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Bury Me In The Blackness Of The Night

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A hurricane is on the way and Gerard has Mikey over when the power goes out.

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Hey everyone! Wow! Sorry for making you wait. It's been very crazy ever since school started. I now almost never get a chance to write. And everytime I write, I feel like dying of exhaustion. Thank you for reading and even reading up this far! Thank you for the reviews too, you're amazing, I love you! Anyways, I hope you like this chapter!

The next morning I woke up to my mom and father watching the TV with interested but worried eyes. “What’s going on?” I asked sleepily as I rubbed my eyes.

“A hurricane is coming our way tonight. It’s going to hit us some.”

“Shit!” I thought about Mikey and wondered if he knew. “Mom, can Mikey come and sleep over for the night? Like no one will tell him he can’t, plus I’ll be worried about him.”

It took her a few moments to reply. “Yeah, sure.”

I went and called him and told him the news of the hurricane and that he could sleep over. He agreed and said he’d be over in awhile. We went out and bought some batteries for our flashlights since they had died and came back to see the trees swaying. “It’s coming,” my mom reminded. “You want us to go pick up Mikey?”

“I’ll ask.”

I called Mikey and in a few minutes he was in our car and we were at my house. The wind was getting worse every minute outside and it was pouring. “It’s like pouring buckets.”

“It is.” Mikey said, as we all watched TV in the living room and listened to the raindrops hit hard against the windows. In seconds, all the power went out. The TV had shut off along with all the lights on in the house. Mikey grabbed out his phone and shined it around the room as we all got up to find some flashlights.

“Okay, everyone take one,” my mom said in the kitchen.

We each grabbed a flashlight and searched for some candles to light. I sat with Mikey out in the living room on my couch watching my mom place a candle in each corner of the room and one in the middle of the room on the floor. We went to sit face to face on the floor with the candle between us and stared at the flickering flame. “It’s dancing,” he grinned in the dim light.

“Yeah. Like when we kiss.”

The light shined on his teeth as he showed a big smile. A flash of light lit up our windows outside followed by a crackle of thunder. “Shit. What do you want to do?” I looked over at the window.

“Ummm, I don’t know.”

“Wait-“I got up off the floor and grabbed my flashlight in one hand and his hand in my other. I dragged him through the darkness to my room to look for something to do in there but there was really nothing to do at all. “Nothing, dammit!”

“Do you have any games? Like board games?”

“I do but its way too dark downstairs and you won’t be able to see at all.”

My father walked by the room and into his room, closing the door and laid on his bed. “What’s your mom doing?”

I peeked my head out into the living room and saw her asleep on the chair. “Sleeping.”

“Hey, what about hide and seek? It’s really dark so it should be fun.”

“It does. Okay. Who’s first then to hide?”

“You go because this is your house.” He giggled.

“I know you’ll find me but… I’ll give it my best shot.”

“Yep. Stay in here and count to… 100. Softly. Don’t want to wake those two up.”

“Alright.” He sat down on the ground and covered his eyes without instruction. “Tell me when to start.”

I got down on one knee. “Come find me,” I whispered and kissed his forehead. “Now.”

As he started counting, I walked out of my room and looked around the top floor for someplace to hide but most likely there was not one spot I could go that he wouldn’t find me. I wasn’t really good at this game but I sure knew how to get around quickly. My steps were always so quiet when I walked and I made them even quieter, now.

Think Gerard, think, I thought.

There was only one place left and it was the only place in the whole house I was a bit afraid of: the basement. He just mentioned it but I said it was too dark so he wouldn’t even think of there. I opened the door slowly and softly as I made sure my flashlight was on all the way. I closed the door behind me as I stepped down on the first step. I turned around and prayed I wouldn’t fall as I went down the next few steps; almost panicking from how pitch black it was all around me. “I can’t see a fucking thing,” I whispered to myself.

There were two ways to go when I got to the bottom step. If I took a left I would go in where my washer and dryer were leading to the back where bins held all our clothes. The other way, which is on the right, would lead me back to the small bar I had where my treadmill, games, and old couches were. I could still hear Mikey counting from upstairs and he was close. I chose to go to the right because I could hide behind the bar and inside it a bit where no drinks were.

I tiptoed running over to it and opened the swinging doors that looked western and closed them behind me. I shined my flashlight behind the bar and saw the booze from old wine bottles to beers. After pushing them out of the way, I crawled into the small area making sure to keep my flashlight low to the ground so it wouldn’t give Mikey a hint. It still seemed too obvious so I searched around for something to hide me more. To my left was a large bag which I moved to find a smaller spot that was concealed better. I crunched myself into a tiny ball and inched inside the space, pulling the bag back in front. I started to hear footsteps from the floor above; Mikey was coming.

I stared at my flashlight wanting to turn the power button off but I found no courage inside me to do it. “Just do it,” I whispered and turned it off. I looked around in the blackness feeling like I was asleep even with my eyes open. “Oh my god,” I whispered again, this time in a breath.

I could hear Mikey get frustrated as I listened hard only hearing my breaths and my heart beating. “Where the hell is he?” his muffled voice said through the walls of the ceiling.

I heard him stepping and walking fast across the floor, opening doors and searching the rooms more precisely. I knew I had him this time. But as soon as I heard the chain clank from the lock on the door to the basement, I had second thoughts. He walked down the stairs slowly, shining around the flashlight like I did and looked at both paths. “Hmm, left or right?” he asked himself.

I felt my breath almost catch and I got even more nervous. I felt like a serial killer was after me, even though it was my adorable boyfriend who was sure to find me somehow. “Gerard, Gerard, Gerard,” he mumbled as he went left where the washer and dryer were.

I giggled to myself a little but relaxed with the fear of giving myself out. He was soon done on that side after moving some of the things around. I could now see the dim reflection of his flashlight as he came closer to me. I stayed perfectly still watching him open the little western doors to the bar and look around. His eyes looked around very specifically, and stopped on the bag in front of me. He looked at it closer but turned away and stopped again. I was hoping he would come back and find me so I could kiss him.

He looked stunning, even in the dark; I mean he always got me. Especially when the light mirrored in his eyes, it made my heart melt on the inside. My thoughts were already on a roll and there was no stopping them as he came back to the bag and pulled it away. He shined the light on me, “HA! I found you. I knew that bag-“I crawled out and pounced on him with a big smooch, “looked suspicious…”

That feeling I felt of my heart melting came back even worse making me sigh contentedly. I could feel him before my lips wondering why I was kissing him with such passion. I pulled away, “Mikey, I’m sorry. I get these moments when I’m with you. You make me like, fall in love with you over and over again…”

“Awww, me too.” He gave me a hug and kissed my cheek.

I was expecting a little more than that but it was already a creepy night. “Your turn?” I still had the feeling.

“Yeah, but I want to change up the rules a bit.”

“Alright. What do you want to change?”

“Instead of us just finding each other, let’s have one person move somewhere in the room and then the other find that person with just their hands. We’ll have no lights on.”

“So no lights, you hide, I find you by feeling around the room and then…?”

“The only way that light is going on is when you find me, you kiss me, and then we switch.”

“I love this idea. Okay. So should I stay behind the bar and cover my eyes and count to 100?”

“Yep! I mean you can use your flashlight to find a hiding spot. Just turn it off when you get there.”

“Let’s do it.” I covered my eyes and pushed back to lean against the bar. “1…2…3…4…”

I could hear him move around a bit but it soon stopped when I got closer to 100. “98…99…100”

I uncovered my eyes and looked around to see nothing once again and crawled along the floor, feeling for the doors with my hands. I stuck the flashlight in my back pocket and felt the couches on my sides. By the time I crawled straight I hit my head into the treadmill. “Ouch, fuck!”

I though I heard a giggle but it was too faint to know if it was. I crawled left and felt the rolled up rug beneath my fingers knowing to look over where the games where. I touched above me to feel the big shelf where my board games were on and touched left to feel material. I placed my other hand on the material and knew I had Mikey. I could feel the heat coming off his body as I slid my hands up off his legs to touch his chest and finally reach his face. My thumb had traced over his lips making him giggly pleased. “Found you,” I whispered, pressing my lips to his.

I edged him back slowly to lean against a box that contained an old Barbie house as we kissed more passionately knowing he wasn’t going to leave this time. I always got that vibe sometimes where people thought I was too much to handle. Even though Mikey said it was fine, he never really said he liked it. I knew he did, he liked it a lot but it took a lot of work to get it out of his mouth. He pulled back a little easing me out of the kiss. “Gerard, I’m really sorry for the way I act.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I can’t even fucking see you.” He turned the flashlight on to see our faces close together still. “You think that I don’t like what you do.”

“Sometimes. How’d you know I was just thinking that?”

“Because I sometimes don’t agree with all the things you say. I just don’t let my emotions show.”

“It’s fine. You should show your emotions more often. Especially to me.”

“I know.”

“Besides… I worry too much.”

“Umm… yeah, you do. Oh, I forgot to say this also. I know when you think something from your expression and the way you kiss me.”

“Ohhh… you can tell emotions through my kisses?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Well, what does this one say?” I kissed him for almost a minute before pulling away.

“I love you?”

“Good. What does this one say?” I kissed him again, this time parting his lips and our tongues touched for a split second.

“I want you just as bad as you want me?”

“Yes, and really?”


We laughed. “Turn off the light. We’ll surprise each other.”

The only thing I had forgotten was my parents upstairs but there really was not need to worry because my mother and father usually didn’t wake up too much. Thought it was scary when the light went out again and the only thing we would see was each other as close as we were, trying to get a hold on every part of each other we could. Fears of the dark were lost when Mikey pulled my face back to his to feel his soft lips touch mine again, closing around my lips feverishly. I wasn’t scared with Mikey as he held me safe in his arms reassuring me that he was there. “Let’s do it,” he whispered still against my mouth.

I pulled back, “Mikey… you sure? I mean, I want to, but I feel like I’m forcing you again.”

“No, you’re not, Gerard.” He turned on the flashlight as he still held me, shining it on the box behind him. “I want to fuck you hard into this Barbie house.”

I giggled at the idea, loving it. “I want that. I don’t know about that rocking horse beside us. It’s staring at us weird.”

He laughed and looked over at the old toy I had. “Let it watch. It can get jealous of what we have. It’ll probably get turned on to top it off.”

“Ohhh, you’re good at topping it all off.”

He smiled in the light. “Top you off, baby.”

His lips reconnected with mine again as he rolled over, pressing his body over mine. I could feel his hands roam my flesh, curling around my hair against the floor as he caressed along my arms feeling the fabric of my shirt before feeling my smooth cheeks. My hands went for his hair, pulling through it slowly, enjoying the texture of it. I felt a chill as Mikey found the bottom of my Rolling Stones t-shirt and touched my warm skin with his cold hands. He pulled it up a bit to trickle his hand under and over my chest, “Keep doing that, Gerard,” he moaned as he caught his breath.

I knew he loved it when I touched his hair but I wanted another part of his body too. One hand still ran his hair while another slid down his back to hook a finger through one of his belt loops on his jeans. With one foot I pushed off one shoe, switching to the other foot to push off my other before wrapping my legs around his. The bulge inside my jeans began to grow as I felt his rub against the top of my thighs with force. “As long as you keep doing that, Mikey…” I breathed, letting go of his lips to kiss his neck up to his ear.

“This?” he asked, pressing against me some more as he slid up against my body.

“Yes… That.”

“On one condition… no pants.”

I was in too much of a daze to feel Mikey pull from my arms and treatingly push them down, taking me in his hand through my boxers. “What about you?”

“In time. Right now I just want to touch your body.”

“Okay, babe…”

He put the flashlight by my side, shining it on my stomach, partially uncovered by my shirt still. Right as I though about it, Mikey pulled it off slowly, kissing my lips once more after my torso was bare. He pulled back but placed his lips on mine again, wiggling his tongue between them to reach my tongue already voluntarily tying onto his. His hands roamed over my body carefully, starting from my neck down to my shoulders, creeping over my chest. Shivers rose through me feeling his warm hands massage over my ribs into my sides, reaching down to my soft lower abdomen. Pulling away I could feel his eyes watch my highlighted face intently as he trickled his roaming fingers down more onto the sides where my hipbones were. “Oh my god…” I whispered, feeling the rage inside me.

He smiled and kissed the nape of my neck, across my shoulder softly, repeating the patterns as he took his time. The fourth time back, he began sucking at my skin, marking me as he traveled down where he touched. His now playful fingers rubbed my nipples, hardening them, as he played with my flesh around it. I lifted my hands off him and down to his pants to unbutton them, but Mikey pushed them away. “No. Just me right now.”

I nodded and felt bad but he seemed delighted. He was driving me absolutely crazy as he kissed up over my chest, this time licking the nubs and traveling down to my boxers still remaining. Pulling these down relieved me from my attack as I felt his hand catch me again, rubbing me slowly as I gasped. I felt his lips kiss the base of my erection, teasing me for more before coming up and kissing me again. He grabbed my hands and placed them on each side of his waist. “You’re discharged. Take your time.” I was ready to roll him over and screw him so hard under me but he stopped me again. “Nope. I stay on top this time. You can touch me and tell me what to do but this time, you’re my advantage. I’m taking over.”

“That’s a fucking hot idea… oh my god, I’m going to like, die if we don’t hurry up. First, take your shoes off.” He pushed his shoes off and waited for his next order. “Now, let me take your pants off… please.” He leaned up to let me undo his pants to push them down part way so he could pull them off the rest of the way. “Now… get in me…” He smiled freshly and pushed my legs up, bending and spreading them open so he could lie between. “Wait, wait. Take your shirt off. I want to touch you….everywhere…”

I helped him take his shirt off before he lay between my legs again. My hands copied his hands as I searched his skin, wanting every part of him on me. Unfortunately, his skin was further away from my fingertips, but it wasn’t matched to what was coming next as I watched him line up to me and enter me cautiously. I felt his hard skin against my insides, pinching from no lubrication. Instinctively, my face became hurt making him stop. “Does it hurt, babe?” he asked, holding still.

I shook my head “yes”. “Mhmm.”

“Hold on,” he pulled out the few inches he was in and rubbed himself fast trying to make himself add some stimulation.

“Oh, Mikey. Get up here.” I grabbed him and rubbed him fast like he was doing, feeling him release some pre cum as he moaned at the contact.

“O-okay, Gerard, baby…” he moaned as I tried stopping, not wanting to not hear his moans. He pulled away and entered me slowly again as we both cried out from how aroused we were. Fully entering me, he pulled out and pushed back in, continuously going as he gained speed. I held his hips in my grip, pulling him harder into me as he wrapped his arms around my bent legs by his sides. “Keep going, baby… yes!!” I moaned out.

He thrust into me harder, pushing my body back into the box with the floors of the Barbie house. I could hear the small pieces at the bottom shaking around as I placed my palm flat against the box behind me. I watched Mikey over me, panting and biting his lip to stifle the things that wanted to pour out of his mouth. “Yes, yes, yes… Gerard…fuck…” he panted, feeling him slide in and out of me with ease now.

I felt my orgasm creeping up as Mikey hit my special spot slowly, brushing over it slightly, hitting it a bit more each time he angled in. “Hit it baby, hit it…” I whispered in a breath as I encouraged him to be into me to the hilt.

His hand pleasured my outsides, edging me closer to my climax. With a few more pumps and hard thrusts, he instantly hit dead onto my spot sending me into pure bliss. He continued fucking me hard as he delighted looking down at me cumming hard all over his hand and shaking from the shock that circulated through my body. “Baby!”

Within seconds after, he filled me up, stopping as he came inside my continuously tightening walls around him, hitting my sweet spot even more than before. My orgasm grew even more intense as he loudly whispered, “Fuck, Gerard!!” while being taken over by his orgasm in short intakes of breath.

As he emptied inside me, I began to regain control and stare at the beautiful boy above me doing the same. I pulled his face down to kiss him, “Baby, that was amazing… I love you.”

He kissed me once more. “It was. I love you too.”

The flashlight began to die out beside my stomach and we were just maintaining our normal heartbeat and steady breaths. We suddenly heard something drop from the floor above. “Why is it that every time we get done having sex, people must get up?” I giggled.

“It’s really true.”

“Gerard… Gerard,” I heard my mom call softly from above.

“Shit,” I said as Mikey slid out of me and we redressed in a hurry.

We walked upstairs, “Yeah?”

“What are you guys doing?” she asked with sleepy eyes and a flashlight.

“Just playing a game.”

“It’s late.”

“Yeah, we’re going to bed.”

She went and laid back down where she was originally sitting as me and Mikey headed in my room over to the bed to lie down. We lay down, face to face, tangling our legs and holding our hands. For the rest of the night as the flashlight died little by little, we played with each others lips and talked, listening and making fun of my parent’s snoring as we loved each other deeply.

What did you think? I wish this was real because it would be awesome. Ha! First I'd like to say thank you so much for reading and for all the reviews! I got a couple new ideas in mind so I'll try writing some more soon. School sucks! LOL! I decided to write this chapter while the power was out actually due to Hurrican Irene. I tried writing by candlelight and it didn't work along with the dying batteries in my flashlight which is why it took so long. It wasn't fun! So this is for all of you who had no power for a couple of days like me. Except, it's MCR style. LOL! Rate and review if you like! I read and reply them all! They mean so much, thank you! TTYL! God bless!
~Stay Beautiful, Keep It Ugly~
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