot he wanted me to touch. He let out a sharp breath as I turned him around to wash down his back and push up against him once again. I wrapped my arm around his waist, clenching my fist around the loofa so my fingers could brush by him swiftly. He breathed hard again as his head fell back on my shoulder. I kissed down his neck, biting and sucking at the skin as he tried to turn unsuccessfully from my grasp. As soon as I let go, he spun around and kissed my lips sloppily as he rubbed against my bareness in want. I could feel myself harden at his moans and thrusts as our tongues explored each other’s messily.

We moved slightly pushing into the water getting his hair wet followed by mine. Our hands twirled through each other’s soaking strands as we began rinsing off. He grabbed the loofa from me and dragged it anywhere he could touch as his arms constricted tighter around me, remaining still as I did to him. Still kissing me, he curled his fingers around me and imitated my strokes. I mimicked his moans feeling the intensity between us. “Go towards the wall,” he whispered in my ear.

I followed directions and pressed against the wall, keeping him in contact all the way still. His eyes caught mine for a second before climbing down my body to plant small kisses along my stomach before reaching my awaiting passion. I felt Mikey so suddenly lick away at me, placing his tongue just right below me before engulfing me to the back of his throat. My mouth began to release uncontrollable moans, getting louder as he sucked me off expertly. “That’s right baby… just like that…" I whimpered, wanting him to go faster.

I placed my hands against the wall in case of falling, digging my nails into the tiles as I bucked my hips forward to feel more of his warm mouth. He gladly accepted, gliding his lips smoothly over the skin, skimming his teeth over the edges making me yelp in ecstasy. He hummed around me before pulling away and climbing back up my body leaving me in a breathless want now too. As his fingers grabbed onto my arms, my fingers unhesitantly crossed down the lower skin of his back, continuing down more to feel around his warm opening. Mikey’s lips found mine again, smirking into the kiss as I pressed the tip of my fingers slowly inside, feeling him ease back to feel more of my hand. He tensed as I pulled out to add another finger but then relaxed from his intensity. I slowly began thrusting the digit, separating them from each other to feel him stretching easily. “Someone seems ready,” I whispered, taking a breath as we broke apart our swollen kissed lips.

He nodded fastly and I added another to reassure myself he would be okay to hear him moan huskily against my neck. Removing my fingers, I kissed his forehead and pulled his arms up around my neck, clasping his fingers together. Mikey then held tight as he sucked at my neck and my hands placed firmly at the back of his thighs. Pulling forward, I soon had his legs also locked around my waist. Pushing his back against the tiled shower wall, I bit at his ear, traveling down his jawline with small kisses before taking in his bottom lip between my teeth, pulling gently before letting it slip away.

My hand reached down to line up to him, letting him relax in my arms to glide onto me slickly. His muscles clenched around me but released as he rejected my stopping. Breathing heavily, he was soon full of me to the hilt, holding there for a minute as he moaned from the sensation. My hands returned to the upper backs of his thighs, pulling him up as I slid out to the tip, his hands holding on tight to the back of my neck. I pulled his hips down on mine again, gently thrusting in before pulling him off once again to lengthen the thrust a little more. Each time pulling off about an inch more, I was soon bouncing him up and down on my inflamed shaft. Mikey’s vocals filled my ears making me more aroused to hear him.

Sharing sticky kisses, our breaths went from breathing hard to panting as we shook against one another. I could feel myself leak pre cum inside him, lubricating our movements and the explicits coming from both our mouths more intense at an increased volume. One hand released his leg to reach down between our tightly drawn bodies to grab ahold of his raging hard on getting more and more wet as he tensed around me. My stomach squeezed signaling my climax. “Oh-oh… Gerard!” he now screamed as he quivered even more around me, “I’m so close baby,” he breathed, this time in my ear. Before long, he was pulling onto the roots of my hair screaming out my name as he exploded in my warm hand, covering it with his white mess.

My hips bucked desperately as I watched him squirm with his orgasm. In the last few thrusts I began hitting Mikey’s sweet spot causing his tired yet satisfied eyes to open wide and his throat release a sharp groan making him fall limp in my arms as I released deep inside him against that one spot he loved. Riding and whimpering out my orgasm, I filled him in everyway watching him stare into my eyes with lust until we each finished, letting his legs drop to stand back up inside the tub still hanging on around my neck. Mikey pulled me into another deep passionate kiss before I put my hand to his face to lick my palms to the backs of my hands to lick his cum free of my hand. He laughed and grabbed me under the falling water which turned from steaming hot to warm. Kissing again, our bodies pressing against one another, the water washed away all our evidence.

The next step was getting out, drying up, and heading out with my mother to Paul Mitchell’s hairdresser after she got home.

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